Al Kharid


Al Kharid is a desert city-state in the northern Kharidian peninsula that was founded roughly 230 years ago. Here, cosmopolitan entrepreneurs in stuffy shops and tawdry bazaars crowd the streets, and political unrest envelops the city in times of uncertainty. Unaffected by the noxious desert heat found south of the Shantay, Al Kharid has become a thriving community, business commerce, and tourist destination. To the northeast, the famous Duel Arena fighting pits can be found, rebuilt from ruins dating back thousands of years, which remains till today the most popular attraction in Al Kharid.


Common ways of getting to Al Kharid:

  • Use the Lodestone Network to travel to the Al Kharid Lodestone
  • Teleport to Al-Kharid Palace with a charged Amulet of Glory (m)
  • Travel with a Gnome Glider after "The Grand Tree" (m)
  • Teleport to Sorceress's Garden with an enchanted Broomstick (m)

Nearby locations:

  • Walk east from Lumbridge
  • Walk south from the South-west Varrock Mine
  • Teleport to Duel Arena with a Ring of Dueling (m)
  • Fairy ring 'B I Q' to southwest of Shantay Pass (m)

(m) denotes that the method is members-only.

World Map


The Al-Kharid Palace is the home of the Emir, and the Al Kharid government. It is inaccessible until after the completion of the "Stolen Hearts" quest, and is constantly under heavy guard by warriors patrolling the Palace.

Ali Mirza is the current Emir of Al-Kharid, and he can be found in the first floor. Hassan, the Chancellor, can award those who have completed the easy Desert Tasks; Osman, found in the center of the hall, can exchange Sq'irk Juice for thieving experience. Just outside, there is a fountain that can be used as a water source, and warriors that novice thieves can pickpocket for relatively fast thieving experience.


The Bank is located southwest of the city, on the west side of the Al-Kharid Palace. Many people use this bank to train Smithing and Cooking, due to the close proximity of the range and furnace to the bank. It also used to be well known for cowhide merchanting, but this practice was made obsolete after the opening of the Grand Exchange.

Kebab Shop

Karim's Kebab Shop is located north of the bank. Here, players can buy Kebabs for 1gp each, and use the range for cooking.


The Tannery can be found directly south of the Gnome Glider. Here, Ellis can tan raw hides for you, so they can be used for crafting. Only the first two, Leather and Hard Leather, are f2p; the rest are members only.

Icon Material Icon Product Price
Cowhide Leather Free
Cowhide Hard Leather 3gp
Snake hide Snakeskin 15gp
Snake hide (swamp) Snakeskin 20gp
Green Dragonhide Green dragon leather 20gp
Blue Dragonhide Blue dragon leather 20gp
Red Dragonhide Red dragon leather 20gp
Black Dragonhide Black dragon leather 20gp
Royal Dragonhide Royal dragon leather 20gp


Ali Morrisane

Ali Morrisane (m) is an infamous merchant located near the stalls northeast of Al Kharid. He is known for having many relatives and aliases, an organization of bandits that terrorizes the city's merchants and shopkeepers, and a knack of selling completely worthless items to unfortunate customers. Besides his general stock, he also sells additional items after the completion of the Rouge Trader minigame, and is the starting point of 'The Feud' quest, which is a requirement to play the minigame.

Icon Item Name Price Quantity Description
Empty Pot 1gp 30 This pot is empty.
Jug 1gp 10 This jug is empty.
Waterskin (3) 27gp 30 A nearly full waterskin with three portions of water.
Desert shirt 40gp 10 A cool, light desert shirt.
Desert boots 20gp 10 Comfortable desert shoes.
Bucket 2gp 30 It's a wooden bucket.
Fake beard 1gp 10 Makes me itch.
Karidian Headpiece 1gp 10 Wear it on your head.
Papyrus 10gp 10 Used for making notes.
Knife 25gp 10 A dangerous looking knife.
Tinderbox 1gp 10 Useful for lighting a fire.
Bronze Pickaxe 1gp 10 Used for mining.
Raw Chicken 60gp 10 I need to cook this first.


Here you can buy tools for activities and games. The Toolonomicon book can be bought for a quick rundown on how to use the tools. The Orb of Oculus can also be bought for 20gp, which is a helpful tool for screenshots and Runescape videomaking.

Icon Item Name Price Quantity Description
Magic Skullball 12gp 10 A magic skull waiting for questions.
Ring of Seeking (hide) 25gp 10 Wear it and challenge people to find you.
Ring of Seeking (seek) 25gp 10 Wear it to find hiding rings.
Ring of Seeking (both) 25gp 10 The ring can find or be found.
Marker Seeds 65gp 10 Seeds for growing marker plants.
Ticker 3gp 10 It's storing a number for you.
Empty bag caller 14gp 10 Proves to your friends that you aren't carrying anything.
Timepiece 18gp 10 I have hands but no arms.
Racing boots 20gp 10 No false starts with these on.
Starting horn 45gp 10 It starts races fairly.
Voting hat 6gp 10 Show your support of the blue team or turn it inside out for red.
Orb of Counting 36gp 10 A mystical orb with a penchant for counting hats.
Faruq's Toolonomicon 1gp 10 The book of the Tools for Games.
Orb of oculus 20gp 10 An orb of mystical excellence.

