Champion's Challenge


The Champion's Challenge is a set of 13 different combat challenges that players can attempt in the dungeon of the Champion's Guild (which requires 33 Quest Points to enter). Before gaining access to the combat aspect of the challenges, players must first obtain challenge scrolls which are dropped by different respective monsters. Each different champion imposes a set of rules upon the challenge which must be adhered to if the player wishes to win their challenge.

Defeating all 13 of the normal champions is a requirement to trim the Completionist's cape. This is a dangerous D&D - you will lose your items if you die.

Challenge Scrolls

Challenge scrolls are dropped by different monsters, respective to whichever clue scroll you are trying to obtain. For example, only goblins will drop a goblin challenge scroll. These are extremely rare drops, so it make take quite a while to obtain the scrolls.

Challenge scroll race champion Dropped by
Imp Imps
Goblin Goblins, skoblins
Skeleton Skeletons, skoblins
Zombie Zombies, Armoured zombies
Hobgoblin Hobgoblins
Giant Hill giants
Banshee Banshees, Mighty banshees
Ghoul Ghouls
Earth warrior Earth warriors
Aberrant spectre Aberrant spectres
Jogre Jogres
Mummy Mummies
Lesser demon Lesser demons


Before being able to complete challenges earnt from killing monsters, players can first challenge the Leprechaun, which gives players a basic run-down about what proper challenges will be like. The Leprechaun challenge does not count as part of the 13 champions which must be defeat in order to trim the Completionist cape.

The Leprechaun Preliminary Challenge
Champion Combat level Lifepoints Handicaps Reward Additional notes
Leprechaun 32 500 No items 200 Slayer exp
200 Constitution exp
This is a preliminary challenge that is not part of the 13

Below is the list of champions, their levels and handicaps which you will need to know before you fight the champion. Handicaps are specific to each individual champion, and you must abide by them if you wish to kill the champion. If you, for whatever reason, need to leave, you can exit from the player door in the arena, and then by climbing up the ladder. If a player dies, their grave will appear in the ground level of the Champion's Guild, next to the trapdoor; they can pick up their challenge scroll from under their grave.

The Champions
Champion Combat level Lifepoints Handicaps Reward
Imp 14 400 No special attacks 160 Slayer exp
160 Constitution exp
Goblin 24 320 Magic only 128 Slayer exp
128 Constitution exp
Skeleton 40 580 Ranged only 240 Slayer exp
240 Constitution exp
Zombie 51 600 No magic 240 Slayer exp
240 Constitution
Hobgoblin 56 580 No melee 232 Slayer exp
232 Constitution exp
Giant 56 700 Only melee 280 Slayer exp
280 Constitution exp
Banshee 73 700 No prayer
No melee
1050 Slayer exp
1050 Constitution exp
Ghoul 85 1000 Equipped weapons only 400 Slayer exp
400 Constitution exp
Earth warrior 102 1080 No prayer 432 Slayer exp
432 Constitution exp
Aberrant spectre 102 1000 2-handed weapons only 6000 Slayer exp
6000 Constitution exp
Jogre 107 1200 No ranged 480 Slayer exp
480 Constitution exp
Mummy 120/126 1100 No shield 473 Slayer exp
473 Constitution exp
Lesser demon 162 1480 No armour/weapons
Inventory items only
592 Slayer exp
592 Constitution exp

The Champions of Champions are select champions from races considered superior, or extremely old. There are 6 Champions of Champions; a werewolf champion, an elf champion, a dwarf champion, a TzHaar champion, a human champion and a gnome champion. Currently only the human and gnome champions can be fought, however not with the initiation of a champions scroll. This is outlined below.

The Champions of Champions
Champion Combat level Lifepoints Handicaps Reward Additional notes
Leon d'Cour 141 1203 No inventory usage 492 Slayer exp
492 Constitution exp
Leon is a human and is not able to be challenged via a challenge scroll, as he does not have one. After winning 10 challenges, Leon will challenge the player.
Glophren 100 880 Only magic
No shields
520 Slayer exp
520 Constitution exp
Glophren is a gnome and is not able to be challenged via a challenge scroll, as he does not have one. After winning all 13 challenges, and defeating Leon d'Cour, Glophren will challenge the player.


In addition to the experience rewards players gain from defeating a champion, they will also receive a set of calling beads if they talk to Larxus after defeating at least 1 champion (not including the Leprechaun, although he has to be defeated as well). Calling beads are used to summon an imp banner carrier, which acts as a follower, trailing after the player as they move.

As more champions are defeated, the more options you will be able to choose from. The "number of champions defeated" option represents the number in Roman numerals:

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI
  7. VII
  8. VIII
  9. IX
  10. X
  11. XI
  12. XII
  13. XIII

Calling beads can be reobtained from Larxus if lost.


There are 2 music tracks that can be unlocked from participating in the Champion's Challenge.

Track name Obtained from
Title Fight Entering the basement under the Champion's Guild
Victory is Mine Defeating at least one champion in the arena

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