Phoenix Lair


The phoenix is an ancient, near-immortal creature capable of endlessly renewing itself under the correct conditions. The lone phoenix known to still exist is determined to live a very long life, and asks whichever adventurer has saved it to return regularly for battle, so that it may repeat its death and rebirth cycle.


Completion of In Pyre Need is needed to gain access to the Phoenix Lair. You also must have a Slayer level of 51.The Phoenix Lair can only be completed once a day. If you should die while in the lair you will not be able to get your items back, so be aware It is a highly dangerous area to die in.


The cave is just south of Piscatoris and directly west of the fairy ring.

Gearing Up

It is suggested to take your best melee gear although you can take gear to suit any combat style you'll just need to change your protection prayers appropriately. For a ranged set up you'll need to pray melee and tank the mage hits, and for a mage set up you need to pray range and tank the melee hits, and for a melee set up you pray mage and tank ranged hits.

The Lair

There are a series of caverns leading up to the where the phoenix is. Each cavern on the way has a unique tree that you must collect twigs from.

Every day there will be the same caverns, just in a different order. The caverns are a multicombat area full of reborn gaurdians. There is two types of reborn for melee, magic and ranged. Greater Reborns and Lesser Reborns. They can melt and teleport to you and block areas making it impossible to run through them, so be prepared to fight them off.

Once you have collected each twig you will go into the final room. Here you will fletch each twig into a ribbon, after you will use these on the pyre. After building the pyre nest the phoenix will arrive to battle you.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is level 235 combat and has 2550 lifepoints. The phoenix attacks with magic, so you must be able to defend yourself from those attacks otherwise you will be hit up to 290 in damage.

nce the battle is complete the phoenix will climb onto the funeral pyre and await you to set fire with your tinderbox.


Upon igniting the phoenix's pyre, you will gain experience in the skills that you used in the lair;

  • 1,000 Crafting
  • 7,500 Firemaking
  • 3,000 Fletching
  • 500 Slayer

The first time you complete the Phoenix Lair, however, you will be rewarded with 5000 Slayer instead of 500. After if you speak to the reborn phoenix you will receive five phoenix quills. These can be used to create phoenix Summoning pouches.

Phoenix Eggling

As you leave the lair, there is a very slim chance you will find a phoenix egg, it can be hatched either by clapping at or kicking the egg. If you clap you will have a cute eggling or if you should kick it an evil eggling will hatch. It is possible to have both types of phoenix eggling.

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