Troll Stronghold
The Imperial Guard raid was a failure, and Dunstan's son has been captured by the trolls!

Journey through Trollheim to the Troll Stronghold, and rescue him!


Skill Requirements:
17 15 Agility
Quest Requirements:
Death Plateau
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a level 113 troll: "Dad"
Items Needed: Coins

Items Recommended: Climbing boots, Food, Armour, Weapon
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Travel to the tent and talk to the head of the imperial guard. He will tell you that Denulths son, who you granted access to the Imperial Guard, has been captured by the trolls. You will offer to go and find him.

Walk up the path to the Sherpa's house, and if you dont have some already, buy a pair of climbing boots from him for 12gp. Walk along the path you helped reveal in the Death Plateau quest, past the goats, until you get to a pile of rocks. Climb over them (if you dont have climbing boots on then you will recieve damage and wont make it over.

Fighting Dad

You will come to a fork. Take the right path, and continue on up the mountain, climbing over rocks when you need to. You will eventually get to a large pair of gates. Walk through them, and you will be challenged to a fight with Dad. Run and attack him. He is level 101 and hits quite hard. He can occasionally send you flying backwards away from him.

When he gets to low health, he will surrender. Accept his surrender, and exit the arena by the other exit. Continue along the path, until you come to a small complex of paths. Find the one with a tunnel entrance, and go through it. Run through the tunnel, out through the other exit. You will appear on a large spiral path. Turn Protect from missiles on, and run around the bottom of the mountain, past the Thrower Trolls. If you pass the entrance to the God Wars Dungeon, you will know you are along the right track.

Once past the trolls, you will come to a troll market square. Run diagonally across it, and up the large ramp in the corner. Run through the door there.

Troll Generals

Run south, and then through the gate into the western corridor. Walk along it, and attack one of the Troll Generals. They can hit over 35's so its a good idea to turn Protect from Melee on. When he is dead, take the key he will drop.

Go back into the eastern corridor, and enter the room to the far north-east. Go down the stairs. You will see 2 prisoners in cells. Either pickpocket or kill the 2 trolls, and unlock the cell doors. The prisoners will get up and leave through an entrance to the south. Follow them out.

Once you have left through the exit, travel east, until you come to the first fork you encountered. Return to Burthorpe and talk to Dunstan. He will thank you greatly for returning his son, and reward you with a law talisman. (UPDATE TO QUEST = He now gives you 2 experience lamps, with 10k exp each)

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Deathslayer
Corrections submitted by: Illustrial, Simon, Naylor, Power of Five, Tiny