Barbarian Assault


A long time ago a great war lay siege to Gielinor, a war between men, demons and monsters. One of these monsters was a monstrosity named Cacus, however Cacus and his kin lost the battle, and were either killed or exiled to the abyss. Cacus however was different, instead of falling into chaos like the rest of his monstrous brethern he kept his sanity. Waiting, lurking, ever so patiently for a chance to return to Gielinor. And his chance came, as to prepare for his chance he decided to rebuild an army. From his own flesh he created his queens, who in their turn created their own spawns again. Now these monstrous beings have returned to Gielienor with just one wish, total domination of entire Gielienor. Standing between them and the lush plains and forests are only 2 things, the Barbarians and the valiant hero known as you. This is the war between the penance creatures and the Barbarians. This is Barbarian Assault.


The Barbarian Outpost is located north from the Fishing Guild and south of the Lighthouse. To get here you can run from Seer's Village or Ardougne passed the Fishing guild or you may teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold from a spirit tree or gnome glider and use the shortcut shown in the image below, however, this does require 37 Agility. Alternatively, the easiest way to get there is by using a games necklace to teleport there. This will bring you outside the doors of the Barbarian Outpost.


Getting Started

To begin, go down the ladder in the centre of the ground level. Downstairs, there are 10 numbered rooms corresponding to each of the ten waves. There is also a larger room to the south-east called the quick-start room; here you can specify your desired role, and the game will automatically put you into a team at the lowest possible wave, however this room is very rarely used. Waves must be completed in numerical order meaning access to wave 3 and its room requires waves 1 & 2 to be completed first; if no waves have been completed, you must start at wave 1. If you wish to reset your progress through the waves, simply attempt to use the door to Wave 1 and it will ask you whether you wish to reset your progress.

In each room, there is a table with scrolls, which are used to form a team with you as the leader. Using a scroll on a player (provided their Accept Aid setting is On) will attempt to recruit them into your team. You'll need four other people to join your team before you can enter into the arena to face the penance. Alternatively, you can join another team if you turn Accept Aid on and another leader attempts to recruit you. Once the leader has a full team, they can go down the ladder in the room in order to start the wave.

Shouting and the Interface

Shouting, better known as calling, is the most important aspect to the teamwork of Barbarian Assault. If the team members are not calling to one another then they will find the waves very difficult and will lose many points overall due to the penance being able to adapt very quickly to human strategies.

This interface should be observed constantly as it displays the essentials to allow you and your team to clean through the waves with little effort and for maximum points.

  • Should you be a healer, then you will the health and names of your 4 other teammates and should one be getting too low then you need to heal them ASAP. If even one member dies, everyone is ejected from the arena and you must restart the wave.
  • The first icon displays the current wave number that you are on.
  • The second icon displays which role you are calling to.
  • The third icon displays what you should be doing for your role, e.g. feeding the penance healers poison tofu, as seen in the example.
  • The final icon displays what you must call to the role indicated in the secon icon, e.g. telling the defenders to lure the penance runners with tofu, as seen in the example.

Roles are paired up, so the Attacker will tell the Collector which colour eggs are safe to collect whilst the Collector will call which attack style the penance are vulnerable to for the Attacker; the Healer informs the Defender on which bait to use and the Defender will tell the Healer which poison is usable on the penance.

It is essential to continously keep your team updated on what the mouth icon displays. You can call to your team using abilities or by using your role horn, the latter being the only option for Legacy users. See the Roles section for more information on the respective calling abilities that each role has.

The Penance

There are 8 different types of Penance creatures in total. Four of these can and will be encountered on every wave, while the other four are only encountered on wave 10. Below you will find a description of each type of Penance creature.

Creature Encountered Waves Defeated By Details

Penance Fighter
1-10 Attacker The Penance Fighters are the melee force of the penance. They will attack with melee attacks on every wave.

Penance Ranger
1-10 Attacker The Penance Rangers are the ranged force of the penance. They will attack with ranged attacks on every wave.

