Mos Le'Harmless


Mos Le'Harmless was founded out of a common love of piracy, and a common love for Braindeath 'rum'. The pirates on this island come from all over Runescape, and call this place home.


This is a Members only area of the game. To get to Mos Le'Harmless it is required to have completed Cabin Fever and have the Book o' piracy. The Book o' piracy is a reward from doing cabin fever.

Getting There

To access Mos Le'Harmless you must board the Adventurous. The captain of this fine ship is Bill Teach, and he will gladly ferry you to the island.

Points of Interest

This is a map of Mos'le Harmless

Trouble Brewing

Pirates love their rum! So they built their very own still on Mos Le'Harmless. But like always there is a problem , while making their still they had many arguments, and ended up building two! Now both sides fight for ingredients for their rum. In this mini game you pick a side and do what you must to ensure your team wins. The rewards in this game will help you greatly when you brew your own rum.

Cave Horrors

In an unlit cave on the beach of Mos Le'Harmless lives a monster called a Cave Horror. These require 58 slayer to kill, a Witchwood icon, and some form of a light source. If you are daring enough to go without a Witchwood icon, the Cave Horror's scream will pierce you and lower your stats.

Clothes shop

Dodgy Mike owns a shop. If you want to look like a true pirate you'll need to stop here for all your needs.


After you have your pirate necessaries you can go find Patchy and he will sew them together for you. for 500 gp he can sew eye patches to eyepatches or pirate hats. For 600 gp he can split them apart for you. Patchy can be found wandering outside of the bank.

K'Chunk's Island

After Fairytale III - Battle at Orks Rift you will be able to teleport to K'Chunk's island. This island is south of Mos Le'Harmless and has bridges that connect it to the main island. In order to use the fairy ring on that island you must fix the bridges. To fix the bridges you need 8 planks and 16 nails. The fairy ring code for this location is D I P.


When you talk to Bill Teach about the quest Rocking Out he will give you a Magical cage. This cage can be used in obtaining a pet. After getting the cage and then sailing to Mos Le'Harmless talk to 50 Ships Mufassah. He can be found upstairs in the bar, he will give you a dead parrot. Put the bird in the cage and then take it to the Slab. The Slab will bring your pet back to life, while there be sure to also chip off some of the Slab. This will be the food for your Ex-ex-parrot.


These quests are ones that start on the island

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