TzHaar City


The TzHaar City is one of the most unique cities you will find in Gielinor due to it's location under a volcano and the type of creatures that inhabit the area. The walls and floors, while solid, have lava glowing through the cracks and the temperature of the area is quite warm. The city is the home of the TzHaar, who themselves are made of stone and are quite a challenge when faced in combat. The currency within the city is different to the rest of the land, as they use TokKul, which is not tradeable and can only be gathered within the city itself.

The TzHaar City is a relatively easy place to reach as it is located a very short walk from the main docks on Karamja. Brimhaven is to the west and using a charged Amulet of glory to teleport you here will bring you just east of the entrance.

Located on top of the Karamja Volcano, you will find a rather impressive looking sculpture with a doorway. This will take you into the south-central part of the city, just south of the Main Plaza.

Alternatively, after completing The Elder Kiln quest, you can use a charged version of the TokKul-Zo to teleport directly to various parts of the TzHaar City as often as you wish.


Located around the city, there is a range of different TzHaar monsters which you are free to kill for TokKul and other drops. Unlike the various activities accessible from the various parts of the city, killing the monsters in the main city is unsafe, meaning death will be handled as normal. The city is a multicombat area and often the larger creatures will come to the aid of the smaller ones. For this reason, you should only attack the inhabitants of the area if you are well prepared.

Below is a table showing the various monsters in the area you can attack.

Monster Combat Level Attack Type Weakness

100 Melee
Water Spells


140 Ranged-Melee

160 Magic-Melee

180 Melee
Water Spells


TzHaar city boasts a range of different training areas for anything that can be trained at a bank, in addition to smithing, crafting, cooking, firemaking and mining.


The lava forge furnace can be used for both smithing and crafting, as with any other furnace. It is located close to the TzHaar banks, which makes it a good spot to train either smithing or mining for players who don't have access to a closer furnace. It has a unique appearance from all other furnaces in Gielinor, as it is a natural furnace forged from the materials of the volcano in which it is found.


The mining spot in TzHaar city has 3 gold rocks and 3 silver rocks, making it a good place for anybody who wishes to mine gold (if they don't have access to Living Rock Caverns or the Crafting guild), whilst also gaining some quick experience with rocks that generally have a quick respawn rate. These rocks also provide a safespot from the monsters in the volcano.


Sulphur vents that can be found all over the volcano can be used to cook food. They do not provide the bonus that cooking ranges do which lessens the chance of burning food. They are a unique way of training cooking and are close to various banks in the city.

Other Attractions

Aside from the skilling and combat activities you can do in the area, there are also a few other attractions that make the TzHaar City such a unique and busy place to visit:

Main Plaza

The Main Plaza is located in the center of the city and holds many shops which have weapons and gems sculpted by the TzHaar, as well as various other items that have been collected over time. All items here must be purchased with TokKul. TokKul can be obtained from killing monsters within the city or by winning any of the minigame activities the city has to offer.

Magic Shop

The Magic Shop contains various runes costing anywhere from 26 to 465 TokKul.

Gem Shop

The Gem Shop contains some of the ore you can mine around the city as well as a few common gems. You can also purchase an Uncut onyx gem for 2,700,000 TokKul or Onyx bolt tips.

Sword Shop

The Sword Shop contains some of the finest TzHaar weaponry and armour around, including the Toktz-ket-xil (Obsidian shield) and the Obsidian cape.


The Library is located to the north west of the Main Plaza. You are more than welcome to venture here to learn more about the TzHaar culture and language.

Birthing Pool

TzHaar eggs have to maintain a certain temperature so that they hatch into mighty TzHaar, instead of somewhat worthless Ga'al. In The Elder Kiln, you will start to uncover the story behind why the TzHaar City has been getting cooler, putting the entire TzHaar race on The Brink of Extinction.

TzHaar Obsidian Mine

The TzHaar Obsidian Mine is only available after completion of TokTz-Ket-Dill. The entrance can be found in the far southeastern portion of the city. The walls of the mine are filled with obsidian deposits.

Fight Pits

In the Fight Pits, combatants fight to be the last one standing, to the thrill of the TzHaar. There is a bank located just outside the entrance. Check out our Fight Pits guide for more information on this activity.

Fight Cave

The Fight Caves test your ability to survive dozens of waves of TzHaar creatures. If you can manage to survive the battle long enough, you will face the legendary TzTok-Jad! Beating Jad will reward you with the Fire cape and a collection of TokKul. There is a bank located just outside the entrance and a Fairy ring just to the north. Check out our Fight Caves guide for more information on this activity.

Fight Kiln

The TokHaar Fight Kiln becomes available to you after the completion of The Elder Kiln. This activity is similar to the Fight Caves, but is much harder. Completion of this battle will reward you with either an Uncut onyx or the TokHaar-Kal. There is a bank located just outside the entrance. Check out our Fight Kiln guide for more information on this activity.

Fight Cauldron

The TokHaar Fight Cauldron becomes available to you after the completion of The Brink of Extinction. Unlike the Fight Caves and Fight Kiln above, the Cauldron has no limit on the number of waves you face. The creatures here are stronger versions of some creatures you encounter within the Fight Kiln. There is a bank located just outside the entrance. Check out our Fight Cauldron guide for more information on this activity.


The following quests can be started within TzHaar City:

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