This skill is a members only skill although free players may train this skill to level 5.


Agility is a members-only skill that was released on 12th December 2002. This skill allows you to complete various courses and shortcuts. The skill is aimed to make your journeying and adventuring efficient and time-saving by allowing you to utilise various shortcuts, access weight-decreasing armours and improving your Run depletion rate which are all very useful when traveling around the many terrains that Gielinor holds.


The primary way to train up your Agility skill is to complete laps of the Agility courses that are located all over Gielinor. Each course is unique in it's own way offering it's own variety of obstacles, level requirements and experience to be gained whether you succeed or fail.

Most Agility courses have two things in common:

  • The higher your health, the more they will damage you for failing.
  • By completing all the obstacles in the correct order you will recieve a lap bonus which is often bouble the course's experience.

See the table below for all of the different Agility courses and the level requirements and click the links to be taken to the specific section for that course.

Course Level Requirement Exp/Lap
Agilty Arena 1 N/A
Burthorpe 1 79.5
Gnome Stronghold 1 86.5
Werewolf Skullball 25 750
Agility Pyramid 30 1014
Penguin Course 30 540
Barbarian Outpost 35 139.5
Ape Atoll 48 580
Wilderness 52 571.5
Werewolf 60 540
Bandos 60 380
Dorgesh-Kaan 80 2375
Advanced Gnome Stronghold 85 725
Advanced Barbarian Outpost 90 740.7

Agility Arena (Level 1)

Not strictly an Agility course, but a main way of training agility is the Brimhaven Agility Arena. This activity can be entered from the hut in Brimhaven, by paying Cap'n Izzy No-Beard 200gp to enter his course.

As an activity, unlike the other courses, the main way of obtaining experience is not through completing obstacles but instead by tagging a pillar, the location of which changes every minute. If you reach the pillar before it changes, your indicator will turn green. For each pillar you tag while it is green, you will gain 1 ticket. If you fail to reach it in time, it will turn red, and you must start again.

Once you have obtained a healthy amount of these tickets, they can be exchanged for pure Agility experience or a number of other rewards. The more tickets you trade in at once, the more experience per ticket, starting at 240 per, and ending at 320 for over 1000 traded in at once.

Burthorpe (Level 1)

The Burthorpe course was added into the game when the rework to Taverly and Burthorpe was completed and put in as part of the new tutorial to the game. The course is located just to the east of the Burthorpe lodestone. It's a great place for free players to get the their first few Agility levels.

Obstacle Experience
Log Beam 5.5
Wall Climb 5.5
Balancing Ledge 5.5
Low Wall 5.5
Rope Swing 5.5
Monkey Bars 5.5
Leap of Faith 46.5
Total: 79.5

Gnome Stronghold (Level 1)

The Gnome Stronghold course should be the starting location for anybody wishing to train agility. A safe course, where none of the obstacles cause any harm (or are possible to fail), it is the perfect setting for raising the first few levels of Agility.

The course is located in the South-Eastern corner of the Gnome Stronghold, just North of the entrance gate. The course has some basic generic obstacles around the course, including a log balance, a fence climb, a rope balance, and an obstacle pipe. Each obstacle provides its own experience, with a lap bonus for completing all of them in a row.

Obstacle Experience
Log Balance 7.5
Net Climb 7.5
Branch Climb 5
Balancing Rope 7
Branch Climb 5
Net Climb 8
Tunnel 7
Lap Bonus 39.5
Total: 86.5

Werewolf Skullball (Level 25)

Another activity-like course, Skullball is a time-based agility run located south east of Canafis. The objective is to kick the skullball through each of the hoops of the agility course as fast as possible, with more experience for a faster run. Tapping the ball moves it 1 square in the direction you kicked it, kicking it moves it 4 squares, and shooting with it moves it 10 squares, so the right sort of kicks should be used for the best time.

