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Whenever you use technology/software/programs, there will have been bugs found in the process of making it. These bugs are normally fixed or removed, however, only so many developers will have worked on it and so not all bugs are found. Games such as RuneScape, a constantly updated MMORPG game with many builds (764 as of 14/06/13) will find themselves facing a lot more bugs than a one-build game. As new content is added, so are undiscovered bugs. These bugs can be caused due to it conflicting with old content or can generally be just the new content.

These bugs can also be caused due to compatibility issues with your device, which can affect your game experience. However, there are many different methods and solutions of fixing and preventing these bugs from happening, which is what this guide is for; to support you with your technical troubles.

As for in-game bugs: if you find one, please make sure to report it using the button below after you have tried the solutions in this guide.

Note: Bugs with Old School RuneScape are to be E-mailed to "".

Problems & Solutions

There have been many reported problems with the game that have been analysed and those who have reported it have been given the possible solutions. Below are some of the common problems you may be dealing with:

Disconnecting from the game

This is normally due to a player's wireless internet connection. Using wireless can cause a large difference in speed and overall connection due to indirectly connecting. A solution to this is to connect your device (computer) to your router with an ethernet cable. This will help to maximise your overall performance.

Ping reflects the amount of time it takes you to connect from one server to another. The lower the ping-number, the better the connection. An ideal ping-number to play RuneScape is below 50. To check your ping, you have two options:

  1. Open up the RuneScape Developer Console in-game by holding alt and pushing the
    ¬ ` ¦
    key (under esc) and typing "displayfps" and in the top-right corner of your screen, your gaming details will appear. On the third line, you will see "Ping:[YOUR_PING]" on the end. To get rid of the gaming details, simply type "Displayfps" in the console again.
  2. Hold your Windows home key + R and Run will appear. Type "cmd" and hit the the enter button; this will open up Command Prompt. Type in Command Prompt "Ping" where "xx" equals world number out of 1-139. Next to "Time", you can find your ping.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your wireless, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask them what your current internet package is and what the next upgrade is (you can decide if you want it or not). You can also ask them to check if your infrastructure is working as it should, and if possible send an engineer out.

Unexpected Login Server Issues

You will receive this message on log-in. This is due to your Jagex Account Guardian (JAG) having difficulties verifying your E-mail address and corresponding RuneScape account. Although you don't need to re-verify your E-mail to play the game normally, it is highly recommended that you take action and have JAG activated as soon as possible. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log-into the RuneScape lobby, enlarge the "Jagex Account Guardian" panel and follow the link provided. You will be taken to your Account Settings.
  2. From here, enlarge the "The Jagex Account Guardian" panel (this time in Account Settings) and you will be asked to resend your E-mail validation.
  3. Now you will need to log-into the associated E-mail account and find the validation email from "". Click the link in the message to be taken to a new page. From there on follow the steps provided by Jagex.
Note: Be sure to check your Junk mail if the Validation E-mail isn't there.

If the issue isn't sorted after following the steps above, contact and explain the current situation you're in and what you have tried already.

Your account has not logged out from its last session/The server is too busy to handle your request

This message is received when attempting to log-into your account. It can mean one of two things: your account has been compromised (hacked) by someone other than you, the server you were last on has crashed and has gone offline, and now your account is temporarily stuck in-game. Here are the solutions to both:

Compromised Account

First of all, wait for 6 minutes+ in case you have disconnected and your account is still in play. If your account is still in-game after this period, change your password via Account Settings. If you still have no access to your account, contact "" and ask if your account has been compromised, and if so request that they lock it for you. Locking an account will make sure that no one can access the account until ownership is confirmed by a Jagex Moderator.

Offline Servers

Occassionally the servers (worlds) can go offline due to unexpected bugs with the Jagex infrastructure. If you are in-game when this happens, you account can be left stuck in the game until the server is fixed. To confirm that the servers are offline, observe the Technical Support forum section to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem as you. If a server have gone offline, Jagex will be trying to fix it as soon as possible. If you are still unable to access the game and you're confident your account hasn't been compromised, send an email to "" with the subject as "Technical Support" and explain the issue.

Note: Lost items due to server difficulties are not guaranteed to be refunded. Depending on the affected rate, Jagex may rollback Game-play or create a thread on the forums asking you to list what you lost.

Auto-setup not responding/crashing

This problem can be fixed by holding the "S" key (or sometimes Fn+S for Mac users) when the RuneScape loading screen is present. This will load RuneScape in Safe Mode. You should now be able to select your graphic options without any crashing or lack or response.

Stuck in Safe Mode

This is normally caused from an unsafe Memory load in previous Game-play, which results in Safe Mode activating to protect your device & data. To get out of Safe Mode, simply hold the

key when the RuneScape loading screen is present. This will load RuneScape in Safe Mode. You will now be able to set your graphics back to normal.

Java Upgrade Prompt; RuneScape won't load

Java is a program the supports and helps run RuneScape. Java frequently releases updated versions of their software, and so Jagex will prompt you to update your Java which can be found here on the Download page. If RuneScape still doesn't load, try downgrading your Java version.

If you still require assistance, submit a Technical Support Ticket to Jagex.

Problem Archive

In this archive you will find old problems with solutions. The reason for keeping these is just in case a bug may arise again in future updates.

Continuous white screens/ Sudden closure or crash

This is normally caused by running the game in Software mode, which is now removed from the game due to the lack of utility and displayed performance standards. If you are still experiencing these problems, try switching to a different display mode (Windows only; Mac users can only use Open GL). If you are still suffering from these problems, try clearing your Jagex-cache:


  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Copy and paste the following directories into the address bar:
  3. Once you have located the folders above, find and delete files "preferences.dat" & "preferences2.dat".


  1. Open Finder.
  2. Open the Utilities folder and click on Terminal and enter "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES" and press Return.
  3. Hold the Alt key and right-click the Finder icon.
  4. Using Spotlight, locate and open the folder "jagexcache".
  5. Find files "preferences.dat" & "preferences2.dat" and drag them to the Trash Can.

Advertising.dll Message

This bug with the RuneScape client is caused due to either having an AdBlocker interfering with the client or you have a corrupt file within the client. If you do have an AdBlocker, turn it off temporarily to see if the client runs without it. If it does, then you will need to adjust your AdBlocker for RuneScape. If you do not use a form of Adblock, follow these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Go to the RuneScape Download page and download the "Game Client" for the appropriate OS (Windows or Mac).
  2. Once the download has complete, Run the file.
  3. When you get the option to: Install, Repair or Uninstall, select "Repair". This will fix any corrupt files

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