"The High Priest of Icthlarin has problems again - this time with the inhabitants of Menaphos. Sophanem is recovering from the plague, yet most of its citizens are still trapped on the other side of the river. Diplomacy has failed and subterfuge beckons. Clearly, this is the sort of job that a shifty adventurer could excel in."


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Gertrude's Cat
Stolen Hearts
Prince Ali Rescue - Old School
Diamond in the Rough
Restless Ghost, The
Other Requirements:
Prince Ali Rescue is an 07 requirement while Diamond in the Rough is the requirement for EOC.
Items Needed: Light Source

Items Recommended: 3x Waterskin (4), Pharaoh's sceptre (3), 2x Prayer potion (3), 8x Shark, Super antipoison (3), , Armour, Weapon
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.

Suggested Inventory & Worn Items:

Super Anti-Poison Prayer Potions - Depending on your prayer level you may need more. Teleportation Method - This could be teletab or runes to cast. Teletab recommended. Light-weight Magic Defensive Armour - D'hide, Agile, Robes. All dependent on your levels.

  • Pharaoh's Sceptre x3 (Option 1) takes you to PP to which you can just exit the pyramid.
  • Slayer ring/Magic Carpet to Pollnivneach & Magic Carpet to Sophanem (run to the south of Pollnivneach for second carpet) costing 200gp per ride or 100gp using the 'Ring of Charos'.
  • Bandit camp load-stone (Requires Desert Treasure completed) & run south.

Starting Your Journey

To START this quest speak the High Priest in the western temple of Sophanem.

Once you have spoken to the High Priest you will be taken to a cut scene explaining the foundations and story behind the quest. Once the cut scene has finished ask the High Priest how they should go about travelling into Menaphos. Choose OPTION 5 - Is there any way into Menaphos from below?

Talk to Jex who is walking around the north east building of the city (inside has a broken altar) - Marked on the map above.

After talking to him about the problem he grants you access to the trap door in the corner of the building. - (Light source needed - if you have forgotten he can sell you a torch for 200gp & tinderbox for 50gp)


WARNING! - The dungeon below the trapdoor is dangerous. Use Protect from Magic & route suggested below as this route only has opponents using magic attacks. Turn off auto-retaliate as this prevents prayer being wasted and time wasted killing monsters.

Inside the dungeon is host to many traps. Here is what to watch out for and how to avoid taking damage!

Trap Information
Spikes (Floor Trap) - Search floor to disable them.
Sand Pit (Floor Trap) - Walk around to avoid.
Crushers (Wall Trap) - Move diagonally through them to avoid.
Spikes (Wall Trap)- Search wall to disable them.
Scarab Trap (Wall Trap) - Walk along the opposite wall to avoid.

Once you have made your way through the dungeon safely follow the tunnel around until you come to the dead body of Kaleef. Search the corpse and you should receive parchment. Read the parchment and continue along the tunnel until you reach a cavern where you will see Maisa on the other side.


You give her the information that Kaleef is dead and she asks you to confirm your identity before she can be sure to trust you. Tell her that you helped rescue Prince Ali and confirm that he was held in: Draynor Village & that Ozan & Leela assisted you.

(Answer to question 1 is Draynor Village. Question 2 is Leela).

After confirming that she can trust you, she asks you to speak to Osman, the spy master in Al-Kharid. Make your own way to Al-Kharid and talk to Osman. He will be leaning against the pillar inside the Palace. Try to convince him to come with you to Sophanem. To do this choose the chat option 'It would drive a wedge between the Menaphite cities'.

(Before traveling back be sure to bring sure to bring combat gear, prayer pots, good food, light source & an emergency teleport)
The picture above was taken when the quest had a graphical glitch. Al-Kharid graphical rework.

Fighting The Scarab

This section leads up to combat: Giant scarab, Combat level 124

Travel back to Sophanem. Osman should be outside the city gates walking around. Chat to him and suggest that he uses the secret entrance. This will trigger a cut scene and you will see Osman sneak past Jex and enter the dungeon. Travel back into the Dungeon where you found Kaleef, as you go down the ladder you will see another cut scene where a large scarab will appear.

EOC Tactics

Tips for the fighting the Scarab:

  • Weak to Magic.
  • Pray Protect from Range or Melee.
  • Use Anti-Poison before the fight to protect you.
  • Scarab shouldn't summon help if you stand at or before Kaleefs body. Pray protect ranged and attack with melee. Using general abilities will help the fight dramatically.

If the minions are summoned, they attack with magic. So you are hit with all 3 styles of combat. If low leveled, fight the mage's first as they deal the most damage, if mid-high leveled. You should find fighting Scarab particularly easy.

07 Tactics

Tips for fighting the Scarab:
  • Advised to use Melee or Magic
  • Protect from Melee if meleeing. Protect from range if using Magic
  • Ignore the minions if you have a fair combat level. If you are quite low then kill the mage, range and then on to the Scarab.
  • Use a fast attacking weapon such as a whip or scimitar if meleeing.

Once the fight is over, a cut scene will emerge in which Osman is thankful to be alive. He advices that you pick up Keris and teleports to safety. (If you loose Keris you can easily obtain one for free from Osman)

Make your way back to the High Priest. (A lot safer just to teleport straight out then backtrack your steps) Talk to him and he will tell you that the quest was successful and you will be awarded.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Rebecca
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Quackyz, Rebecca, Sytze