Silk Trader

The Silk Trader sells silk for 3gp each. He refuses to lower the price of the silk, claiming that the player will go and sell his silk to Varrock for profit. You can not sell the silk back to the trader. An easy way to make money is to buy silk for 3gp and then reselling the silk to the Ardounge silk trader for 60gp. This is a very common way to make money on 2007Scape.


General Store

The General Store is found directly east of the Al-Kharid Lodestone, and is used for buying general, everyday items.

Icon Item Name Price Quantity Description
Empty Pot 1gp 30 This pot is empty.
Jug 1gp 10 This jug is empty.
Shears 1gp 10 For shearing sheep.
Bucket 2gp 30 It's a wooden bucket.
Bowl 4gp 10 Useful for mixing things.
Cake tin 10gp 10 Useful for baking cakes.
Tinderbox 1gp 10 Useful for lighting a fire.
Chisel 14gp 10 Good for detailed crafting.
Hammer 13gp 10 Good for hitting things!
Newcomer Map 1gp 10 Issued by RuneScape Council to all new citizens.
Security book 2gp 10 WARNING: Contains information which could make your account secure!

Dommik's Crafting Store

Here, basic crafting tools can be bought from Dommik's.

Icon Item Name Price Quantity Description
Chisel 14gp 10 Good for detailed crafting.
Ring Mould 5gp 10 Used to make gold rings.
Necklace Mould 5gp 10 Used to make gold necklaces.
Amulet Mould 5gp 10 Used to make gold amulets.
Needle 1gp 10 Used with a thread to make clothes.
Thread 4gp 1000 Used with a needle to make clothes.
Holy Mould 5gp 10 Used to make holy symbols of Saradomin.
Tiara Mould 100gp 10 A mould for tiaras.

Zeke's Superior Scimitars

Zeke sells scimitars here. There is also a furnace in his shop; however, unlike the adjacent furnace on its left, it is rarely used.

Icon Item Name Price Quantity Description
Bronze Scimitar 32gp 10 A vicious, curved sword.
Iron Scimitar 112gp 10 A vicious, curved sword.
Steel Scimitar 400gp 10 A vicious, curved sword.
Mithril Scimitar 1,040gp 10 A vicious, curved sword.

Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar

Louie sells platelegs here ranging from bronze to adamant.

Icon Item Name Price Quantity Description
Bronze Platelegs 80gp 10 These look pretty heavy.
Iron Platelegs 280gp 10 These look pretty heavy.
Steel Platelegs 1,000gp 10 These look pretty heavy.
Black Platelegs 1,920gp 10 These look pretty heavy.
Mithril Platelegs 2,600gp 10 These look pretty heavy.
Adamant Platelegs 6,400gp 10 These look pretty heavy.

Ranael's Super Skirt Store

Ranael sells plateskirts here, complementary to Louie's store.

Icon Item Name Price Quantity Description
Bronze Plateskirt 80gp 10 Designer leg protection.
Iron Plateskirt 280gp 10 Designer leg protection.
Steel Plateskirt 1,000gp 10 Designer leg protection.
Black Plateskirt 1,920gp 10 Designer leg protection.
Mithril Plateskirt 2,600gp 10 Designer leg protection.
Adamant Plateskirt 6,400gp 10 Designer leg protection.

Gem Trader

Gems can be bought here, but must be sold to the Gem Trader first. Since gems are almost never sold to the Gem Trader, there usually aren't any stocks available in the store.

Icon Item Name Price Quantity Description
Uncut Sapphire 25gp 0 An uncut sapphire.
Uncut Emerald 50gp 0 An uncut emerald.
Uncut Ruby 100gp 0 An uncut ruby.
Uncut Diamond 200gp 0 An uncut diamond.
Sapphire 250gp 0 This looks valuable.
Emerald 500gp 0 This looks valuable.
Ruby 1000gp 0 This looks valuable.
Diamond 2000gp 0 This looks valuable.

Sorceress' Garden

The Sorceress's Garden (m) mini-game can be accessed in the house at the southeastern corner of Al-Kharid. Players who have completed the "Stolen Hearts" quest can play it after having spoken with Osman, and hearing the apprentice's story. The minigame can be played either for herbs, or for thieving experience.

Scorpion Mine

North of the city, a large mining site full of scorpions can be found. It contains an abundance of ores, particularly iron, that makes it a popular place for mining ores. Avan can be found near the entrance of the mine, and he can change your family gauntlets into goldsmith gauntlets for 25,000gp after the "Family Crest" quest.

Duel Arena

Duel Arena is a safe minigame located northeast of Al-Kharid. Here, players can challenge each other for fights to the death. Games can either be friendly or staked, and the opponents can choose the rules and regulations of their duel. At the gate to Duel Arena, players can obtain a Duellist cap, which comes in 6 different tiers, and records the players kills in the arena.


  • There are two furnaces and an anvil located slightly north of the bank. The furnace north the Kebab shop is commonly used for smithing training, due to it being the closest furnace to a bank in f2p.
  • West of the bank, players can take free boat rides to and from the southeast shore of Daemonheim.
  • The Fire Altar is located near the gate of the Duel Arena.
  • There is a cactus patch which can be used to grow a cactus at level 55 farming.
  • A musician can be found in the northwest entrance to the city.


Quests that take place in or around Al-Kharid:


The following musical tracks can be unlocked in or around Al-Kharid:

  • A Song for Khnum
  • Al Kharid
  • Kharidian Bustle
  • Palace Above
  • Shantay Pass

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