Bandit Camp

Getting There

To get to the Bandit Camp, you have a couple different options:

  • Option One - This option is the easiest way to get there. You can simply buy a Bandit Camp Teleport. This when used will teleport you right in the center of the Bandit Camp.
  • Option Two - You can now use the Home Teleport spell in your spell book to teleport to the Bandit Camp. Then run North-West to the Bandit Camp. This does not require any runes to cast this spell.
  • Option Three - Another way to get there is to go to Shantay Pass and go through the gate to the desert. Then you can talk to the Rug Merchant and take a magic carpet to Bedabin Camp and then walk south to the Bandit Camp.

The Area Map

Combat Training

Training combat in the Bandit Camp is a slow but very AFK-able way to train melee skills such as Attack, Strength, and Defense. The Bandits in the camp will attack you if you are wearing any type of god item. (Zamorak, Saradomin, or Guthix) A good item to bring is a god arrow. Just simply equip it in your quiver slot and you're good to go.


The Big Heist Lodge Shop

The big Heist Lodge Shop is located in the Big Hesist Lodge and Bar. There you can speak to the Bartender and buy a beer or trade with him to buy a Bandit's Brew for 650gp.

The Big Heist Lodge Shop:

Talking to the Bartender:

Bandit Bargains Shop

The Bandit Bargains Shop is another General Store. You can buy many items that are needed in the desert.

Item Price Amount in Shop

Waterskin (4)
30 30

15 30

Jug of Water
1 10

Bowl of Water
4 10

Bucket of Water
6 10

1 10

4 10

2 30

Desert Boots
20 10

Desert Shirt
40 10

Desert Robe
40 10

25 10

Song Unlocks

Song: Bandit Camp

Unlocked By: Any where inside the Bandit's Camp

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