Agility Pyramid (Level 30)

The Agility Pyramid is located in the southern desert, south of Nardah or north east of Sophanem. The course is odd in the sense that you're aiming to retrieve an item at the end. Your goal is to climb up the sides of the pyramid by spiralling around the outside, avoiding the many obstacles there designed to prevent you. If you do fail an obstacle, you will fall down to the tier below, and have to make your way around again.

Each obstacle gives an agility bonus for crossing successfully, which adds up to a total when you reach the top of the pyramid and claim the prize left there, a golden pyramid, which you can sell to Simon Templeton by the entrance for 1,000gp. The experience for each obstacle is as follows:

Obstacle Experience
Sliding Block 0
Rolling Block 12
Low Wall 8
Ledge 52
Plank 56.4
Cross Gap 56.4
Jump Gap 22
Total: 1014

Penguin Course (Level 30)

You must have reached a certain stage in the Cold War quest before you can use this Agility course. This Agility course also requires you to be wearing a penguin suit at all times, as the obstacles are scaled to difficulty for penguins. You can find the Penguin agility course located on the Iceberg. To get there you can speak to Larry on the coast north east of Rellekka and take his boat over to the Iceberg.

You recieve a lap bonus for completing the course, and an extra agility bonus for completing the course without failing any obstacles.

Obstacle Experience
Platform Climb 55
Complete Platform Jumps 80
4x Icicles 40
Ice Slope 180
Bonus 65
Total: 540

Barbarian Outpost (Level 35)

The Barbarian agility course is located at the Barbarian Outpost. You must have completed the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl to gain entrance to this Agility course.

The basic version of this agility course is good for training from level 35 to, on average, 52. It is a dangerous course, and all of the obstacles can result in the player being injured whilst trying to complete them.

Obstacle Experience
Ropeswing 22
Cross log 13.7
Obstance net 8.2
Balancing plank 22
Crumbling wall 13.7
Total: 139.5

Ape Atoll (Level 48)

The Ape Atoll agility course can be accessed after the Monkey Madness quest. In order to use this agility course, players must turn themselves into a Ninja Monkey, which can be done so with a Ninja Monkey Greegree. The Ape Atoll agility course is located to the south east of the town. You can take damage from failing obstacles on this course until you reach level 74 and an Agility level of 70 is recommended for reduced damage chances although you can pick the bananas from the banana trees nearby to heal.

Obstacle Experience
Stepping stone 40
Climb tree 40
Monkey bars 40
Scale stones 60
Swing 100
Monkey-down vine 100 (fail), 300 (success)
Total: 280 (fail), 580 (success)

Wilderness (Level 52)

The Wilderness agility course is located in the Wilderness, north of the Lava Maze. It is located in a dangerous area; if you die you will lose your items and no gravestone will appear. This is perhaps the most dangerous agility course because of the possibility of PKers.

Obstacle Experience
Obstacle pipe 12.5
Ropeswing 20
Stepping stones 20
Log balance 20
Total: 571.5

Werewolf (Level 60)

Players must have completed the Creature of Frekenstrain quest and be wearing a Ring of Charos to use this course. You can access this course by running south east of Canifis and heading into the hut in the Haunted Woods.

Obstacle Experience
Stepping stones 50
Hurdles 60
Pipe crawl 15
Skull slope 25
Slide 200-
Total: 350 (without stick after pipes returned),
540 (with stick after pipes returned)

Bandos (Level 60)

Bandos' agility course can be accessed after The Chosen Commander quest has been completed. Additionally, the player must have 60 Strength and Ranged, in addition to the level 60 Agility requirement to enter. Players must bring a mithril grapple and a crossbow (to fire the grapple from) to complete the course. It would be wise to bring food and some defensive armour that you can use to protect yourself on the way to the course, and also within it. In addition to agility experience, this course also rewards players with small amounts of strength and ranged experience.

