Getting There

To get to Pollnivneach, you have many different options:

Option One - The fastest way to reach Pollnivneach it to teleport to Sumona with the Ring of Slaying. This will put you in the northern part or Pollnivneach.

Option Two - The second fastest way to reach Pollnivneach is to have your house placeed in Pollnivneach and use the Home Teleport spell or a Teleport to House tab. This will put you a little north-west of Pollnivneach.

Option Three - The third way is to use the Magic Carpet out side of Shantay Pass. This will also put you in the Northern part of Pollnivneach.

The City Map

  • 1: Sumona the Slayer master.
  • 2: Ali the Mayor's Villa.
  • 3: The Asp and Snake.
  • 4: Ali the Operator's tent.
  • 5: The house portal

Important NPC's


You talk to Sumona to start the quest Smoking Kills. If you have a cat following you she will not talk to you. After you have finished the quest Smoking Kills she will become a new slayer master. To use Sumona as a slayer master you must be 130 combat and 35 slayer.

Ali the Mayor

Ali the Mayor is found in the quest The Feud. You have to enter his villa and take a piece of jewellery in a part of this quest.


Slayer Equipment Store

The Slayer equipment store in Pollnivneach is ran by Sumona. She sells Slayer-related equipement which may help players in their Slayer assignments.

Pollnivneach General Store

The Pollnivneach general store is ran by, simply known as, the market seller. He sells all items which are related to desert survival.

Unlockable Songs

Song How to unlock
Dynasty Visit Pollnivneach.
Desert Smoke Enter the slayer well in Pollnivneach.

Quest Relevance

Quest How to Start
Smoking Kills Talk to Sumona.

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