Penance Healer
1-10 Healer The Penance Healers are able to heal the injured Fighters and Rangers. They can also poison the player.

Penance Runner
1-10 Defender The Penance Runners will try to run to the other side of the cave and escape. They can be killed by using traps.

Penance Queen
10 All roles The Penance Queen is the Queen of all penance creatures, she can't be damaged by conventional means but only by Omega Eggs, see the Queen Section for more details.

Queen Spawn
10 All roles Summoned by the queen, they attack with melee. They are not particulary strong but come in great numbers.

Penance King
10(Hard Mode) All roles King of all penance creatures. He is able to deal high amounts of damage and can't be damaged by conventional means. See the King Section for more details.

King Spawn
10(Hard Mode) All roles Will chase after one player and explode upon reaching them. Will deal a high amount of area damage. Can be dispatched from a distance or avoided by running away.

Egg Launcher

The Egg Launcher is a cannon found in the penance cave, which can be filled with eggs by the collector and then fired for various effects. There are 4 types of eggs which all have a different effect depending on who or what they are fired at.

Egg Type Fired At Effect

Green Egg
Collector Run energy will be restored
Attacker Run energy will be restored and combat stats will be boosted.
Healer Run energy will be restored and healer vial will be filled.
Defender Run energy will be restored and 1-4 logs will be given (amount depends on Defender level)

Blue Egg
Fighter Stats will be drained.
Ranger Stats will be drained.
Healer Already present poison damage will be boosted and duration of poison extended.
Runner Next type of food eaten will always count as tasty.

Red Egg
All Penance creatures Explodes upon impact dealing area damage to all creatures nearby.

Omega Egg
Queen Only thing that can damage the Queen, explodes upon impact.

Horn of Glory

The Horn of Glory is a horn found in the Penance caves. It allows a player to see the correct calls for each role, and also call them using the Horn of Glory. This feature is rarely used, as it means one player will have to constantly wait at the Horn of Glory. The only time it's a viable option is if someone in your team is either afk, has extreme lag or is unaware on what they are supposed to do. In such a case one of the people who has a role of which there are 2, or a player who completed their part can use the Horn of Glory.

The Roles


The Attacker's job is to simply slay the Penance Rangers and Fighters that will try and ravage the team. For Legacy players, they will need to use their combat tab to change their stance according to what the collector calls out whereas for EoC players, there are now set abilities to change your stance found in the Defence abilities interface on the constitution tab. The weapon you use is irrelevant, however stronger weapons are obviously recommended. Here is a list of the attacker's abilities, including shouts for EoC players:

Ability Description Ability Description

Balanced Stance
Adopt a balanced fighting stance.
Defensive Stance
Adopt a defensive fighting stance.

Aggressive Stance
Adopt an aggressive fighting stance.
Shout - Red Egg
Shout about red eggs.

Shout - Green Egg
Shout about green eggs.
Shout - Blue Egg
Shout about blue eggs.

For Legacy players who cannot call to the collector using the abilities, they must use the attacker's horn instead by right-clicking the horn and choosing the correct shout.

After some time, the correct style to use will change and should the Attacker attempt to hit with the wrong style, they will take damage instead as well as incur a penalty to the amount of points gained for this wave. For this reason attackers should have auto-retaliate deactivated and step away from any penance once the style changes whilst awaiting the collector to call the new correct style; this also gives you time to call for the collector.

Runes and low-level arrows/bolts (bronze to mithril) can be acquired by clicking on the item machine on the south side of the arena, although there is nothing stopping you from bringing your own higher level weapons and ammunition, in fact, it is highly recommended you do. If you choose to claim runes from the item machine then it will dispense 5,000 elemental and catalytic runes or 50 bronze, iron, steel and mithril arrows should you take the arrows instead. Melee weapons (and armour) are recommended over the other combat styles, however, as the penance you will be fighting are Ranged and Melee based.

Note: You will not gain any experience when attacking.