Obstacle Experience
Goblin statue 2
Ork statue 2
Ogre statue 2
Ork statue 2
Ogre statue 2
Ourg statue 2
Ogre statue 2
Ork statue 2
Ogre statue 2
Ledge 2
Grapple 362 (Agility), 125 (Ranged), 125 (Strength)
Total: 380 (Agility), 125 (Ranged), 125 (Strength)

Dorgesh-Kaan (Level 80)

The Dorgesh-Kaan course can be attempted after the player has completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. Additionally, they will need a light source to attempt it. This course can provide experience in both agility and ranged, or just one.. In order to gain range experience, 80 strength and range is required, in addition to the a mithril grapple and appropriate crossbow (from which to fire the grapple). The goblin Turgall will request an item that the player must get to him, using either of the two routes (ranged or agility) or a mixture of both. He will reward the player with respective experience.

Advanced Gnome Stronghold (Level 85)

The Advanced Gnome Stronghold course requires 85 agility to access and is an add-on to the normal Gnome Stronghold agility course. It uses the first three obstacles of the beginner course, before deviating along its own path. You can start using this course from a lower level if you use summer pies which boost your Agility level by 5. You can fail the sign post run until you are level 89 and then you will always succeed. Failing doesn't give you less exp but it does take longer than if you completed it successfully making laps take longer.

After completing 250 successful (meaning successfully crossing the signpost) players can talk to a gnome trainer and receive their agile legs.

Obstacle Experience
Log Balance 7.5
Net Climb 7.5
Branch Climb 5
Branch Climb 25
Signpost Run 25
Pole Swing 25
Barrier Jump 25
Bonus 605
Total: 725

Adanced Barbarian Outpost (Level 90)

The Advanced Barbarian Outpost course requires 90 agility to access and is an add-on to the normal Barbarian Outpost agility course.It is currently the course which requires the highest level agility in order to complete. It uses the first two obstacles of the beginner course, before deviating along it's own path. You can start using this course from a lower level if you use summer pies which boost your Agility level by 5. You can fail the balance beam obstacle and you will take damage as a result.

Completing the course successfully (with no fails on any obstacle) 250 times will enable the player to obtain an agile top from Gunnjorn. As with the basic version of this course, players can lose life points.

Obstacle Experience
Wall run 15
Wall climb 15
Spring 15
Balancing beam 15
Jump 15
Roof slide 15
Total: 615


Agility shortcuts are dotted all over Gielinor and allow quick and easy access from one area to another which helps you make your everyday travels easier. There are a large variety of shortcuts that can be used and those that are more convenient require a higher Agility level to use. The downside to using shortcuts is that they can be dangerous and sometimes you can fall from them and take damage.

Some shortcuts require a grapple. For these you must have a Mithril grappling hook and a crossbow on you so you can use them to swing from one side of the river to the other or to even climb up walls.

