Stolen Hearts
Ozan is concerned for a friend and requests assistance in finding out exactly what trouble he friend is in. But there's more going on than just an old friend being in way above his means, and both you and Ozan must get to the bottom of it.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Starting the Quest

To begin the quest, talk to Ozan in Draynor Village. Ozan explains he has heard of your miraculous successes as an adventurer throughout Gielinor. He explains that he grew up in the city of Al Kharid, but was banished later on in his life when he was caught thieving from merchants there. He believes his old friend, Khnum, from Al Kharid, is caught up in something which he cannot handle alone - Ozan requires your help to investigate and rescue his friend.

Ozan suggests that because Khnum is allegedly a part of a gang, you should gain entrance to that gang by pretending to be interested. Enter the trapdoor in the nearby building; you will be stopped by a bouncer. Threaten him and he will let you pass. Congratulations - you've gained access to the The Skulls base.

Talk to Khnum about becoming a member of the gang. He will ask you a series of questions which do not require certain answers; any answers given will allow you entrance to the gang, however whichever answers you pick will result which title you awarded (by default) at the end of the quest. This an be changed so do not worry if you are given a title you do not like.

When you are accepted to the gang, ask Khnum about the gang. He tells you that you need to meet up with him at their headquarters where they will be performing some sort of kidnapping. As a new acceptee to the gang, Khnum decides to test you and says you will need to find your own way to the headquarters with no help. Fortunately Khnum isn't that smart and he will lead you right there.

Go back to Ozan and tell him what you have learnt. He will suggest that he follows you (who is following Khnum) to the secret headquarters. After the conversation with Ozan, a cutscene will play and Khnum will leave his house and journey to The Skull's headquarters stead. Make sure you keep your distance from Khnum. If you get too close he will spot you! Also make sure that Ozan does not get trapped - he will go back to his house if he loses sight of you.

After following Khnum a short way, you will end up at Draynor Village jail. Enter the jail and speak to him. Ozan will reveal himself and Khnum will realise you have been working with Ozan this whole time. He will explain that when Ozan was banished from the city, he too was punished as officials believed he aided in Ozan's mischief.

Leela, a spy of Al Kharid, suddenly appears at the jail. She readies her crossbow at you and Ozan, believing you are actually part of The Skulls gang. You calmly explain the situation to her, and she believes you and lowers her crossbow.

Finding Prince Ali

You will learn, after talking to Khnum again, that Prince Ali of Al Kharid was taken while walking through Lumbridge. Interrogate Khnum, using the chat option that threatens to keep him locked up. Ozan steps in and, with his knowledge of Khnum's personality, persuades him to give up the kidnapping plan he mentioned to you earlier in the quest, after you were accepted into The Skulls.

Khnum explains a bit more about the situation. Head to the tower extending to the Wizard's Tower. South of it you will find Lady Keli and will be put into a cutscene where you see that Lady Keli has the captured Prince Ali!

Defeating Enemies

Lady Keli demands you and your gang leave at once - after refusing she demands her mercenaries attack you and a battle ensues.

Defeat the enemies and pick up the ransom note they drop. By now Ladi Keli has escaped with Prince Ali.

Leela, furious, demands that the Prince be found and returned safely. She asks you to visit her father (Spymaster Osman) in Al Kharid. She gives you a safeword that you will use as evidence you are trusted. Make your way to Al Kharid.

Getting Into Al Kharid

Once you are in Al Kharid, make your way to the palace and try to enter through the front door. You will be stopped by the Palace Guard and refused entry. It appears that entry is only for "worthy citizens". Who's to say that, as the crafty citizen Ozan is, he can't find you another entrance?

Ozan suggests getting in via the rooftops. Make your way to the crafting store.

  • Climb up the stairs in the Crafting Store
  • Walk across the plan to the next building
  • Slide down the awning of that building
  • Climb the ladder you find yourself near
  • Cross more planks, and go up another ladder
  • Slide down the scaffolding
  • Climb down the rug
  • Shimmy across the wooden frame
  • Jump across to the next building
  • Slide along the awning
  • Climb up the nearby bricks
  • Find the "leave it to Ozan" part that will lead you to the other building
  • Ozan will fire his crossbow and you will be able to monkey across

Finally, attempt to climb the brickwork on the building you climbed across to. This will trigger a cutscene where you see Osman negotiating with other Al Kharid officials about who will be put on the throne if the now sick Emir dies. He states that they will find Prince Ali and only he will be the next to sit on the throne.

Ozan reminds you that your main goal is to find Prince Ali. He suggests stealing the esteemed Kharid-ib diamond which was mentioned in the meeting with Osman and Emir.

Climb the brickwork again (and this time you'll succeed in doing so). You'll be on a roof with skylights. The one of the end will be open - a prime opportunity for you to break in. And how convenient, that's where the Kharid-ib is located!

Once inside the building, open either of the chests in either of the corners. You will obtain a History of the Kharid-ib. Reading this will give you some insight into the puzzle which you will have to solve before obtaining the Kharid-ib.

Solving the Puzzle

Once you've read the scroll and are ready to try and get the Kharid-ib, go to the statue in the middle of the room and begin. There will be 9 weights on the statue - 8 of equal weight, and 1 of greater weight. You need to find and retrieve the heavier weight if you are to succeed. Note that you only get 2 tries.

Solving the puzzle:

  • Choose 3 weights and put them on one side of the scales. Note which 3 you picked.
  • Choose another 3 random weights and put them on the other side of the scales. Again, note which 3 you picked.
    • If one side is heavier, you know which side the heavier weight is on. Because you noted the 3 weights, choose those again and put them on one side.
    • If both weight the same, then you know that the heavier weight is one of the 3 that you didn't pick.
  • Now you know which of the 3 sets of 3 weights has the heavy one in it.
  • Choose that set and put one on one side of the scales, and another on the other side of the scales. You will have one left over.
    • If one side weighs more than the other, then you know which is heavier. If both weigh the same, then you know that you 1 you left off is the heavier.
  • Drag the heavy weight you found to the bag on the interface.

Once the item is stolen, Al Kharid guards are immediately notified and they are on your case instantly, triggering a cutscene where Osman finds you. After arguing with him for a while, you give him the safeword that his daughter Leela told you earlier. After hearing this he orders the Al Kharid guards to stand down.

You give Osman the diamond and he escorts you to the still dying Emir. After arguing, Emir dies and Ozan is granted his acceptance into Al Kharid back, along with his citizenship.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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