Botany Bay


Botany Bay is the an area far off the coast of RuneScape where players are given the ability to pass judgement onto accounts that have been discovered by the BotWatch system to be using a bot/macro. There are no requirements to access the Botany Bay, although if you have been found guilty of a macroing offence in the past, you will not be able to access the area.


Botany Bay is a fairly small island located North-East on the surface of Gielinor map. Despite the island being small, you only have access to the North or South trial-stands and the rest of the island is inaccessible. The island is only accessible through speaking to any of the Trial Announcers who will teleport you straight to the island. The Trial Announcers can be found in several locations and there is no limit to how many times you can use each invididual for teleportation:

  • Ardougne marketplace
  • Ardougne Zoo
  • Edgeville
  • Falador East bank
  • Grand Exchange
  • Varrock East bank
Island Map Trial Announcer

Bot Trials

Upon arrival at Botany Bay, you will find a large pit in the center of the area where bot users are raised up to receive their punishment. There are two observation areas located on either side of the pit, complete with barrels of rotten tomatoes that you can freely take and throw at the bot users.

When a bot user shows up for a trial, the Botfinder General will read the crimes of the bot user out to the public. During this time players may freely pelt the bot user with tomatoes. Once the Botfinder General has completed reading the bot-user's crimes, you'll be given a vote of how they should meet their end:

Death by Crushing Death by Swallowing Death by Deity


Players can claim a set of pitchforks accompanied by several emotes by speaking to the Trial Announcer. If lost or destroyed, the pitchfork(s) can be reclaimed by speaking to any Trial Announcer.


Pitchfork of vigilantism
Angry shake emote
Furious shake emote
Burning shake of justice emote

Pitchfork of justice

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