Draynor Village


Draynor Village is a small town west of Lumbridge. It is a very awesome place to go for free-to-play members. It's one of the best places to chop down willow trees because there is a bank near by! Draynor Village is also known for one of the only places for free-to-play members to obtain dye, and the quests that are located in the village.


Draynor Village is located North of the Wizards' Tower but there are other ways of getting there, and they are:


Number Location
1 Willow Trees
2 Bank
3 Trapdoor
4 Jail
5 Aggie's House
6 Morgan's House
7 Musician
8 Lodestone Network
9 Marketplace


Willow Trees

This is where the willow trees are located in Draynor Village right beside the Draynor Village bank.


This is the Draynor Village bank located right beside the willow trees and the center of the village.


This is a trapdoor located north of the Draynor Village square. Go down and see what's inside!


This is the Draynor Village located east of Draynor Village square. Prince Ali is staying in this jail.

Aggie's House

This is where free-to-play members can obtain dye!

Morgan's House

This is where you talk to Morgan to start the quest Vampyre Slayer.


This is where you can sit & relax and gain you "run" back!

Lodestone Network

Check out the awesome Lodestone Network!


This is the Market Place in the middle of Draynor Village! You can purchase a few items from the shops, as you can see above!


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