Rune Mysteries
Ariane knows that the Wizards' Tower is under threat but no one wants to believe her. Aid Ariane in her efforts to protect the Wizards' Tower and discover just what's going on.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Need to be using the Standard spellbook throughout the quest.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Start the quest by speaking with Ariane in the Wizards' Tower. She will ask you to speak with Archmage Sedridor on her behalf since she isn't allowed into the tower herself.

Head into the tower where you will come across a chaotic scene. A Magical vortex is roaming free around the bottom floor of the tower, disturbing the wizards. Pick up the nearby Tower mindspike (air) off the ground and cast the wind rush spell at the Magical vortex to grab it's attention.

You will need to lure the Magical vortex into the large power beam located in the middle of the tower. Walk to the other side of the power beam so that it is located between you and the vortex and continue to cast wind rush on the vortex, luring it towards you and into the beam. Once inside the beam, the vortex will be banished.

Head back outside the tower and speak with Ariane who will be located nearby. You will ask her what just happened, and she will tell you the story of her past and why she can't enter the tower and about the Old Wizards Tower. She will ask you for help and requires you to speak with the other wizards located in the tower.

Make you way back into the Wizards Tower and proceed to head up the Power Beam located in the center of the tower which acts as transport between the different floors of the tower. On the second floor you will need to locate Archmage Sedridor, Wizard Traiborn and Wizard Ellaron. Speak with each of them and tell them about the story Araine had told you. All of the wizards will shrug you off, but Wizard Traiborn in particular will agree to help you.

When you have spoken to all of the wizards, return to Ariane outside of the tower. Tell her what you have learned from Wizard Traiborn and she will mention the underground section of the tower. Ariane will tell you of an old rumor that the door to the ruins can be unlocked by casting Water Surge, but many wizards have tried that to no avail. You'll need a key, so return to Ellaron to see if he has any ideas on how to get into the old tower.

Ellaron will direct you to the library on the ground floor. Head there and search the bookcases where you will find the Harmony of the Runes and The Runes of the Spells of Water.

Read the two books where you will find that each of them has a note attached to them. Read the diagrams on the books by right clicking on them in your inventory and selecting the "view-diagram" option. You will find that they each contain a pattern of runes and a key to each rune. It appears as if these keys relate to specific musical notes.

Head to the organ on the southern side of the ground floor of the Wizards Tower and play the following notes on the organ. - B B B B B B B B B B A# A# A# A# A# A# A# G# G

Playing the correct tune on the organ will result in a secret compartment opening, and the Basement Key appearing on the interface above the keys. Click on it to take the key.

Head back to Ariane outside the tower and show her the Basement Key. She will tell you that the entrance into the Old Tower is located on the east of the island and that she will meet you there.

Head to the east side of the island and locate the ruined door. Use the Basement Key on the door to gain access into the old tower.

The Old Tower

Upon entering the old tower a cutscene will play where Ariane explains that this is the Chamber of Shrines and will explain the four types of wizards, Grey, Red, Green and Blue. Speak to the Rune Guardian blocking the road and he will mention a test that users had to go through to gain access into the old tower. The test consists of 5 questions that you will need to answer based on which type of wizard you wish to be.

Question 1: "You are behind in your studies due to illness, and a test is coming up. Your place at the tower is safe, but if you fail you will lose some respect. Another apprentice offers you an opportunity to cheat."


  1. "Cheat only enough to make up for my illness and catch up." (Green)
  2. "Cheat as much as I can." (Red)
  3. "Don't cheat as I wouldn't learn anything." (Grey)
  4. "Don't cheat, as it would be wrong." (Blue)

Question 2: "An elderly wizard - the last practitioner of a unique branch of magic - dies. Her diary might contain details about her unique magic, but her will states that the diary should be destroyed on her death."


  1. "Destroy the diary without reading it." (Blue)
  2. "Copy the most important information, then destroy it." (Green)
  3. "Pretend to destroy the diary, but actually keep it to yourself." (Red)
  4. "Put the diary in the library so that all wizards can study it." (Grey)

Question 3: "A rival wizard is spreading lies about you and has made you the laughing stock of a nearby village. They believe you are of low intelligence and poor moral character, and throw vegetable at you when you visit. What do you do?"


  1. "Challenge the wizard to a magical duel in front of the village." (Blue)
  2. "Try to reason with the villagers and convince him he is lying." (Grey)
  3. "Appeal to the wizard's better nature and ask him to stop." (Green)
  4. "Play practical jokes to knock him down a peg in return." (Red)

Question 4: "You have become a senior wizard and are asked to take on an apprentice. The boy is talented but undisciplined and does not apply himself out his areas of interest. What is your approach?"


  1. "Constantly challenge him, forcing him to learn discipline." (Red)
  2. "Show patience and compassion so he has a safe place to grow." (Blue)
  3. "Concentrate on his weaknesses so he receives a balanced education." (Green)
  4. "Give him the resources to develop his areas of interest." (Grey)

Question 5: "A senior wizard asks you to take part in a ritual that will greatly benefit the tower. Before the ritual starts, you discover that he learned part of it from a demon. The ritual appears safe, but the demon are expert liars."


  1. "Study the ritual and make up my own mind about its safety." (Grey)
  2. "Stop the ritual; it may be corrupt in a way that I can't detect." (Blue)
  3. "Make sure the demonic influence is balanced by other influences." (Green)
  4. "Go ahead with the ritual but focus on my personal safety." (Red)

Depending on what answers you give to the Rune Guardian, you will be placed into a specific order of wizards. At the end of the quest, you will be able to return to the Rune Guardian to change your player title to one reward titles, or to retake the quest if you want to select a different order of wizards.

Head past the Rune Guardian and into the next room. Speak to Ariane who will tell you that there is no way past as the old tower has broken apart. Click on the statue above the broken section of staircase to climb behind it. You'll push the statue over to make a bridge.

Climb over the bride and continue down the staircase, going through into the next room. Speak to Ariane who will point out the mass of floating vortex's located around the portal in the centre of the area. She'll ask you to attract one of the magical vortex's to the circle she has just conjured.

You are going to need to lure any one of the vortex into to the circle Ariane creates and keep it in the circle until she has finished examining it. This is done the same way as earlier in the quest, and you can lure it into the circle by casting a magic spell on it.

After Ariane has examined the vortex, she will find that they are actually spirits and souls of the wizards from the old tower. She will explain that the old wizards put part of their souls into the power beam to create a magical portal.

Speak to Ariane again and she'll ask you to head back to the tower and stop Archmage Sedridor from casting his Icyenic Purge as she believes that it wont work to defeat the vortex's. Retrace your way out of the ruins and enter the Wizards Tower again where you will be greeted with a cutscene of Sedridor and three wizards casting Icyenic Purge.

You will now need to distract Sedridor. You will try talking to him, but he won't listen to you for long so distract him by playing one of the notes on the organ. Each time he tried to cast the spell, press another note. Keep doing so until he is distracted enough for Ariane to can cast her spell.

Ariane's spell will not remove the Vortex's as expected. After the cutscene, head back to Ariane who is standing outside the entrance of the ruins and talk to her to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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