H.A.M. Hideout


The H.A.M. Hideout is the operating base of the "Humans Against Monsters" cult located in Southern Misthlan. The entrance is located just a bit southwest of Draynor and East of the Lumbridge General Store. The trapdoor to enter the Hideout can be found just east of lumbridge, across the northern bridge, to the south of the entrance is a large number of level 4 goblins. To get into the base pick the lock of the old mine entrance. After a few tries the entrance will be open and you will be able to climb down into the hideout. It can be done by hand, or using a lockpick will help speed it up.


Inside the Hideout

Once inside the dark cavern, you're greeted (not literally) by some H.A.M. Guards. Move a bit farther in and you'll enter the main chamber which is where all the H.A.M. Male and Female Members will be. There will be a Deacon on the stage congregating about his hate for monsters. Dozens will be up and walking around, and a few will be sitting in the chairs listening to the never ending speech. By going South-West a bit, you may just run into this handsome fellow here...

Johanhus Ulsbrecht

The founder and leader of the H.A.M. Cult. He can be spotted by his robes being slightly darker than the rest of the members as well as the Deacon. He's in most of the Dorgeshuun Quests, and plays a part in the One Small Favour Quest as well.


If the player keeps walking down that same tunnel, they'll run into Jimmy the Chisel locked up in a cell. He as well plays a part in the One Small Favour Quest. He's not much for conversation and does nothing for you if you end up in the cell with him from getting punched too much while trying to pickpocket H.A.M. Members.

At some point after completing The Lost Tribe Quest, the player may notice Sigmund wearing full H.A.M. but has what appears to be a leather body over the shirt, most likely because he is a very high ranked member (most likely just below Johan and the Deacon). However, he does nothing but say, "You'll rue this day *player name*!"

Notable Features

The H.A.M. Hideout is a common place to for players with low level thieving to train by attempting to pickpocket the Male and Female members, it's also popular for players to get clue scrolls from attempting to pickpocket the members. If caught and punched too many times, you may just find yourself in the jail cell with Jimmy the Chisel, or if caught the the same person too many times; thrown out of the Hideout entirely. Don't worry though, just pick the lock and start rifling through some more pockets.

Three H.A.M. Members sitting around a fire.

For anybody that may or may not be working on Death to the Dorgeshuun might stuble across a hidden trapdoor which Zanik will spot and the player will be confused on how. There's no use for it unless the Quest has been completed or being completed. All the player will find inside is four locked rooms which the patrolling guards carry the keys for the chests inside. It's suggested to wear full H.A.M. (hood, shirt, robe, cloak, gloves, boots, and logo) to avoid getting in trouble when caught trying to pickpocket them.

The hidden trapdoor
Room within the hidden trapdoor which holds nothing but patrolling guards and four rooms with chests to go along with them.

The remainder of the caves are just rooms with bunks, beds, and storage crates holding nothing of interest unless one is doing The Lost Tribe Quest in which case silverware and plates can be found in one of the crates near the entrance/exit area that were stolen by Sigmund to frame and wash Gielinor of the Dorgeshuun Cave Goblins, literally.

A rather bare corner with a few beds and members around a fire.
More sleeping quarters with the common H.A.M. Guards and members wondering about.


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