Location Level Requirements

Falador agility shortcut
5 None

River crossing to Al Kharid shortcut
8 A grapple

Falador wall shortcut
11 A grapple

Varrock south fence shortcut
13 None

Yanille agility shortcut
16 None

Coal truck log balance shortcut
20 None

Varrock agility shortcut
21 None

Kalphite King shortcut
23 None

Eagles' Peak agility shortcut
25 None

Falador wall crawl shortcut
26 None

Draynor Manor broken railing shortcut
28 None

Oo'glog agility shortcut
29 None

Draynor Manor stones to the Champions' Guild
31 None

Catherby cliff shortcut
32 A grapple
Fishing Contest

Ardougne log balance shortcut
33 None

Water Obelisk Island shortcut
36 A grapple

Gnome Stronghold shortcut
37 None

Al Kharid mining pit cliffside shortcut
38 None

Yanille wall shortcut
39 A grapple

Rope climb south-east of the Agility Pyramid
40 None

Trollheim easy cliffside shortcut
41 None

Dwarven Mine narrow crevice shortcut
42 None

Trollheim medium cliffside shortcut
43 None

Trollheim advanced cliffside shortcut
44 None

Cosmic Temple medium walkway shortcut
46 None

Trollheim hard cliffside shortcut
47 None

Log balance to the Fremennik Province
48 None

Grotworm Lair shortcut
50 None

Edgeville Dungeon to Varrock Sewers pipe
51 None

Karamja crossing, south of the volcano
53 A grapple

Red Dragon Island shortcut
54 None

Port Phasmatys ectopool shortcut
58 None

Elven overpass easy cliffside shortcut
59 None

Monastery of Ascension: Statue shortcut
60 None

God Wars Dungeon escape to the Wilderness
60 None

Slayer Dungeon crevice shortcut
62 None

Trollheim Wilderness route
64 None

Paterdomus Temple to Morytania shortcut
65 None

Cosmic Temple advanced narrow shortcut
66 None

Elven overpass medium cliffside shortcut
68 None

Monastery of Ascension: Chasm jump shortcut
70 None

Taverley Dungeon pipe squeeze shortcut
70 None

Shilo Village stone shortcut
74 None

Cross cave, south of Dorgesh-Kaan
80 None

Taverley Dungeon spiked blade jump
80 None

Monastery of Ascension: Chasm leap shortcut
80 None

Slayer Dungeon chasm shortcut
81 None

Elven overpass advanced cliffside shortcut
85 None

Kuradal's Dungeon wall climb
86 None

Kuradal's Dungeon wall run shortcut
90 None


Certain areas are only accessible once you have a certain Agility level. These new areas will often contain additional content such as more creatures to kill, more exclusive areas and access hidden treasures.

Location Level

Moss Giant Island rope shortcut

Karamja Dungeon stepping stone shortcut

Edgeville Dungeon monkey bar shortcut

Watchtower wall climb shortcut

Karamja Dungeon pipe shortcut

South-east Karamja stepping stone shortcut

Karamja Dungeon pipe shortcut

Isafdar log balance shortcut

Yanille Dungeon contortion shortcut

God Wars Dungeon access

Yanille Dungeon rubble climb shortcut

God Wars: Saradomin encampment wall climb

Slayer Tower plank crossing

Polypore Dungeon extra access

Monastery of Ascension: Extra area access


In combination with the Thieving and Fishing skills, Agility can assist you gain double, triple and even quadruple loot from either pickpocketing or harpoon fishing (only doubles in the case of Fishing)

For more information on multiple loot from pickpocketing, see our Thieving guide. For more information on multiple fish from harpoon fishing, see our Fishing guide.


When you train Agility, there are many different equipment choices available to you to help you gain experience faster or make training Agility easier. Although agility doesn't require anything, it is recommended to take equipment along with you.

Basic Equipment/Set-up


Whilst training Agility you may take damage from failing a course obstacle (depending on the course). After a while this damage can stack up to the point of near-death, therefore bringing some form of food to keep your lifepoints up is recommended. Summer pies may be useful choice to bring along as they weigh nothing, boost your Agility level by 5, and heal a fairly decent amount.

Bonus Experience Items

Agility is a skill which requires a lot of time and concentration, and gaining a high level can be difficult. This is why taking items such as Skilling pendants, penance horn etc that will increase your experience-gain is a good idea.

Silverhawk Boots

Silverhawk boots are boots that can be obtained from Treasure Hunter. You can also purchase these boots from Vic the Trader who lurks around the Burthorpe bank, however the boots you purchase from Vic will be uncharged. To charge the Silverhawk boots, you'll need to get Silverhawk feathers, which can be won from Treasure Hunter. When wearing the boots, you will be able to perform an emote. While you're wearing the boots and you're running, you'll obtain 10% of the amount of experience as you would if you used a small XP lamp in Agility. However, every time you achieve XP, you'll lose only one charge on your boots. You can get XP in any of the following:

