Gnome Restaurant


Aluft Gianne senior has expanded his gnome food business, and now provides a delivery service. With your skills in cooking and speed you will be able to make and deliver gnomish foods to anywhere in Runescape.

This activity is a safe one, meaning you will not lose any items while participating. However, some of the hard orders require you to enter harsh environments or encounter dangerous monsters.

To Start

Speak to Aluft Gianne Jr. in the north-west corner of the second floor in the Grand Tree to start.


To complete the training you will need level 29 Cooking. However, it is recomended that you have 42 Cooking so that you can make everything on the menu.

Recommended Items

  • Gianne's gnome cookbook- Helps with learning gnome cuisine.
  • Coctail cookbook- helps with learning gnome drinks.
  • Coins- Paying fares for boats and entrance fees while delivering around the world

You should also have a supply of items needed to complete these orders;Tins, dough, spices and ingredients. Hudo and Heckle Funch have shops here with all the cooking supplies that you will need.

Teleporting supplies are highly recommended. Runes, teleport tabs, and jewelry will help with your speedy delivery.


You will need to have recommendations from both Gianne senior and Blurberry before you can be trusted enough to hire. It doesn't matter in what order you complete the training, but they both need to be done.

Training part I

Gianne senior will give you a copy of the cookbook and the ingredients you will need for his part of the training. If you burn what he gives you, you may buy supplies from Hudo's foodshop.

Gianne will ask you to make him:

  • Toad crunchies
  • Cheese and tomato batta
  • Chocchip crunchies
  • Toad batta

After you finish cooking these, give them to Gianne so he can taste test them.

Training part II

Blurberry will lead the cocktail training. Blurberry will give you a copy of the cocktail guide for you to use. He will give you all the supplies you need, but if you get it wrong you will have to buy more from Heckel Funch.

Blurberry will ask you make him:

  • Short green guy
  • Wizard blizzard
  • Pineapple punch
  • Fruit blast

After you get done making these give them to Blurberry to taste test.


Speak to Gianne jr and he will teach you how the cooking and delivery service works. You will find out that Gianne jr receives a lot of orders to fill, some are easy and others are hard ones.

Easy - Easy orders are from customers in the Gnome Stronghold only. You are given 5-6 minutes to complete an easy order.

Hard - Hard orders will come from customers from all over the world. You are given 10 minutes to complete a hard order.

When you have an order a delivery basket will be in your inventory. If you click on this, it will show you your current customer, order and time remaining. The time remaining will also be displayed in the chat window every minute. If needed you can ask for a hint of the customer's location can be requested.

Turning down orders will result in a penalty. The penalty for easy orders is 1-2 minutes, for hard tasks it is 5 minutes. If you log out during an order the time still goes.


Easy Orders

Name Location Map
Burkor South-east of the Gnomeball field
Brimstail Cave in the south-western part of stronghold
Captain Errdo Top floor of the Grand Tree
Coach Gnomeball field
Dalilah Gianne's Restruant
Damwin House east of the Gnomeball field
Eebel House just east of Brimstil's cave
Ermin The house south of the agility course
Femi Front gate of stronghold
Froono South-west of the bank
Gulluck Sword shop owner, second floor of the Grand Tree
Heckel Funch Owns the shop by Blurberry's bar
King Narode Shareen Ground floor of the Grand Tree
Meegle Terrorbird pen
Perrdur Gianne's Restaurant
Rometti Gnome clothes shop, Second floor of the Grand Tree
Sarble Swamp
Trainer Nacklepen Giant tortise pen
Wurbel The house south-west of the Gnomeball field

Hard Orders

Name Location Map
Ambassador Ferrnoock Varrock Castle, second floor
Ambassador Gimblewap Ardougne Castle, second floor
Ambassador Spanfipple Falador White Knight Castle, second floor.
Brambickle Top of Trollweis Mountain
Captain Bleemadge Top of White Wolf Mountain
Captain Daerkin Spectator area at the Duel Arena
Captain Dalbur Al Kharid Gnome glider
Captain Klemfoodle Karamja, Gnome glider
Captain Ninto Under White Wolf Mountain
Garkor Ape Atoll near Awowogei
Gnormadium Avlafrim Feldip Hills, Gnome glider
G.L.O Caranock Inside the Shipyard on Karamja
Hazelmere East of Yanille
King Bolren Middle of the Tree Gnome Village
Lieutenant Schepbur Khazard Battlefield
Penwie Karamja, west of Gnome glider
Professor Imblewyn Yanille, in the Wizards' Guild
Professor Manglethorp West Keldagrim, near the anvil
Professor Onglewip Wizards tower
Wingstone Nardah, west of the town



Easy orders will earn you 1 credit, a coin based tip, and Cooking experience.

Credits are received when completing orders. When you collect 12 you may get one item on the Reward token. You may only have one of these tokens at any time. When you activate it you will have gnomish food delivered to you.


Hard orders will earn you 3 credits, an item based tip, and Cooking experience.

Common reward items are Gnome balls, Uncut gems (noted), clean herbs, and half keys. There are also rare and unique rewards.

Item Effect

Mint cake
Restores all of your run energy

Gnome Goggles *

Gnome Scarf *

Grand seed pod
Teleports you to the Grand tree via Gnome Glider or roots depending on how you use it.

* These cosmetic items can only be received from Captain Daerkin and Captin Ninto.

Guide Made by: Icedlala
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