Rune Essence Mine


The Rune Essence Mine is an area which is available to both free users and members and is the only place in which Rune Essence and Pure Essence may be mined (other than the Lunar Isle Pure Essence Mine). Unlike the mine on Lunar Isle, this mine cannot be reached by walking. The only way to access this mine is by a 'long lost spell' which is only known to a select few wizards over Gielinor. Only through them, can the mine be accessed. It's said to be in the Northern Ice Fields rather than put on another planet or dimension. The Rune Mysteries to enter the Rune Essence mine in Burthorpe.

An image of the essence rock.

How To Get There

There are five people in which you can use to teleport to the mine:

  • Aubury located in the Varrock Rune Shop. This is the most commonly used method as he is the closest to a bank without needing any certain levels to reach him.
  • Wizard Cromperty located in East Ardounge right next to the border walls. It's fairly easy to locate do to it's blue flooring. He's a fair distance from a bank, so using him is also not recommended.
  • Wizard Distentor is the closest of all those whom can teleport you there, to a bank. He is the best method to use for obtaining Rune Essence. However, he is in the Wizard's Guild, and requires level 66 Magic to enter.
  • Gnome Wizard Brimstail located in the South West corner of the Tree Gnome Village. Using him is not recommended as he is far from the bank in the village.
  • Wizard Sedridor located on the second floor of the Wizard's Tower. Though using him is not recommended for those under level 50, if 50 or above, there is a bank deposit box in the Runecrafting Guild inside the portal on the first floor. Aubury is still suggested to be used though if a user or cannot access the Wizard's Guild yet.
  • Carwen Essencebinder located in her shop in Burthorpe. Rune Mysteries does not need to be completed to have her teleport you there, however, using her to bring you there is not recommended for she isn't as close to a bank.

Lunar Isle Pure Essence Mine

This mine is a completely separate location from the mine which the six wizards above send you to, and is found inside the Lunar Isle mine. This location is not recommended due to its distance from the bank and because of the Suqahs on the way to and from the mine. Technically regular Rune Essence can be mined from this, but Lunar Diplomacy must be completed or started in order to access this mine, and the quest requires level 60 Mining in order to start, and thus only Pure Rune Essence can be mined from it.

An image of the Lunar Essence Mine.

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