  • Running around, not walking. (Cool down timer is 60 seconds).
  • Participating in a skill.
  • Activating an Ultimate ability

To recharge your Silverhawk boots, you'll have to obtain more of the Silverhawk feathers. You can gain up to only 500 charges at a time on your boots. However, don't freak out if you accidentally use more than 500, they'll just be placed in your backpack for future use. If you happen to destroy your boots or die with them on, you can simply go talk to Diango, who is walking around in Draynor near the bank and market area. The Silverhawk boots have a total of 6 levels (1, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60). To change the form of the level, simply right click and choose your desired level for the boots; they cannot be sold or alchemised at any point in time.


One of the great benefits of training Agility is some of the exclusive equipment it has to offer. Agility-based equipment usually has the special ability of weight reduction; equipment with negative weight stats. The less you weigh, the longer your run energy lasts, which is why the equipment is useful due to having to run round courses for a long period of time. You don't necessarily have to use the equipment just for Agility; it can be used for general adventuring. Below is a table displaying weight-reduction items:

Equipment Weight (kg) How To Obtain Requirements

Agile top
-12 Complete 250 perfect laps of the advanced Barbarian Outpost Agility course. 90

Agile legs
-10 Complete 250 perfect laps of the advanced Gnome Stronghold Agility course. 85

Wicked robe top
-10 Obtained from the Runespan shop for 15,000 points. 80

Wicked legs
-8 Obtained from the Runespan shop for 7,500 points. 55

Penance gloves
-7 Obtained by spending 150 honour points in each role at Barbarian Assault. 40

Wicked cape
-6 Obtained from the Runespan shop for 2,500 points. 30

Boots of lightness
-4.5 Obtained in the Temple of Ikov. Slash weapon
light source

Spottier cape
-4.5 Obtained by trading in Dashing kebbit fur in to the Fancy-dress shop owner. 66

Spotted cape
-2.2 Obtained by trading in Spotted kebbit fur in to the Fancy-dress shop owner. 40

Talent Scout

Agidad the Talent Scout is located at numerous Agility courses, spectating players completing courses acting as a Distraction & Diversion. Every so often, Agidad will call you over (look for a green arrow above his head) when you have complete a course. If unarmed with no familiar summoned, he will distract you and beat you unconscious, then take you to The Pit

The Pit is a secret location only accessible to Agidad and his affiliates. Here you will be challenged to complete one of many Agility games, and if successful you will gain Agility experience as a reward. If successful, you will have the choice to gamble your experience which could result in gain even more experience, keeping the same experience or losing the experience all together.

Note: Players wearing an Agility, Max or Completionist Cape may talk to Agidad and gain instant access to The Pit, however they will not be able to gamble their rewards at the end.

Miscellaneous Uses

Within Agility there are other features which you may utilise. The features listed below do not have any outstanding categories within the skill and therefore are named as miscellaneous.

Ability Level Other Requirements

Use a Heavy Rod
15 48

Catch Leaping trout
15 48

Catch Leaping salmon
30 30

Catch Leaping sturgeon
45 45
Catch Ruby harvest
75 80
Catch Sapphire glacialis
80 85
Catch Snowy knights
85 90
Catch Black warlocks
90 95

Skill Mastery

Once you have reached level 99 in Agility, you can head over to the Brimhaven Agility Arena on Karajama and purchase the Agility skillcape from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard for 99,000 coins. This will enable you to boost your Agility level to 100 and also gives you the option to perform the Agility Skillcape Emote. The cape itself is members only however free players can still perform the emote granted they are wearing the cape.

If Agility is your first skill to reach level 99, you will be rewarded the Agility cape. However, if you have other skills at level 99 or above, you will be awarded the Agility cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically. The only way to keep a copy of the untrimmed cape is to use a keepsake box from Solomons General Store.

Agility cape Agility cape (t) Agility Master Cape

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