Zanaris is the Fairy Kingdom. It is here that animals can speak, and spontaneous events happen. There are no humans who live here, because they believe Zanaris is a myth. In order to enter this magical world you must do the quest, Lost City.

How To Get There

The first entrance you learn about is in shed in Lumbridge Swamp. With the Dramen staff equiped, enter the shed. After Fairy Tale Part II you will gain access to fairy rings, to use them have your Dramen Staff or Lunar staff equipped. After Fairy Tale III you will have the ability to use fairy rings without a staff equipped.



To get into the market area of Zanaris, you have to pay a Diamond. After Fairy Tale III, entrance to the market area is free. Inside this area is seven shops and two Yew trees. The weapon shop is one of the notable shops in this area because Dragon longswords and Dragon daggers are sold here.

Throne Room

In the Throne room you can find a slayer master named Chaeldar. To use Chaeldar as a slayer master you must have over 110 combat. You can also find the Fairy Queen and Fairy Godfather here as well.


The crop circle teleports you into Puro Puro. If you want to know more check out the Impetuous Impulses mini-game.

Just North-West of the wheat field is a yew tree, so you can train your woodcutting. There is also a furnace, but due to it being far away from the bank, it has little to offer besides glass-making.

Fairy Rings

The fairy rings are accessed by doing Fairy Tale Part II. Once you have access to the rings you may use them at any time as long as you have a Dramen staff or Lunar staff equipped. All fairy rings outside Zanaris lead to this one.

Otherworldly Beings

This cavern holds level 90 Otherworldly beings.

Cosmic Altar

At this altar you can craft Cosmic runes with 27 Runecrafting.

Tanglefoot Cave

During the Fairy Tale Part I you must enter the Tanglefoot Cave to kill a Tanglefoot with a pair of Magic secateurs. This cave is found near the Cosmic Altar.

Evil Chicken Lair

During the Recipe for Disaster quest, subquest for Sir Amik Varze, you will have to kill the Evil chicken. This opens up the Evil Chicken Lair for you to use at any time. To get into the Evil Chicken Lair, use a Raw chicken on the Evil Chicken Shrine. Inside the lair you will find Black Dragons and, if you go down the hole using a Rope, you will find a Baby black dragon.

East of the entrance is a mine with a variety of rocks including; Iron, Coal, Silver, Gold, and Mithril.

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