Chaos Elemental


Basic Information

The Chaos Elemental is one of the most accessible bosses in RuneScape. It's located deep in the wilderness, but has no requirements to access. It's most known to drop the Dragon 2H Sword and also Ancient Warrior Equiptment. It is level 138, it has 10,000 life points and a max hit of 1049. You can find more information on the Chaos Elemental in the RuneZone NPC Database by clicking here

The Chaos Elemental's Attacks

The Chaos Elemental has a number of attacks which it can unleash while attacking you. The most important one would be the Green Orb Attack which unequipts some of the items you are wearing, it's very important you do not have any inventory space. The other special attack it uses is the Red Orb Attack which will teleport you to a random location around itself.


The Wilderness

The Chaos Elemental is located near the Rouges Castle very deep in to the wilderness. It doesn't have any requirements to fight it, but it can be quite lethal if you aren't prepared properly. But with this guide, you will be! You don't need to worry about the Chaos Elemental taking your life if you follow our simple instructions.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to the Chaos Elemental would be via the lever at Edgeville, but other people prefer different methods such as running from the Corporal Beast cave.

  • Red Route: Use a Games Necklace to teleport to the Corporal Beast cave, and then run north.
  • Orange Route: Run from the Deserted Keep teleport.
  • Green Route: Use the Wilderness Teleporters until you spawn at the correct one.
  • Run from Varrock (not shown on the map)

Killing the Chaos Elemental

Recommended Setup

When you choose to kill the Chaos Elemental, you should be prepared for a rather tough fight.

We recommend the following levels, they should also help you defend against PKers.

  • 70 Range
  • 70 Defence
  • 70 Magic
  • 40 Prayer

We also recommend the following equipment and inventory setup. Remember - You are in high level wilderness, if you die you will lose your items.

  • Head: Saradomin Coif (or the cheapest god coif)
  • Amulet: Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Any Skill Cape
  • Body: Royal Dragonhide Body
  • Legs: Royal Dragonhide Chaps
  • Gloves: Royal Dragonhide Vambraces
  • Boots: Snakeskin Boots
  • Shield: None (Two handed crossbow)
  • Weapon: Karil's Crossbow
  • Ammo: Bolt Racks

In your inventory, you are going to want to use Currys, or Pies as you need to keep your inventory full at all times. You will also want some prayer potions, and possibly a ranging potion to keep your DPS high. You may also want to bring a healing familiar such as a Bunyip to help with healing yourself. A teleport tablet is recommended for safety reasons and a Games Necklace will only be needed if you are going to get to the Chaos Elemental via the Corporal Beast.

The Fight

Generally, the fight is very easy. You will want to use Protect From Range while fighting the Chaos Elemental, and have Protect Item on at all times.

The abilities you should use are pretty simple: Piercing Shot, Riochet, Fragmentation Shot, Binding Shot, Snipe, Snap Shot, Rapid Fire, Incendiary Shot and Regenerate.

Other Tips


If you happen to die whilst fighting the Chaos Elemental, you won't have a gravestone and there's a very slim chance of you retrieving your items. This is because it can take a while to get to the location, and you will not have a gravestone.


The drops from the Chaos Elemental aren't too bad, and it's very easy to make a profit without having to receive anything special but with that in mind, there are still better methods of money making. One of the most common, and also noteable drops is the large amounts of Chaos Runes which can quickly add up to a large profit. He also drops Ancient Warriors Equipment (Worth up to 5m), Brawling Gloves, the Dragon 2H Sword, and Elite Clue Scrolls. The Chaos Elemental can also drop the Ribs of Chaos which unlocks Ellie, the mini Chaos Elemental pet. A higher tracked Chaos Elemental kill count increases the chance of getting the ribs as a drop. The Chaos Elemental has the largest drop table in the game!

Guide Made by: Wise Choice
Corrections submitted by: Rendigo, Wise Choice, Power of Five