All Fired Up
Over the years, the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Misthalin have become increasingly uncomfortable about the possibility of threats from the Wilderness and Morytania. King Roald has taken matters into his own hands and has commissioned a network of beacons to be built across the land, from the Temple of Paterdomus at the border of Morytania, along the northern borders of Misthalin and Asgarnia and up along the western border of the Wilderness. The communication network is already in place, but King Roald could use a little help making sure everything is ready to go, in the event of emergency...


Skill Requirements:
12 43 Firemaking
Quest Requirements:
Priest in Peril
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: 45x Logs

Items Recommended: Explorer's ring, Wicked hood
Reward: Click to reveal

Beacon System

Head over to the Varrock Palace (North of Central Varrock) and talk to King Roald. He will tell you about the Beacon system set up to alert the towns of an attack from the Wilderness and Morytania. He will ask you to go from beacon to beacon and run a test on them to see if they work. Tell him you will do so.

Temple of Paterdomus

Get your logs and tinderbox and go talk to Blaze Sharpeye, who is just a bit south of the Temple of Paterdomus on Silvarea mountain. He will tell you a bit more about the beacons, and then ask you to test them. Place 20 logs in the beacon then light it with a tinderbox. Talk to him again and he will ask you to light Squire Fyre's beacon.

Squire Fyre

Teleport out and walk back to Varrock. When there get some more logs from your bank before going on with the quest. You will find Squire Fyre and her beacon near the limestone quarry and to the west of the Odd Old Man, from the Rag and Bone Man quest. Talk to her, then light the beacon next to her, the same way that you lit Blaze Sharpeye's beacon, by using 20 logs on it and then lighting it with a tinderbox.

Finishing the quest

Head back to Blaze Sharpeye. He will tell you that the fire in his beacon is dying. Add 5 logs to his fire and talk to him again. Then go back to Varrock and report to King Roald about the beacons.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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