TzHaar Language

Why learn TzHaar?

Admittedly, learning TzHaar is unnecessary; most TzHaar creatures will translate anything important for you and the other phrases aren't needed to play RuneScape completely. However, despite this, some players may enjoy learning a new language, be it for immersion or just curiosity. Beyond this, most people who play RuneScape will not be fluent in TzHaar, so it can be used to show off your knowledge of RuneScape, or to help out that one player who wonders what the English name of his Tok-Mej-Tal is.

How do we know TzHaar?

There are several sources of TzHaar translation. The first is from the TzHaar themselves; in some circumstances, they will tell you what something means in English. A good example of this is when you are called YtHaar, which the TzHaar who dons the title on to you instantly informs you means 'Sacred Cold' in English. However, the main source in which we learn translations from TzHaar to English is a book that is gained during 'TokTz-Ket-Dill' (Large Obsidian Armadillo). This book, the 'Tzhaar tourist guide', contains the translations of many words and phrases that allow us to grasp the TzHaar language. However, as the book is limited, very little TzHaar is currently translated into English, and certainly not enough to strike up a conversation in it. Despite this, most of the current TzHaar words in RuneScape have been translated into English.

For a copy of the TzHaar guide, it is available from a bookshelf in Varrock Library. It comes complete with a note that contains all the numbers that the TzHaar use. After 'TokTz-Ket-Dill' is complete, you can also retrieve a copy from a bookshelf in a Player-owned house.

This book is the main source for translations, and as a result most of the words found on this list are from this book. The few that are not present in this book are either from in-game TzHaar characters or phrases that Jagex have translated officially.

Basic Words

It is worth mentioning that the TzHaar tend to have several definitions for the same word. However, the words with several definitions are closely related, so do not fret about having the possibility of a sentence coming out in more ways than one.

For simplicity, the words have been listed alphabetically.

Word Definition
Ak Forked/Twin.
Aken Kraken.
Dill Armadillo.
E It/The.
Ek Blade/Knife.
Em Hammer/Mace.
Har/Haar Holy/Sacred.
Hur/Hurt Builder/Crafter/Sculptor/Small.
Im Pickaxe.
Jad Elemental.
Jal Foreign.
Kal Victorious.
Ket Blunt/Defender/Guard/Large.
Kih Air/Fly/Wing.
Kl Us/We.
Kot Protect/Save.
Kul Token/Value.
Mej Mage/Magic/Priest. Sometimes used to mean 'Parent'.
Mor Old/Retired.
Om Club/Maul.
Rek Baby/Young/Youth.
Tal Rod/Staff.
Tok Hard/Material/Rock.
Tz Burn/Fire/Hot/Life.
Ul Circle/Ring.
Xil Dangerous/Hunter/Killer/Sharp.
Xo Add.
Yt Cold/Dead/Freeze/Ice.
Zek Attack/Harm.
Zi Subtract.
Zo Ring.

Complex Words

The TzHaar language uses phrases that are simply compound words. You should be able to figure out their definition from the words already provided above!

Phrase Definition
Har-Aken Sacred Kraken; a fearsome creature found within the Fight Kiln.
JalYt Foreign Cold; usually used to address a human.
Ket-Zek Large attacker; a species found in the fight cave.
Kimit-Zil Literal translation unknown. Used to mean Familiar or Follower.
Kot kl, zek e JalYt! Save us, attack the human! Said by builders under attack from humans.
Mej-Tz-Kih Magic Firefly.
TokKul Rock token; the main currency of the TzHaar.
Tz-Kih Firefly; a species found inside the Fight Cave.
TokTz Hot rock; Obsidian.
TokTz-Ket-Dill Large Obsidian Armadillo; a species found in the Fight Kiln. Sometimes found in tunnels surrounding the TzHaar city.
Tok-Ket Large rock; a rock often used in building.
TokJal-Hurt Foreign building rock; a plank that is resistant to fire.
TokYt-Hurt Cold building rock; metal.
Tok-Xil-Ek Sharp dangerous material; a knife.
Tok-Ket-Om Large hard maul; a maul or club.
Tok-Xil-Im Sharp pickaxe material; a pickaxe.
Tok-Ket-Em Large hard hammer; a hammer or mace.
Tok-Mej-Tal Magic rock staff; a staff.
TokHaar Sacred rock; a species found within the Fight Kiln.
TokHaar-Hur Sacred rock craftsmen; a species whose job it was to craft the sediment into cliff-faces and slopes.
TokHaar-Jad Sacred rock elemental; a species found within the Fight Kiln.
TokHaar-Kal Sacred rock of the victorious; a cape given as a reward from the Fight Kiln.
TokHaar-Ket Sacred rock attacker; a species whose job it was to carry the rocks around.
TokHaar-Ket-Dill Sacred rock attacker armadillo; a species found within the Fight Kiln.
TokHaar-Ket-Zek Sacred large rock attacker; a species found within the Fight Kiln.
TokHaar-Mej Sacred rock mage; a species whose job it was blast the rock into a size that the Kets could carry.
TokHaar-Tok-Xil Sacred large rock hunter; a species found within the Fight Kiln.
TokHaar-Xil Sacred rock hunter; a species whose job it was to dig up the earth and rock.
TokHaar-Yt-MejKot Sacred cold magic rock savior; a species found within the Fight Kiln.
Tok-Xil Large hunter; a species found in the fight cave.
TzHaar Sacred hot; the TzHaar race.
TzHaar-Hur Sacred hot builders; the craftsmen of the TzHaar race.
TzHaar-Ket Sacred hot guards; the guards of the TzHaar race.
TzHaar-Mej Sacred hot mages; the mages of the TzHaar race.
TzHaar-Xil Sacred hot hunter; the hunters of the TzHaar race.
Tz-Kek Literal translation unknown. A species found in the fight cave.
TzTok-Jad Obsidian elemental; an infamous creature found inside the fight cave.
YtHaar Sacred cold.
Yt-HurKot Small cold saviors; a species found inside the fight cave.
Yt-Mej-Kot Cold magic savior; a species found in the fight cave.


TzHaar numbers use special symbols instead of letters, so they cannot be reproduced in text form. However, the following note (Taken from the Tzhaar tourist guide) does contain the logical progression that TzHaar numbers follow. As mentioned earlier, the TzHaar use 'Xo' as a +, and 'Zi' as a -.

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