Squeal of Fortune

The Squeal of Fortune is now retired and has been replaced by Treasure Hunter.


The Squeal of Fortune is a daily activity for both free players and members of RuneScape, where by players are entitled to spins of a wheel that offer rewards ranging from coins to spirit shields. Every day, free players are entitled to one free spin a day and members are entitled to two free spins. The Squeal of Fortune resets each day at 00:00 GMT.

The introduction of The Squeal of Fortune on the 28th of February 2012 is one of the most controversial updates Jagex has released, with players being able to purchase spins for real life money, and the whole gambling nature of the update.

The Wheel

Upon logging in to RuneScape, a player will be greeted by a small interface in the middle of the game screen with a goblin called Yelps. Clicking on this icon will bring up the Squeal of Fortune wheel. This interface can also be hidden by clicking the x button, but it will appear again when you next log in. The wheel can also be accessed through the Squeal of Fortune tab on the bottom right hand user interface. Please note the Yelps Icon will not appear if you have not been logged out for a period longer than 15 minutes.

After clicking the icon to open the wheel, a you will be given a wheel with a selection of 13 item rewards. These items consist of one super rare item, two rare items, four uncommon items, and six common items. It should be noted that logging out and then back in does not bring up a selection of new items, and the chance of obtaining a super-rare item is significantly less than a 1 in 13 chance as the wheel may suggest.

To stop the wheel, click he big red button on the right of the screen. Clicking the button at any specific time does not influence the reward you get, as the reward is randomly generated when you click the button. Once the wheel has stopped spinning, you will be shown a rewards interface. Here you may choose to clain the item, or discard it.

All prizes, with the exception of coins and experience lamps, will be sent directly to your bank upon claiming the item. If your bank is full, you will not be able to claim the item until you make some space in your bank for the item. You may not spin the wheel again until you have claimed or discarded your last prize. In the case of a free player winning a members prize, they will be asked to subscribe to be given the option to claim it.

If a player wins a rare or a super rare item, a message is broadcast through the game chat filter telling everyone on the same world that they have won a prize. Lamps are not displayed through this filter however.

Additional Spins

In addition to the free spins that each player is given each day, it is possible to obtain extra spins through the gaining of Spin Tickets. These may be obtained by varous methods including:


Spin tickets are dropped by almost every single monster in RuneScape, with the exception of the ones in some minigames and Dungeoneering monsters. They are considered as rare drops.


Spin tickets are obtained randomly through skilling activities that would normally offer you a Shattered Heart strange rock.

Distractions & Diversions

Spin tickets can also be won from completing a weekly Distraction & Diversion. Every week, the Squeal of Fortune will have a Distraction & Diversion that will offer one free spin ticket as a reward for completion of the event. These include the Circus, the Evil Tree, Shooting Star and the Troll Invasion. Troll Invasion will always award the player with a spin ticket as this is a monthly event.


Spin tickets are also awarded for the completion of quests in RuneScape. Players will not be awarded spin tickets for already completed quests, only the quests you have not completed yet or future quest releases. Players are given 2 spin tickets for quest completion.

Special Events

  • During the month of May 2012, all members were given an extra daily spin on the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Members who were subscribed in August 2012 were offered ONE additional spin per day.
  • Members who were subscribed in September 2012 received an additional 2 spins per day.
  • In December 2012 and January 2013 Players were encouraged to join the Premier Club. Silver [6 months] and Gold [12 months] Premier Members receive one extra spin per day during the length of their Club Membership.

Double Spin Tickets

When spinning on the Squeal of Fortune, a player has the chance to win a Double Spin ticket as a reward from a single spin. This ticket will offer the player two free spins on the wheel upon redeeming. There are no other ways to obtain double spin tickets apart from as a reward on the wheel.

Buying Spins

Spins on the Squeal of Fortune can be bought directly through the Jagex website using real life money. There are multiple methods of buying spins, although not all payment options are avaliable in all countries.

  • PayPal
  • SMS
  • PayByCash
  • Paysafecard
  • Credit Card*

* If purchasing spins through the use of a Credit Card, it is strongly advised that you uncheck the "save my details for next time" box, unless the next person to gain access to your RuneScape account will be able to view all of your personal information and Credit Card details.