The collector role is one of the simplest. When any penance creature is killed, they drop eggs on the floor. The collector's job is to pick up the correct colour of eggs made aware by the attacker so that they may be loaded into the egg launcher. Should you pick up an incorrect egg, it will explode and deal damage to you, as well as causing you to incur a penalty to the amount of points gained for this wave. The eggs exist in three colours - red, blue and green - and as the collector, you are provided with a bag to contain them; once the bag is full, eggs will enter your inventory.

It is also important, as with all roles, to keep your team updated on what they must be doing and as the collector, it is your job to make sure the attacker is using the right combat style against the penance. Here is a list of the collector's shouts for EoC players:

Ability Description

Shout - Balanced Stance
Shout about balanced stance.

Shout - Aggressive Stance
Shout about aggressive stance.

Shout - Defensive Stance
Shout about defensive stance.

For Legacy players who cannot call to the attacker using the abilities, they must use the collector's horn instead by right-clicking the horn and choosing the correct shout.

For the first nine Waves, the most important job for the collector is to call, and to keep the egg launcher full of eggs as they may only carry 5 of each colour of each egg. The eggs have different uses when placed in the hopper for the egg launcher and for more information on their effects, go to the Egg Launcher section.


The role of the defender is to use bait, retrieved from the defender item machine, and place it in a trail to one of the traps found on the east and west sides of the arena to lure the penance runners into them. At the start of the round, grab the bait immediately from the item machine to retrieve stacks of tofu, crackers and worms. The most ideal method is to lure all of the runners to the east so as to avoid diverting your attention to multiple traps.

Unfortunately, the traps are not very reliable either and after killing two runners, the trap will break. This is easily fixed by grabbing some logs from the north side of the arena and repairing the trap; this does require a hammer as well, however the hammer on your toolbelt will suffice. These logs may also be used to barricade the tunnels that the penance come out from, but this isn't recommended as it will only slow down their spawn and thus lengthen the time it takes to complete the wave.

The runners' tastes change quickly so listen out for the healer's calls so that you may use the correct bait. Should you place the wrong bait on the ground and a runner eats it, it will be put off and walk off track and away from the trail, as well as incurring a penalty to the amount of points gained for this wave; not to mention, any runners that escape through the south cave will also give a penalty to your points for this wave. Don't forget that you should also be calling out to the healer so that they may use the correct poison on the penance healers. Here is a list of the defender's shouts for EoC players:

Ability Description

Shout - Poisoned Meat
Shout about poisoned meat.

Shout - Poisoned Tofu
Shout about poisoned tofu.

Shout - Poisoned Worms.
Shout about poisoned worms.

For Legacy players who cannot call to the healer using the abilities, they must use the defender's horn instead by right-clicking the horn and choosing the correct shout.


The healer's role is one of the most important, primarily on wave 10 as it is to make sure that everyone's health is at a reasonable level. As a healer you will be given an empty vial from the item machine which can be filled at the pool of green liquid, just west of the dispenser. This, now full, vial may be used on your team members to heal them, since you will be ejected from the wave if even one of your team members die, forced to restart the wave from the beginnning. Additionally, the healer may drink straight from the pool to restore health and run enerdy.

Secondly, it is the healer's job to poison the penance healers to slowly, but surely kill them and prevent them from healing the other penenace. The healer must take stacks of poisoned tofu, worms and meat from that bait dispenser and use the correct poison, on the penance healers, revealed by your team's defender calling to you. Should you use the wrong poison on the healers then you will incur a penalty to the points gained for this wave. It is also up to the healer to call the correct food to the defender so that he may correctly lure the runners into the traps. Here is a list of the healer's shouts for EoC players:

Ability Description

Shout - Crackers
Shout about crackers.

Shout - Tofu
Shout about tofu.

Shout - Worms.
Shout about worms.

For Legacy players who cannot call to the defender using the abilities, they must use the healer's horn instead by right-clicking the horn and choosing the correct shout.

