Polypore Dungeon

Getting There

To get to Polypore Dungeon, you have many different options. Here are just two of those possible methods:

  • Option One - One of the quickest ways to reach the Polypore Dungeon is by using the fairy ring code BIP. This will put you right out side the entrance to the dungeon.
  • Option Two - The second quickest way to get there is to use a duel ring and teleport to the Duel Arena and walk to the dungeon entrance, as shown below.

The Dungeon Map

First Level

On all of the floors there are many different types of monsters. The only thing the first floor has that others doesn't have is a General Store. Right when you enter the dungeon the general store is next to the entrance. The monsters in this Dungeon are not like any other monster in RuneScape. Also on the first floor is an extra dungeon you are required to have 82 Dungeoneering to enter. Besides thoese few things all the floors are similar.

Polypore Dungeon Supplies

Here you can buy most of the things you can buy form any General store around RuneScape, with a few added items. You can find the three pieces of Mycelium armour. (Visor Web, Leggings Web, and Poncho Web) You can also exchange things that you get from killing the monsters in the Dungeon. You can store Fungal Flakes, Grifolic Flakes, Ganodermic Flakes, Polypore Spores, and Neem Oil.

Polypore Dungeon Supplies
Fungal Storage

Dungeoneering Resource Dungeon

The entrance to the extra dungeon is to the NorthEast of the Polypore entrance. If you look at the Circles on the mini map go north two Circles then go east two Circles. Once in the Dungeoneering area you will find more of the monsters from the first floor. There are also mean different floors within the Dungeoneering area.

Second Level

A map of the second floor.

Third Level

A map of the third floor.

Monster List

Below is the entire list of attackable monsters which live in the Polypore Dungeons.

Monster Level LifePoints

Fungal Rodent
26 1900

Fungal Mage
81 2900

Infested Axe
105 7500

107 7700

Guide Made by: Howiew
Corrections submitted by: Howiew, Jack, 26