What's Mine is Yours
Dwarven master smith Doric has fallen on hard times, and he needs your help to rekindle his client list and keep bankruptcy at bay. You'll travel the length and breadth of Asgarnia, getting to the bottom of an unscrupulous plot to undermine Doric's business, showing off your smithing chops as well as your sword arm.


Skill Requirements:
14 5 Smithing
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat 4 Level 2 Living Rock Brawlers.
Items Needed: Bronze pickaxe, Bronze warhammer, Hammer

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Speaking to Doric

Speak to Doric, who is located at his home to the north of Falador. Select the "Don't worry, I'll help you" option to accept the quest.

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After accepting the quest, Doric will send you on a mission to collect some high quality ore. He will give you a map of the mine locations from where you need to collect the ore.

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Dwarven Mines

Head east of Doric's house to the Dwarven Mines and climb down the ladder. Once underground, head just a bit south and mine some ore just to the east of the entrance to the Living Rock Caverns. After mining the ore, a living rock creature (level 2) will appear and attack you. Kill it and it will drop the high quality ore Doric wants.

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Varrock Lodestone

Head to the Varrock lodestone located near the south entrance to the city and head to the east. Like down in the Dwarven Mine, when you mine an ore, you'll get attacked by a living rock creature (level 2). Kill it and you will once again receive some high quality ore. You'll also be given a Wizard's diary.

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Return to the Varrock lodestone and this time head to the west to the second Varrock mine. As before, you'll be attacked by a living rock creature (level 2) once you mine some ore and killing it will earn you some high quality ore. You'll also find a broken anvil amulet.

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Make your way to the Rimmington Mine directly south of Falador. Using the Rimmington house portal or the Port Sarim lodestone could speed up getting to this location. A cutscene will play involving Dark Wizard Elijah and a concealed dwarf. After the cutscene is finished, mine the ore that Elijah cast the spell on. As before, you'll be attacked by a living rock creature (level 2). Upon its death, grab the high quality ore it drops and return to Doric's house north of Falador.

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After talking to Doric, withdraw the high quality ore you just collected from the Ore bag. Click "Smelt" on the furnace in the south of Doric's house to make two high quality bronze bars. Use these bars on the anvil in the eastern portion of his house to create a High quality bronze dagger and a High quality bronze sword. After making the items, talk to Doric again. He will then send you to the Artisan's Workshop in Falador.

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Artisan's Workshop

Head to the Artisan's Workshop in the south eastern portion of Falador and speak to Aksel. Say that Doric sent you here with these weapons for them to 'finish' them. He will ask you for a favor while one of his master smiths applies the finishing touches to the weapons. He will ask for a progress report from Sten in the workshop basement.

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Climb down the stairs in the far eastern portion of the workshop and speak to Sten, telling him that Aksel wants a progress report. He will tell you he needs support to stop weekly cave-in's. Return to Aksel with this in formation and he will give you the Finished bronze dagger and Finished bronze sword.

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Falador Castle

Head to the Falador Castle and enter the western room with Squire Cerlyn. Talk to him to discover that one of Doric's workers is already in a meeting with Sir Amik. A cutscene will begin where you find the concealed dwarf in a meeting with Sir Amik. You find that this dwarf is actually Boric and is the one behind stealing Doric's business. You'll be taken back to Doric's house with Boric afterwards.

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Family Conflict

Doric and Boric will begin to get into a family conflict and you have to guide the conversation to encourage them to solve it. To help, try to choose the options to have Boric explain why he didn't want to be sent to Keldagrim in the first place and have Doric explain that he was only trying to do what was best for his son.

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After resolving the conflict, talk to Boric who thanks you for helping resolve the conflict. Talk to Doric afterwards who will invite you to become a business partner with the reinvented business "Doric & Son". Accept and you'll be given two tasks to complete. Boric will offer to give you bars, so accept them.

Climb down the stairs in the north portion of Doric's house. Right at the base of the stairs, you will see some rocks to mine, which are blocking the path to the western portion of the area. Clear these out of the way. If you gathered the bars from Boric in the previous step, you can use the anvils in the western part of the area to create the Ornamental platebody, Ornamental chainbody and Shop sign while you're here. Head back upstairs after completing the items and talk to Doric. A ribbon cutting ceremony cutscene will play afterwards.

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Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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