Draynor Manor


Draynor Manor is a more spooky location of RuneScape as it is an old mansion filled with many spooky features, such as moving chairs and trees which attack you. It is located slightly north of Draynor Village and right next to the Draynor Lodestone. There are a few quests to be done in the Manor, but you hardly see anyone there, so it's not the best place to make friends... unless you like trees.


Draynor Manor is located just North of Draynor but there are other ways of getting there, which include:

Once you've reached the Manor, simply go through the font gate directly north and you will come to a door, enter that door to go into the Manor. Some trees may attack you, but no food is needed as they only take away very few life points. When you enter the door will lock behind you and you won't be able to exit from that door. However, exiting the Manor is explained below.

The areas in Draynor Manor

1Front Door
2Haunted Chairs
3Main Room
4Skeleton Room
5Witch Room
6Basement Stairs
7The Exit
8Secret Room
9Farming Area
11Empty Room
12Professor Oddenstein
14Puzzle Room

Front Door

Once you enter the front door you will be in a fairly small room, which is full of nothing, this area is completely useless to you, but there are several doors which you can take from here. There is also a large staircase in front of you, I wonder where that leads!

Haunted Chairs

This room is also rather pointless, the only positive of this room is the fact that it will lead you to more important rooms. You will noticed a few chairs following you around, don't worry about these as they don't attack. You will also notice a photo of a handsome man on the wall.

Main Room

As you venture through the pointless rooms of the Manor, you will come across yet another! One more large in size, containing a great piano and a large dining table which I presume no one uses. This is another room which is prioritized to lead into more important rooms.

Skeleton Room

This room is very small and contains a level 16 skeleton, so be careful and don't leave your computer un-attended whilst you're in there. In the corner there is also a Rubber Tube which you need in the Ernest The Chicken quest.

Witch Room

In the north-west room of the Manor you will come across a cooking range, potions and herbs. However I doubt that range has been washed in a long time, so I don't recommend cooking your fish on it! Directly south of this room you can find a bottle of poison, an item that is used in the Ernest The Chicken quest.

Basement Stairs

East of the entrance you can find a staircase leading down to the basement. Downstairs takes part of the Vampire Slayer quest where you must kill a vampire, if you have not completed the quest then the vampire will be there but you may not know how to play it until you do the quest. If you have completed the quest and you do down there, it is pointless.

The Exit

This is the room which contains the exit door from the Manor. However once you leave the Manor you can't come back in using this door so make sure you want to exit first. In this room there is also a spade, bucket, and bronze medium helmet respawn in the room.

Secret Room

This room is secret, to enter it search the Candle Sconce and the wall will open, allowing you to go in. Inside you can start a members only quest, Animal Magnetism. To start, talk with Ava. To leave, just pull the bronze lever on the wall. Other than that there is no greater importance in here, other than some lovely cupboards.

Farming Area

Outside of the Manor is a delightful and healthy containing an evil turnip patch, a compost heap to help with farming and several rows of cabbages. However, these cabbages will NOT assist you in the Black Knight's Fortress quest but they will give you a +1 Defence bonus if you eat one. Yuck.


In this room you can find level 36 Ghosts. You are able to attack them but it's not a really good training method, unless your combat level is around 40.

Empty Room

Remember all those empty rooms we came across at the beginning of this guide? Well, here is another! This room contains nothing of importance but have you noticed that the candle on the table never goes out? Spooky.

Professor Oddenstein

On the second floor you will come across a room where you will see Professor Oddenstein, a great old follow, with great inventions. One of his great inventions accidentally changed Ernest into a chicken! If you complete the Ernest The Chicken quest, you can transform him back into a human.


This is the room with you will venture during the Vampire Slayer quest. You will enter this basement to slay the vampire, doing so will be explain in our quest guide. Also, try not to step on the candles as they will burn your feet and cause damage!

Puzzle Room

This is the room which you will come across during the Ernest The Chicken quest where you will need to locate an Oil can. To get the oil can you must pull the leavers in the room in a certain way, to find out how do to this, visit our quest guide.


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