Port Sarim


Port Sarim is a small fishing town located South of Falador on the coast. Most of the town citizens have participated or have a connection to piracy. While the town is inhabited by this sort of citizens, it still remains friendly to new travelers, probably due to the convenient nearby location of the Port Sarim jail, which always seems free to take in new prisoners.

How To Get There

  • Teleport to Falador then walk South until you reach Port Sarim
  • Use a charged amulet of glory, teleport to Draynor Village, then walk West until you reach Port Sarim
  • Use your explorer ring(3) or (4) to teleport to the cabbage field, then walk southeast until you enter Port Sarim.
  • Use fairyring code ARQ to teleport to Mudskipper point, walk North to reach Port Sarim
  • Use the Port sarim loadstone after unlocking it

Town Features

The Docks

Port Sarim is home to an intricate system of docks, which harbor some of the most-noteworthy ships in all of RuneScape. Travelers who find themselves near the docks can charter a ship to many of the ports throughout the lands of RuneScape.

The Rat Pits

At the rat pits you can exercise your wily cat, or if you find yourself without a wily cat, you can train your overgrown cat into one.

The Chapel

The town is home to a chapel where you can restore your prayer points that have been used in your bloodthirsty battles throughout the lands of RuneScape.

Farming Patch

There's a farming patch North of the Rusty Anchor Inn where you can plant your spirit tree seeds.


Betty's Magic Emporium

Brian's Battleaxe Bazaar

Gerrant's Fishy Business

Grum's Gold Exchange

Wydin's Food Store

Notable NPC's

The Bartender

Located in the Rusty Anchor Inn, you'll find The Bartender. Whether you're looking for a nice draft of beer to cool your adventuring throat or a nice bit of conversation this is the spot to be in!

Redbeard Frank

Found directly outside of the Rusty Anchor pub, you'll find Redbeard Frank. While his pirating days are out of him, that doesn't hold him off from staring down the ships coming into port, with his hawk-eyes carefully searching to see if any of the shipmen have smuggled in his personal favourite, Karajma rum.


Current owner of the Lady Lumbridge, he's always looking out for the passing adventurer looking to buy her. Keep in mind that the Lady Lumbridge may hold more value than what meets the eye.


One of the last Imcando dwarves, Thurgo is a master smith who has created some of the greatest weapons found throughout the lands of RuneScape. You can find him in his small hut to the South-West of Port Sarim.



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