The Squeal of Fortune offers a vast selection of possible rewards that are sectioned into categories, ranging from low level armours to runes and ores. As there are so many different items to be won, only the rare and untradable items are listed below.

Other than the 200m, cash [coin] rewards now come in the form of 'cash bags'. They hold a variable amount of coins based on your total levels.

Experience lamps won from the wheel come in two different types, skill specific and general lamps. Skill specific lamps will give experience in a specific skill where as general lamps will give experience in any skill you choose.

Experience Rewards

Small Lamp Medium Lamp Large Lamp Huge Lamp

Some rewards are classed as Lucky items. These items have the same stats as the normal item would, but they are a slightly darker colour to their normal counterparts and are untradable.

Rare Weapons & Armours

Image Item Reward Image Item Reward Image Item Reward
Lucky Armadyl Helmet Lucky Armadyl Chestplate Lucky Armadyl Chainskirt
Lucky Bandos Boots Lucky Bandos Chestplate Lucky Bandos Tassets
Lucky Dragon Full Helm Lucky Dragon Platebody Lucky Dragon Chainbody
Lucky Arcane Spirit Shield Lucky Elysian Spirit Shield Lucky Divine Spirit Shield
Lucky Spectral Spirit Shield Lucky Armadyl Godsword Lucky Bandos Godsword
Lucky Saradomin Godsword Lucky Zamorak Godsword Lucky Zamorakian Spear
Lucky Abyssal Whip Lucky Dragon Claws Lucky Saradomin Sword
Lucky Dragon 2h Sword Auspicious Katana

These cosmetic rewards are also considered as super rare and rare rewards. These items have no stats at all.

Cosmetic Rewards

Image Item Reward Image Item Reward Image Item Reward
Arcane Tattoo Bold Tattoo Intricate Tattoo
Marauder Tattoo Mystic Tattoo Tribal Tattoo
Curled Horns Twisted Horns Vile Horns
Long Horns Flying Goblin Hat Swag Bag
Swagger Stick

You can also get bounus xp rewards (when a skill has bonus xp you gain double xp until all of the bonus xp is used up). From the wheel you can get a Fallen star in a skill or you can get a Prismatic fallen star which can be used on any skill. A fallen star gives 1.2 times the amount of bonus xp a large lamp gives. As well as a fallen star you can get a Bright fallen star (which also has its prismatic counterpart). The bright fallen star gives 1.2 times the amount of bonus xp a huge lamp gives.

Fallen starBright fallen star

Limited Time Rewards

Over the period since the wheel has come out, there have been various limited edition rewards that were on offer for a short period of time. So far, winning these items during the times they were avaliable was the only way to get these items.

These cosmetic rewards were available to win on the Squeal of Fortune during the month of May 2012 as part of the Mad May promotion.

Monkey Themed Rewards
Image Item Reward Image Item Reward Image Item Reward
Speak-no-evil Monkey Hat Hear-no-evil Monkey Hat See-no-evil Monkey Hat
Monkey Mace Barrel of Monkeys* Fish Mask

*It should be noted that the Barrel of Monkeys is a one time use item and will disappear after use.

These rewards were available to win on the Squeal of Fortune starting from the 1st of August to the 30th of September in the summer months of 2012. Additionally experience rewards and items from Solomon's General store were also included in the "Sizzling Summer" promotion.

Sizzling Summer Rewards
Image Item Reward Image Item Reward Image Item Reward Image Item Reward
Beach ball Candyfloss Ice cream cone hat Seaside rock
Shark fists (1) Shark fists (2) Shark fists (3) Shark fists (4)
Sunbathe emote* Summmer barbeque Summer sun ring Summer storm ring
Water balloon

* This is an item that, when activated, unlocks the sunbathe emote. Once it has been banked it cannot be unbanked.

These cosmetic rewards were available to win on the Squeal of Fortune starting from the 29th of May and running throughout the summer months of 2012.

Royal & Ceremonial Rewards
Image Item Reward Image Item Reward Image Item Reward
Dragon Ceremonial Hat Dragon Ceremonial Breastplate Dragon Ceremonial Greaves
Dragon Ceremonial Boots Dragon Ceremonial Cape Queen's Guard Hat
Queen's Guard Shirt Queen's Guard Trousers Queen's Guard Shoes
Queen's Guard Staff

When you have completed one of the outfits above, you will be given the ability to recolour the entire set when equipped.

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