Penance Queen

The Penance Queen is the final Penance in wave 10 of Normal Mode Barbarian Assault. She can't be damaged by conventional weapons but instead will have to be killed by using Omega Eggs. These eggs are created through the combined efforts of each role.


The Penance Queen uses a long distance attack which damages all players, this attack however is not very powerful, so healers should have no issues with keeping a team with decent gear alive. In melee distance she will use a melee attack with average damage. She will also spawn Queen Spawns, these monsters are not very powerful, but as the battle rages on there will be lots of them. These can be killed by every role and therefore do not pose too much of a threat.

Fight Mechanics

To damage the Queen the team will have to gather and create Omega Eggs. These eggs can then be loaded into the egg canon and fired at the queen for a rather hefty amount of damage. Approximately 8 of these eggs are required to kill the Penance Queen. To gather and create the eggs you will have to follow the following steps.

  • Collector: The Collector will have to gather yellow eggs, these will randomly spawn near the Queen. The Collector can then pass these to the Healers.
  • Healer: The Healer will receive the eggs from the Collector, he will then have to dip them into poison pools, which can found all over the edges cave. The poisoned yellow eggs can then be passed to the Attacker.
  • Attacker: The Attacker will receive the eggs from the Healer. He will have to attach spikes to the eggs, which can be gathered from the mushrooms found on the edges of the cave. These spikes can be gathered before he receives the egg to save some time. The Attacker will have to pass the poisoned, spiked eggs to the Defender.
  • Defender: The Defender will receive the eggs from the Attacker. He will then have to dip the eggs into lava pools, these can be found all over the edges of the cave. He will then have to pass the completed Omega Eggs back to the Collector.
  • Collector: The Collector will receive the completed eggs from the Defender. He will then have to load them into the egg canon, every role is then able to shoot these eggs at the Queen.

Hard Mode

After completing all 10 waves and killing the Queen, the player is able to access hard mode Barbarian Assault. There are several differences between regular Barbarian Assault and hard mode. The most important difference is that instead of fighting the Penance Queen on wave 10, the player will face the much more powerful Penance King. More information about the King can be found in Penance King Section.


The most notable difference in Hard Mode is that all enemies are considerably more powerful. However they also have special abilities which will add another layer of difficulty to them.

  • Penance Fighters: In Hard Mode the minimum level of the Penance Fighters is level 90, this is 10 levels higher than the highest Fighter you will encounter in Normal Mode. Their combat level will go up all the way to level 101 in the final wave. This means they have more lifepoints, are considerably more accurate, deal more damage and take less damage. Additionally they also have a special attack, this is a combo attack which deals six hits at twice the normal attack speed, but with only 60% of the damage of normal attacks. This attack can be stopped by using Anticipation or stunning abilities.

  • Penance Rangers: Similair to Penance Fighters, Penance Rangers will also have a combat level of 90 to start with, which once again goes up to 101 in the final wave. This has the same effects as it has on the Penance Fighters, making them stronger and harder to kill. Their special attack will cause the player to take Bleed Damage, this effect can be prevented with Anticipation or removed with the Freedom ability.

  • Penance Runners: The Penance Runners in Hard Mode have also received a boost to their lifepoints. This has no effect unless the player chooses to use the egg cannon to dispose of them. They however also gain a special effect, which causes them to deal damage to surrounding players when dying or eating the wrong type of food. This is a rather high amount of damage (~2000) so it's best to avoid this.

  • Penance Healers: The Penance Healers also have an increased amount of lifepoints. They are also able to run instead of walk when looking for injured Penance to heal, they can potentially heal a lot of lifepoints (~11000). They will also deal an increased amount of poison damage towards players.


