Shilo Village


Shilo Village is located in southern Karamja, just a little north of the Khazari Jungle, and it is arguably the most popular location on the island for members to visit. It is well known for its fly Fishing spots that are very close to a bank, as well as the Slayer master, Duradel (or Lapolak after completing While Guthix Sleeps) & its gem rocks.

Getting There

In order to access Shilo Village in the first place, players require completion of the Shilo Village quest. This can be started by speaking to Mosol Rei just outside the village.

In order to get into the village, after completing the quest, one of the following methods can be used where the fastest is listed from top to bottom:

  1. Teleporting with a pair of Karamja Gloves 3/4 (a reward for completing the hard and elite Karamja tasks respectively), and then climbing up the nearby ladder into the village.
  2. Taking a cart ride from Hejedy in Brimhaven (near the fruit tree patch) down into the village for 10gp.
  3. Walking.

If choosing to walk, you can ask Mosol Rei, who is found just outside of the village gate, to escort you into the village. This will save you the hassle of being attacked by any undead.


Below is a map of Shilo Village:

Points of Interest

There are a few areas of interest in Shilo Village, one being the gem rocks, another the Fishing spot and a few more.

Bank, General Store & Obelisk

The bank can be used like any other. It is commonly used by players who fish in the village in order to deposit their catches as it is very near to the Fishing spots. The general store is owned by Obli, and he sells a variety of goods, notably packs of water-filled vials. A small Summoning obelisk can be found just outside.

Furnace, Fishing Spots & Shop

The furnace is right inbetween the bank and Fishing spots and requires 20gp to enter, each time. Due to this fee, even though it is a small fee, it is seldom used as there are many other furnaces around Gielinor that are free to use and close to a bank, such as Edgeville.

As shown on the map above, there are many Fishing spots all close together and are on both sides of the river. For efficient and quick xp, it is recommended to have level 74 Agility, so you can hop over the stepping stone, to cross the river, and fish at the other side. Nearby, there is a Fishing shop run by Fernahei who can sell you some Fishing supplies such as bait or rods.

Fish Level Bait Tool


Fly fishing rod

Fishing bait

Fishing rod


Fly fishing rod

Slayer & Achievements

Upon entering Shilo Village through the gates, you will come across a Fishing shop which leads to the first floor. Up the ladder, at the end, players can find Duradel (or Lapolak after the While Guthix Sleeps quest), who requires 100 Combat and 50 Slayer, as well as Seravel who will sell tickets for the Lady of the Waves ship for 25gp. The ship travels to Port Sarim and Port Khazard.

Kaleb Paramaya, who after completing all of the Medium Karamja tasks, will reward you with a pair of Karmaja 2 gloves. He can be found on the North side of the river, up some ladders where he runs a Hostel business for adventurers and travellers. More information about the Karamja 2 gloves can be found here.

Gem Rocks

In the northwestern corner of the village is the unique Gem mine which has 7 rocks.

By mining the rocks here players have a chance of receiving many different uncut gems. They get rarer down the list:

After completing all of the Easy - Hard Karamja tasks, you will have access too the secret underground which will show a ladder nearby the Gem rocks. Going down this ladder, you will find 8 more Gem rocks.

Yanni Salika

Yanni Salika is on the Northern side of the river, living in his house. He is the person to talk to if you want to start the quest: One Small Favour. He will also return any lost items from certain quests such as the Bone key or Steel key ring.


There are a two quests which are encountered in this location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

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