Carnillean Rising
Philipe - son of Sir Ceril - is somewhat of a brat. And by somewhat, Sir Ceril means quite a lot. Xenia doesn't want the job, so you'll have to do it. Teach Philipe the ways of being an adventurer in this create-your-own-quest quest.


Skill Requirements:
4 31 Constitution
18 33 Thieving
Quest Requirements:
Hazeel Cult
Blood Pact, The
Other Requirements:
50 Quest Points
Must be able to defend yourself against a level 140 wolf.
Items Needed: None

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Starting the Quest

To start this quest, you will need to speak to Xenia outside the mansion, which is located south-west of east Ardounge. She tells you that she tried training the boy, but the boy just doesn't have the effort to become an adventurer. So she asks you for your help.

Go inside and talk to Sir Ceril, tell him that Xenia has told you to help Philipe. He says all she does is move around in the cellar and then leaves. Sir Ceril also tells you that Philipe lacks an interest in adventure and a girl named Sarsaparilla.

Exploring the Cave

Now you are ready to prepare the quest Philipe. The quest will be built in a cave under the cellar. Talk to the Butler and he tells you that you both will go down to the cave to start preparing for the quest.
The Butler will point out various things that you can do to make this a thrilling quest, like;
  • Decorating the cave hole with a spider web.
  • A ledge to be used for a feat of agility.
  • A place where guards could patrol.
  • Goblins everywhere.
  • An arch where you can support a trap.
  • Monsters that live in this dungeon.
  • A spot for a guard to keep post.
  • A place for the damsel in distress.
After gathering ideas for building the quest it is time to make it.

Prepare the Quest

1) The first thing on the list is to make the web for him to crawl through. In the cellar there should be a spider on the ground, pick it up. Go up the ladder and the staircase when you reach the top, walk up it, and go to the Butlers bedroom.

When you enter the bedroom you should see some net curtains. Tear down the net curtains, and go back down to the cave entrance.

Right click on the web and hit 'build', and build the spider web. This will mark off the first part you have to do.

2) Now to make a 'death defying stunt.' You have 2 options for the stunt. You can either make a pool of water, or make a spike pit.

For the regular pool, go upstairs to the kitchen and get 7 buckets of water. Then come back down and make the stunt.

For the spikes, search the 'barrel of junk' right at the cave entrance, you will obtain 30 spikes. Go into the cave to search around and you will find Bone shards. Use them to create the spike pit.

3) Time to find guards that will patrol the area.

Go up the ladder and go back up the stairs. Search the wardrobe in the butler's bedroom and obtain a piece of armour and a sword. Go back down to the cave and go to where the goblins are. Speak to them, and say that you want them to patrol the cave, they will accept the offer.

4) Now make some traps around the cave.

Search the kitchen cupboards and find the twine. Go back into the cave and set up the trap at the arches.

5) Go into the kitchen and talk to the cook, ask him if he can be the drunken guard. He says he would drink Ceril's wine, and he accepts your offer. Go back into the cave, and go across the obstacles to help the cook to his spot.

6) Guardian dragons.

Go upstairs and into the Butler's room and get the 2 dragon heads that are hanging on the wall. Then go back down to the cave, cross all the traps, and go through a hole in the wall. Two wolves will be in there, they're chasing a mouse that is running around

Pick up the mouse, and carry it to where you need to put the 'dragons.' Build the dragon hotspot and put the dragon heads on the wolves.

7) 'Damsel in distresses.'

Go up the ladder and the stairs and find a girl named Sarsaparilla. Use the options to get her to tell you how she always loved acting. Then tell her that you have a drama part for her, as the 'Damsel in distress' and she will agree to help you. While she is following you, go back down to the cave, and lead her all the way to where the dragons are, then tie her up to the railings.

8) The Riches.
Go upstairs into the room where you got the curtains, and take the necklace from the table, then give it to the Damsel. You explain that it is a prop for when the boy rescues her, she can give it to him as a reward.

9) Decorate the cave.

Go upstairs and into Philipe's room and take the paint from the paint stand. Then go down to the kitchen and you have the option to get boards so you can make scary eyes instead of blood splatter with the paint.

You can go around the whole cave and mark decorations, or just put 1 decoration and continue with the quest.

Philipe's Quest

The following section requires you to defend from a Cave wolf matriarch some food is advised

After you fix up the cave, go back up the ladder to talk to Ceril. The butler would say that the preparations are complete, Ceril says get him when Philipe finishes the quest.

Now go to talk to Philipe and he says that he's not interested. You persuade him to try the quest and he accepts, but the first time you tell him what is going to happen in the quest, he reconsiders, saying he is not interested. Talk to him again, and he said that his father bought him sweets.
Pickpocket him, and then offer him a bag of sweets as a reward to complete the quest. He asks if you have the sweets, you say no.

10) You need to get Philipe; Sheers, a sword, a wine bottle, and a maid outfit. After you have gotten those items, go down to the cave with Philipe and his quest will start. You come to the first obstacle, the daring feat of agility. The boy doesn't seem to want to do it, but you promise him sweets and that gets him across.

11) The next obstacle will be the guards. Philipe wants to kill the guards, but you suggest sneaking past. He tries, but fails as the guards are looking right at say you will see what is wrong with the guards. Go to the male guards, speak to him, and wait when he says he is listening, this gives the Philipe enough time to run past the guards to the other side.

12) The third obstacle is to cut the tripwire. You approach and he asks what it is, you can choose either option and you hand him sheers to cut it with.

After accomplishing that he seems to enjoy the quest more. Once you get past the trip wire, the next obstacle will be to get past the guard. He wants to kill the guard, but you hand him the wine and the dress and send him up to the guard.

13) The last obstacle in the quest will be to slay the dragons

He works on killing them both, while he is killing the last one the ground and screen starts to shake and a level 225 wolf appears. Philipe wants you to distract the wolf while he fights. (some food maybe necessary for lower levels).

The wolf uses magic attacks, protect from magic will NOT work. Run around in circles and hide behind rocks until Philipe has slain the wolf.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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