There are various changes in each role which are necessary to be successful in defeating all 10 waves. It is highly recommended that all players in your team have high tier gear, which is at least tier 80 (Torva, Virtus, Pernix) but recommended is tier 85 (Seasingers, Death Lotus, Tetsu). A shield is also useful for healers, defenders and collectors as they don't need to deal damage using weapons, and the extra defence and lifepoints is potentially life saving. Below the player can find additional tips and tricks for each role to efficiently deal with Hard Mode Barbarian assault. These do not include strategies for the Penance King as these will be covered in the Penance King Section.

  • Attacker: It is advised to use melee as an attacker with high tier weapons such as drygores. Although these are expensive they are the only weapons which provide a steady high damage output, which is needed to efficiently deal with the masses of Fighters and Rangers you have to deal with. It is also advised to try and bring the fight towards the southern part of the room, this allows the healer to be forced to cover less distance between the healing pool and the player.

  • Defender: The Defenders role in Hard Mode doesn't really change in Hard Mode, the only thing they have to watch out for is the damage the Runners deal when dying or eating the wrong type of food. If the player is able to pile the Runners it's critical to not be in the vicinity of the trap when they die, as this can easily deal extremely high amounts of damage, or even kill them in one hit. The Defender might find themselves to be done first with their role, it is advised they aid other players by using the egg canon if this happens.

  • Healer: The Healer has an extremely crucial role in Hard Mode and will be constantly busy. One of the most important things for the Healer is to pay attention to their own lifepoints as well as others, as they themselves will find quite a lot of monsters to be aggressive towards them. Filling the Healing vial whenever they have a spare moment will make the Healers role a bit easier. At higher waves (5+) it might be necessary to have 2 healers, as this will considerably lower the difficulty and risk of failing. They will have to focus on both healing and killing the Penance Healers as well, since the Penance Healers are able to heal incredibly high amounts of lifepoints if not killed. They will also have to pay attention to the Defenders actions, as they are in risk of getting too close to Runners once they die.

  • Collector: The Collector mainly has a support role, and their role hardly differs from Normal Mode. They might want to heavily focus on making the healers role easier by shooting the Penance Healers with red eggs and using green eggs on the Healers, this will fill their healing vial fully, which allows them to heal everyone quicker.

Penance King

The Penance King is the final boss encountered on wave 10 of Hard Mode Barbarian Assault. It is an extremely powerful monster which can easily kill a player within seconds if they are unaware of what they are doing. The Penance King can't be damaged by conventional weapons, but instead requires the entire team to cooporate and create a special weapon.


The Penance King only has 1 real attack, however this attack will deal almost 3000 damage to a single player. It will use this attack only within melee damage, and it attacks rather slow. However since the entire team is depending on the Healers to have their lifepoints restored this is still an extremely high amount of damage which can cause a player to die and fail. It will also spawn several King Spawns, these will not attack however they will pursue a player and explode upon contact. This will deal around 2800 damage to everyone in the vicinity of the explosion, this can be avoided by running away from the spawns as they will explode after a while. The Penance King will become stronger as the fight progresses, this only affects his normal attack, but will increase it's damage significantly.

Fight Mechanics

The Penance King can't be damaged by conventional means, so the players will have to cooporate to create flame throwers. These flame throwers are created by combining 4 items which are obtained from the Penance King. Each role has their own unique item which they need to gather, in total 5 of each item are required.

To gather these items the players will first have to obtain poisoned bait. This can be obtained from the bait dispenser in the west side of the cave. They will then have to wait till the Penance King says it is hungry, at this point it will focus on one player and pursue them. At this point a player has to get near the Penance King and drop the poisoned bait near it, this can be done by multiple players to increase the success rate. If it was dropped close enough the Penance King will eat the bait, which will cause it to vomit. At this point each player can find a item in the vomit, which item this is depends on their role. They will then have to process this item and deposit it in the deposit point found in the western part of the cave. In total the team will have to cause the Penance King to throw up 5 times to get 5 of each item.

