Demon Slayer
An evil follower of Zamorak known as Denath infiltrated the Monastery at Edgeville and made off with a book. This book is an ancient tome that was used to banish Delrith back to the demon plane, and is the only object capable of bringing Delrith back here!
Find the only sword capable of weakening the demon and stop Denath before it's too late.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Able to defeat several level 2 skeletons and evil monks, and a level 15 powerful demon.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: Armour, Food
Reward: Click to reveal



Talk to the Grufeld Bach, who is inside of the church in the north east of Varrock.

Grufeld will explain he is chasing a dangerous fugitive called Denath who has stolen a tome of demonology. Grufeld will then explain to you, that you will need a holy sword called 'Silverlight' to defeat the demon. You are then informed the sword can be retrieved from the crypt of the church. Once in the crypt you will find three spirits who will test you before they will release Silverlight to you.


Each spirit will challenge you to see if you are worthy to obtain Silverlight, each testing you in different ways.

Spirit of the Body

The Spirit of the body will test you by asking you to clear the bones. From the bones will then rise 10 level 2 skeletons who will attack you with range. These are weak to stab so having a stab weapon will be useful as well as some low level armour. Once they are defeated you will complete the challenge.

Spirit of the Faith

The Spirit of the Faith will test you by asking you to cross the chasm. The spirit will stand at the entrance and shout advice to you on how to cross the chasm safely. Follow its instructions and you will eventually reach the other side; completing the challenge.

Spirit of the Mind

The Spirit of the Mind will test you by asking you questions related to your quest. There are many NPC's around Lumbrige to ask questions to, here are some of them.

Question Answer
Why are you in this place? I seek Silverlight.
And what is Silverlight ? A sword that slays demons.
Why do you require a sword that slays demon ? A powerful demon threatens Varrock.
Who is this Demon ? Delrith.
And who sends you to claim Silverlight and fight Delrith ? Grufeld Bach.

Going after Denath

Once you have completed all the challenges from the spirits, return to the middle and they will release the barrier surrounding Silverlight. Claim it from the altar and return to Grufeld Bach. Grufeld will then tell you he has located Denath and where he intends to summon the demon: Delrith. Head to the Zamorak temple in the south east of Varrock and enter the trapdoor.

You need to fight your way through the minions sent against you to take down the barriers blocking your way to Denath. When you reach Denath you will have a cutscene showing Denath summonning Delrith.

Delrith is level 15 and can be taken down relatively easily using melee.

Once you have defeated Delrith, Bach will teleport you back to the church.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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