The Wilderness is one of the most dangerous locations. You can be attacked by other players in this area, and if you die you it is likely that you will lose all your items. It is cautioned to never bring anything into the Wild that you are not already willing to lose. This area is open to all players.

The map of the wilderness.

Getting there

There are a few ways to cross into the Wilderness. There is a wall that you can climb over north of Edgville and Varrock. You can also teleport into the Wild with spells from the Ancient and Lunar spellbooks. Lastly are two levers located in Edgville and Ardougne that will teleport deep into the Wilderness.

Teleport Restrictions

In the Wilderness there are restrictions placed on when, where, and how you may teleport.

An image of the teleport obelisk.

  • Up to level 30 - Enchanted dragonstone jewellery and the Pharaoh's sceptre.
  • Up to level 20 - Any other form of teleportation.

There are exceptions to these rules. One of them is the Ring of life, it will teleport you out of the Wilderness if activated. Any form of teleportation found in the Wilderness is acceptable to use at any level, these include levers and Wilderness teleporters.

Warning: This is a player verse player area, other players may cast Teleportation Block on you making it so you can't use any form of teleportation.


Like the teleport restrictions, items in the Wilderness have rules. This provides fair fights between players and good rewards to the winners.

  • You will not be able to use or equip any items borrowed.
  • The extreme potions effects are the same as super potions.
  • Non-tradeable Items will be converted into coins
  • Items that can be traded normally but are degraded will be a fully degraded drop

Wilderness Combat

The Wilderness becomes more dangerous the deeper you go. The level number is used in determining who can attack who. There is a way in checking who you may attack. You may be able to attack players whose combat levels are displayed in the colours green, yellow, and red. You will be unable to attack players whose combat level is displayed in white.The further north you go increases the range of levels that you can attack and who can attack you.

Player Vs. Player

After the Evolution of Combat all items are now dropped upon death in the wilderness. You are however, permitted to keep one item if you have unlocked the protect item prayer providing you aren't on a high risk PvP world.

Wildstalker Helmet

If you enjoy player verse player combat then you may want to look into getting a Wildstalker helmet. They are free and Mr. Ex in Edgeville will give you on. This helmet will keep track of all kills you make in the Wilderness. You do not need to have it equipped or with you while you are killing for it to recognize your kills. Your Wildstalker helmet will change its appearance to reflect your kills.

Helmet Tier Kills Needed Helmet Tier Kills Needed
1 0-9 2 10-99
3 100-499 4 500-1,999
5 2,000-4,999 6 5,000


  • Agility Training Area
  • Air Obelisk
  • Bloodwood Trees
  • Chaos Altar
  • Chaos Temple
  • Chaos Tunnels
  • Daemonhiem
  • Forinthry Dungeon
  • Lava Maze
  • Mage Arena
  • Rogue's Castle
  • Wilderness Volccano
  • Spirit Realm

Agility Training Area

The Agility Course is located deep in the Wilderness. To enter you must cross a ridge which requires level 52 Agility to attempt. Parts of this course can be failed, causing you to lose lifepoints.

Obstacle Experience


Rope swing

Stepping stones

Balance log

Total Experience 572

Air Obelisk

The Air Obelisk can be accessed by going through the Edgville Dungeon and entering in to the Wilderness from there. From that entrance run North-West and climb the ladder North of Black Demons.

Bloodwood Trees

Bloodwood Trees grow in places of violence and death. They do not grow back fast and are located in different areas of the Wilderness. The wood of these trees has dark magic in them, which is why they're used in Fletching Bakriminel bolts.

Chaos Temple

The Chaos Temple is in level 13 of the Wilderness. This area plays a role in the quests Defender of Varrock and Curse of Arrav. Under this temple is a dungeon full of Armoured Zombies, which is a great training location. While inside the dungeon you do not have to worry about being attacked by other player. You gain access to the dungeon under the temple by doing the quest Defender of Varrock.

Chaos Tunnels

There are multiple entrances into the Chaos Tunnels; these tunnels though located in the Wilderness are not player-verse-player areas. The Chaos Tunnels are caves are in a multi-combat zone and house a wide variety of monsters. A perfect place for some slayer tasks.

Forinthry Dungeon

There are two entrances to Forinthry Dungeon. The first is located near the south-western steps of the Wilderness Volcano. The second entrance can be found east of the Forgotten Cemetery. The Forinthry Dungeon is known for the revenants that are in it. These revenants drop valuable loot like statuettes, corrupt dragon armour and armour belonging to Statius, Morrigan, Vesta and Zuriel. Other monsters can also be found in this dungeon as well.

Mage Arena

Deep in the Wilderness there is a small building with spiderwebs that block your way. Cut them and then pull the lever inside. Doing this will teleport you into a safe area with a bank and a rune shop. To start your battle in the Mage Arena speak to Kolodion.

To survive this mini-game you must have 60 Magic and be able to fight with magic only. It is suggested that you have 37 Prayer to protect yourself from magic attacks.

After you have beaten Kolodion in his five forms you can get your rewards. The first is a God cape that you get by praying to a statue of your choice. Go back into the safe room and speak to the rune shop owner, he will give you a staff of the god you prayed to. To unlock and use the god spells outside of the arena, you will need to cast them 100 times inside the arena.

Spirit Realm

The Spirit Realm is on another plane and can be accessed if you have done the quest Spirit of Summer. after the quest you will be able to use Jennica's ring to enter the Spirit Realm whenever you wish. There are five spots where you can do this and earn experience.

  • Castle Ruins (47 Wilderness)
  • Rogue's Castle
  • Chaos Temple
  • Dark Warriors' Fortress
  • North of the Graveyard of Shadows


If you want to do the quests Spirit of Summer, Summer's End, Defender of Varrock, and Curse of Arrav you will not have to worry about being attacked by others in the Wild. Each of these quests start outside of the Wild and will lead you into the Wilderness, while doing these quests in the Wild you will not be able to be attacked by others.

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