  • Attacker: The Attackers can find metal scraps, they can take these to the anvil found in the eastern side of the cave to turn it into a flame thrower barrel which can be deposietd.
  • Collector: Similair to the Attack the Collector will have to use their item on the anvil in the eastern side of the cave to process and then deposit it.
  • Defender: The Defender has the lovely role of picking up barfed up guts and drying them on a lava vent, these vents can be found in the eastern part of the cave, afterwards they can deposit them.
  • Healer: The Healer is the only role which doesn't use the east side of the cave. Instead they will find a rusty bucket in the vomit, which they can then fill on the acid pool left behind by the vomiting King. The obtained bucket of acid can be deposited.

Once 5 of each item have been deposited each player is able to obtain a flame thrower from the deposit after a while, a message in the chatbox will inform them when this is possible. However the Penance King still can't be damaged by the flame throwers, instead the players will first have to weaken it. This can be done by saying a certain incantation using scrolls. Each player in the team can obtain 1 single scroll, these are obtained by attacking the Penance King with a regular weapon, it will then drop the scroll. This scroll can only be seen by the player who made it appear. Once they pick it up, a bar will appear in the top of the screen with 5 words. This is the order in which the scrolls have to be read, if the player inspects their scroll they can see which word their scroll has. The scrolls have to be read in the correct order, so the player who has the first word will have to read it first. This is done by clicking on the word their scroll represent on the top bar, so if your scroll is the first in the order, you will have to click the first bar, the second player will then have to click the second word etc.

Once the incantation is complete the Penance King will be weakened, now is the time to fry him to a crisp using the flame throwers. He will stay weakened for quite a while, however at some point he will regain his composure and start attacking again. He will be stronger than he was before as well so the healer will have to increase their efforts to keep everyone alive. Luckily, the flame throwers do not disappear, so the players will only have to obtain a scroll again and read them in the correct order to return to setting the King ablaze.

What's most important to get a successful Penance King kill is the speed at which everyone gets and reads their scrolls after the King was weakened for the first time. If everyone gets their scrolls fast enough the healers will be under considerably less pressure and this increases the chance of successfully killing the King by a lot. For people struggling with getting their scroll, a ranged or magic weapon can prove to be easier.

The Penance King is extremely powerful and should not be underestimated. Having at 2 healers on the 10th wave is highly recommended to keep up with the amounts of damage the King can deal. It is also important to stay calm and focussed and have good communication going on between the members of your team. If you fail the wave you should not be disappointed and simply try again. The key to this battle is knowing what to do and staying calm and focussed.


Whilst playing Barbarian Assault, you will find that there is a a reward statue in each waiting room which can be toggled to give honour points, the minigame's currency, or bonus experience in the following skills: Agility, Firemaking or Mining, which will be asked of you the moment you rotate the reward statue towards bonus experience.

Should you assign your rewards to honour points, you will acquire four different kinds of honour points respective of the role you are playing at the time. Attacker honour points, collector honour points, healer honour points and defender honour points are all tallied seperately and you may only hold a maximum of 500 points per role, capping at 2,000 total points. Should you choose to try and gain over 500 points in a role, the excess will merely be wasted.

Connad's Shop

You can head to the Barbarian Assault entrance hall, near the ladder that leads down to the waiting rooms, and find Commander Connad to trade in your hard earned honour points in exchange for increasing your prowess in a specific role, special insignia for each role, mid-level armour and more.

Roles tab

Purchase Effect Honour Points Additional

Level 2 +200 bonus damage 200 0 0 0 None
Level 3 +300 bonus damage 300 0 0 0 None
Level 4 +400 bonus damage 400 0 0 0 None
Level 5 +500 bonus damage 500 0 0 0 None
Attacker's insignia Gives a bonus DoT whilst in battle 500 0 0 0 5 King kills

Level 2 70% chance of converting eggs 0 200 0 0 None
Level 3 00% chance of converting eggs 0 300 0 0 None
Level 4 90% chance of converting eggs 0 400 0 0 None
Level 5 100% chance of converting eggs 0 500 0 0 None
Collector's insignia Increases selected experience and drops 0 500 0 0 5 King kills

