Asgarnia Ice Dungeon


The Asgarnia Ice Dungeon is a rather large dungeon found on the Southern peninsula of Asgarnia which is open to all players free and members. The dungeon plays a big part in The Knight's Sword quest and is home to the famous Blurite Ore used in the quest. The dungeon is still used actively today as it plays home to one of the highest level resource dungeons containing Frost Dragons which high level players kill for money.

Getting There

The quickest way to get to the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon is to use the lodestone network to teleport to Port Sarim and then run south and up the mountain to the trap door entrance. If you are somewhere that has a port such as Karajama or Catherby etc then you always have the option to travel by boat to Port Sarim before running south. Another method which can be used but normally isn't is the fairy ring network. There is a fairy ring location on Mudskipper point which players can teleport to and then run north and up the mountain to the trap door entrance.

Dungeon Map

Muggers Pirates Hobgoblins Ice Warriors and Giants Wyvrens
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After climbing down the ladder the first area you will come to has a few Muggers which are level 22. These are non-aggressive as long as you don't attack them first. These can be good to train on for new players to the game or those with low combat stats.


Moving further into the dungeon you will come across a group of Pirates in an opening with lots of crates. The Pirates are level 46 and are also non-aggressive until you attack them first. Several spawns of gold coins appear on the floor in this area and can be picked up. Leading on from this room are two paths, both will lead to the same place.


Down both of the tunnels from the Pirates are you can find a group of Hobgoblins patrolling the paths. The Hobgoblins are level 40 and are non-aggressive like the other monsters unless you attack them first. Hobgoblins have always been a good training method for free-to-play and low levels and although there are not many monster spawns here it is normal quiet.

Ice Warriors and Giants

Walking beyond the Hobgoblins will lead you into the ice area of the dungeon where you can find both Ice Warriors and Ice Giants which are level 78 and 74 respectively. This area plays a part in the Knight's Sword quest and contains the Blurite Ore that needs to be collected. It also has the cave entrance that leads to the Skeletal Wyverns. This area is a great place to train for medium level players but sometimes the Warriors and Giants can hit hard so it's worth brining some food if you plan to train there for long periods of time. You'll from time to time see players killing Ice Giants for their Slayer Task.


At the south east corner of the ice area there is a cave entrance that leads to the Skeletal Wyverns cave section. Players require a Slayer level of 72 in order to enter this area and attack them. Skeletal Wyverns are level 156 and are a tough fight for most players so it's worth bringing food and prayer along to help you out.

Resource Dungeon

On your way through the dungeon past the Hobgoblins and walking towards the Ice Warriors and Ice Giants you will notice that the path breaks off into 3 ways just as the ice starts to appear. If you follow the northern path it will take you to a resource dungeon entrance. This is the resource dungeon that contains Frost Dragons and requires a Dungeoneering level of 85 or higher to unlock and enter.


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