Big Chinchompa

Getting there

The entrance to the game can be found next to Nyriki, a gnome. He can be located by using "Nyriki's portal" which is found upstairs in the south-east of the Tree Gnome Stronghold and only be used three times a day. Follow the map above, go upstairs, and "Check Nyriki's portal", which is an orange portal (the rest are green). It will give you the amount of time until Nyriki arrives in a certain hunter location, of which can be anywhere in Gielinor (except quest hunter areas).

Once you have found the location Nyriki is in, look for the hole in the ground ("Chinchompa cave") and enter it - he should be standing in front of it. This will take you to an instance world (ie: a world that all players who doing a certain activity are sent to, such as Bounty Hunter).


Once you enter the cave the game will start immediately. You have up to 20 minutes to play the game in which you must capture different moths (which can only be caught depending on your hunter level) and feed them to the Big Chinchompa. This causes the Big Chinchompa to become sleepy. If it reaches 100% "sleepyness", then the game ends early.

Once you've entered the arena you will be given a moth jar. This is a compulsory item for the event.

You need to catch as many plutional moths as you can, however can only hold 15 in the jar at the one time. Moths can be found in shaking trees, or just flying around the arena. For your best chance to catch moths quickly, run around the arena in one direction catching all the moths you know you have the level to. Collecting a protea flower (which can be found in any corner of the arena or bought from Nyriki) will aid in the attraction of the highest level moth you can catch to your character.

Moth colour Level Points Experience
Red 1 1 15
Orange 13 2 50
Yellow 26 5 150
Green 39 8 250
Blue 52 12 300
Purple 65 15 320
Grey 78 18 400
Black 91 21 450

Once your 20 minutes is up, the game will end and you will be awarded Competence points.


Competence points can be used at Nyriki's shop to buy 8 different rewards Use the calculator below to find how much experience you can get for each point.

Competence Points Experience


Rewards include tickets to private hunter areas, swamp toads, flax, swamp tar, protea flowers (also gained for free in the arena) and 5 hunter experience per competence points. Each reward costs a different number of points, all of which are easily achievable.

Private Hunter Areas

Private hunter area tickets can be purchased from Nyriki's shop. These give the player access to a range of different hunting areas. They include swamp lizards, grenwalls, polar kebbits, pawyas and carnivorous chinchompas and can be accessed through the green portals in Nyriki's house in the Tree Gnome Stronghold outlined above. In order to hunt in the private hunter area, you must bring the appropriate ticket. You will only be allowed to catch the same number of species as per ticket you have in your inventory.

Additional Notes

  • Gaining a score of 1,111 in one game is a Completionist cape requirement.
  • The maximum number of points achievable each game is 1,500
  • You can obtain strange rocks and spin tickets from this Distraction and Diversion.
  • You can only play this D&D twice per day.
  • The Big Chinchompa starts every 30 minutes past each hour.

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