Level 2 1 free log from green eggs 0 0 0 200 None
Level 3 2 free logs from green eggs 0 0 0 300 None
Level 4 3 free logs from green eggs 0 0 0 400 None
Level 5 4 free logs from green eggs 0 0 0 500 None
Defender's insignia Increases armour in combat 0 0 0 500 5 King kills

Level 2 Heal 25% max life points 0 0 200 0 None
Level 3 Heal 40% max life points 0 0 300 0 None
Level 4 Heal 45% max life points 0 0 400 0 None
Level 5 Heal 50% max life points 0 0 500 0 None
Healer's insignia Increases prayer and food healing 0 0 500 0 5 King kills

Armour tab

Purchase Requirements
to wear
Honour Points

Fighter torso
40 375 375 375 375

Penance skirt
40 375 375 375 375

Fighter hat
40 275 275 275 275

Ranger hat
40 275 275 275 275

Runner hat
40 275 275 275 275

Healer hat
40 275 275 275 275

Penance gloves
40 150 150 150 150

Runner boots
40 100 100 100 100

Weapons tab

Purchase Description Honour Points

Penance trident
A magic staff that acts as a water staff 170 170 170 170

Penance trident upgrade
Upgrades magic stats and abilities 220 220 220 220
Penance egg paint (yellow) Colour dark bow/abyssal whip 50 in any role
Penance egg paint (white) Colour dark bow/abyssal whip 50 in any role
Penance egg paint (green) Colour dark bow/abyssal whip 50 in any role
Penance egg paint (blue) Colour dark bow/abyssal whip 50 in any role

Miscellaneous tab

Purchase Description Honour Points Additional

Penance horn
Cosmetic horn item Free None

horn upgrade
cosmetic horn item
Free Level 5 in any role

Granite body
50 N/A 95k gp and
one queen kill
Gamble points
low items
Receive a random item
See Gambling below
20 in any role None
Ramblings (1)
Learn more about
the penance
25 in any role None
Ramblings (2)
Learn more about
the penance
25 in any role None
Gamble points
medium items
Receive a random item
See Gambling below
40 in any role None
Gamble points
high items
Receive a random item
See Gambling below
60 in any role None


Choosing one of the gamble rewards will exchange your honour points for a mystery item that ranges from metal bars, gems and herbs up to the mighty dragon chainbody. You have three options to choose from; these being low, medium and high gamble.

The only difference between these gambles is the amount of items you will receive, with the exception of the dragon helm and dragon chainbody in which the higher gambles will increase the chance at recieving the item, so if you have your eyes set on the dragon chainbody, the high gamble is the best gamble.

Below is a table of possible items to win.

Items Chance Items Chance

Adamant bar (noted)
Rune bar (noted)

Blue dragonhide (noted)
Red dragonhide (noted)

Dragon bones
Fire talisman

Grimy avantoe (noted)
Grimy dwarf weed (noted)

Grimy lantadyme (noted)
Grimy torstol (noted)

Magic logs
Raw shark

Torstol seed
Wine of Zamorak (noted)

Uncut diamond (noted)
Uncut dragonstone (noted)

Dragon helm
Very Rare
Dragon chainbody
Very Rare


There are also a variety of titles unlocked from this minigame, however none of these are buyable; they must all be earned. Four titles are automatically unlocked by default and these can be used to show which role you would like to be when searching for a team. These titles are:

  • Attacker
  • Collector
  • Defender
  • Healer

Additionally a "Supreme" version of the title is unlocked by levelling the appropriate role to level 5. These names display as follows:

  • Supreme Attacker
  • Supreme Collector
  • Supreme Defender
  • Supreme Healer

Finally, the title "the Penance Slayer" may be unlocked by defeating the penance king and queen once each.

Guide Made by: Daswanderer
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, Brad_, Simon, Ben, Dark, KJDigital, Daswanderer, CS1, Joe, Majinvegito3, Jacob, Valerie, Sytze, Umbra