Farmer Blinkin's farm is over run with wascally wabbits. A large number of rabbits are munching away at his crops. He would appreciate your help on the farm and will do his best to reward you well.

This is a safe minigame.

Getting There

Speak to any Tool Leprechaun, they can be found at most Farming patches around Runescape.


If you want Super compost potion as a reward, you will need to have completed the Garden of Tranquillity quest.

You should bring a Spade and some coins.

You can't take familiars or pets into Winkin's Farm.

Sweeping for Seeds

Here are items that will be very useful during the game:

  • Spade For digging holes.
  • Flags Mark places where you think a seed is, your first set of ten flags is free.
  • Ogleroot While digging on Winkin's Farm you'll find an ogleroot. The magical shrinking properties of this vegetable make it useful for temporarily getting rid of those rabbits.

Hop over any of the stiles into the large crop field full of farmers and rabbits. Choose an area to start digging in.If you didn't dig up a seed, then a number will appear over where you just dug. This number indicates how many of the eight holes around where you just dug that have seeds.

If there are any seeds in the holes nearby, a floating number will appear. This number tells you how many of the eight holes that surround the hole you just dug in have seeds in them. As more and more numbers appear, you should be able to work out where a seed is buried without digging. This is when you should use a flag. If you place one in an incorrect spot, or if a rabbit gets to your seeds, you will lose that flag.

If there is a seed under the flag you place, and a farmer finds it before a rabbit, you will earn points. The farmer will take the flag but you may reclaim it.

If a rabbit finds your flag first it will eat whatever is in the hole and you will lose your flag.There is a way to keep rabbits away from your flags. If a rabbit is getting close to one of your flags you can use an Ogleroot on it, your flag will be safe and you'll also gain 30 Hunter experience.

If you dig a hole where a seed is, the seed will be destroyed. You will lose points and the numbers around the area will disappear.

If you are unsure about whether a hole has a seed in it or not you can right-click and 'Investigate'. It won't always give you accuracy but it is a great way of gaining confidence in where you plant your flag.

There are many ways to earn points. You may receive them for digging in empty holes and correctly placed flags. You will also earn points when standing near other players who have correctly placed a flag that has been found by a farmer. However, if you are inactive and standing by others you will not earn any points.


Guide Made by: Icedlala
Corrections submitted by: Seroxie, Mr Ketchup, Sytze, Umbra