One Piercing Note
There has been a murder in the Abbey of Saint Elspeth, and the abbess wants an adventurer to investigate. Can you find the killer without disturbing the sisters' lives of prayer and sacred music?

Question the inhabitants of the abbey and the leader of the wandering minstrels outside, all fully voice-acted and with several specially recorded musical tracks, and solve the mystery to put an end to this threat.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None

Items Recommended: None
Reward: Click to reveal

This map is very useful throughout the quest to find the various clues.

1. Talk to Sister Catherina, who can be located east of Al Kharid, near the Desert Strykewyrm area.

2. Sister Catherina will then ask you to speak to Abbess Benita who is just inside the abbey. Head over and speak to her and she will explain that a member of the abbey, Sister Anna, has been murdered and will ask for you to investigate this further.

Abbess Benita will instruct you to question sisters' around the abbey, and will also give you Sister Anna's cell key and an investigator's notebook.

3. Head east to the kitchen and speak to Sister Elana. You will discover that Sister Elana disliked Anna, she claimed she was in the kitchen at the time of the murder, and will also claim that food has been stolen from the cellar. Following this conversation, climb up the spiral stairway nearby two floors, and then speak to the feet under the clockwork machinery.

You will notice that the feet belong to Sister Debora, who will mistaken you for Sister Catherina and ask you to set the right time on the clock. Operate the clock machinery and click the right arrow forwards 20 minutes so the clock hands show 12 o'clock. The bell will ring, and then Sister Debora will come out from under the machinery and be ready for investigation. Speak to her to find out she was in the clock tower at the time of the murder, and that Abbess Benita was planning to retire and Sister Anna would have succeeded her as Abbess.

4. Climb back down the spiral stairway and head south to the chapel. Begin by talking to Sister Cecilla, who is directing the choir. You will learn that Sister Cecilla's hymn is dedicated to Saint Elspeth, and that she claims she was in the chapel at the time of the murder.

Next, speak to Sister Catherina nearby to learn that she was in the scriptorium at the time of murder and also that an applicant visited the abbey recently but has disappeared. Now make your way outside of the abbey towards the musician and dancers. Question the musician Valerio to learn he was in Al Kharid at the time of murder, he had a history with Sister Anna, and the song he sings is a love song.

5. Return back into the abbey and head into the most south-western room. Inspect Sister Anna's body and the head south of the chapel to the room cells. Use the key given to you by Abbess Benita to enter Sister Anna's cell, which is the cell with the broken window. Inspect the bed to find a cloth fragment and then investigate the window to learn that it was broken from the inside. Now return back to Abbess Benita and ask her about the cloth fragment, to learn it belonged to the applicant named Isabella, who had stayed in the cell to the west. Enter that cell and search the bed near the door to obtain another cloth fragment.

6. Now head back to Abbess Benita and tell her that you have finished investigating. She will ask you to pick a suspect - choose any and you will be interrupted by a loud scream. Abbess Benita will ask you to follow the sound of the screams and find out what is happening. Make your way north-east and climb down the stairs to the cellar. You will see that Sister Elana has been murdered.

7. Investigate Sister Elana's body and the bloodstains, and then search the robe cabinet and you will conclude that the killer may have hidden inside it. Climb back up the stairs and speak to Sister Cecelia in the chapel. She will claim that it was the the Ripper Demon that killed Sister Elena. Head back to Abbess Benita and request for the key to Sister Elena's cell. Head south-east and enter the third cell. Investigate the bed to find some letters, which turn out to be love letters between Sister Elena and Valerio, which also speak of a hidden passageway in the kitchen. Go to the kitchen and search the sacks to discover the secret passageway. Head back outside of the abbey and speak to Valerio regarding his affair with Sister Alena, which he will confirm.

8. Return to Abbess Benita and tell her who you suspect the killer to be. Irregardless of your choice, she will ask you to bring Sister Catherina to come back into the Abbey as she has been spotted dancing with Valerio.

Head over to her, and you will dance with her learning a new emote. When you have convinced Sister Catherina to come back into the abbey, a cutscene will occur in which she is murdered by the killer, just outside of the abbey.

Climb up the ladder nearby and operate the winch to open the gate. Then head over to Abbess Benita's office, in which you will formulate a plan to catch the killer. Pick up a cabbage from the patch nearby, and then enter the cellar. Move the candelabrum that's near the reliquary, and then place your cabbage upon it. Next search the robe cabinet for some Citharede robes, and place the robes upon the cabbage creating Sister Cabbage.

9. Wait inside the robe cabinet for the killer to strike, and after the cutscene attempt to knock the killer out.

A chase will now ensue between you and the killer, retreating to the entrance of the abbey before heading back through the chapel to the clock tower. Climb to the top of the clock tower, and you will see the killer is holding Sister Debora hostage. You will learn that the killer is in fact, Sister Anna! Head back down the stairs and operate the machinery, moving the clock hands to 11 o'clock, and then head back up the stairs to confront Sister Anna. The bell will ring, giving Sister Debora enough time to disarm Sister Anna. Follow the conversation and Sister Anna will jump from the bell tower.

Speak with Abbess Benita one last time to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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