Port Phasmatys


Necrovarus created the Ectofuntus by using ectoplasm; by doing this it made a barrier around the port. This barrier was effective in repelling the Vampyres away and it was such a powerful barrier that even the citizens were unable to get past it, so they were trapped in the town and slowly all of them died. They're still trapped in the town as ghosts, under the control of Necrovarus.

Getting There

To enter Port Phasmatys you will need two Ecto-tokens to be let in. After you complete the quest Ghosts Ahoy, you will get in for free. In order to speak to any of the people in town, you will also need to wear a Ghostspeak amulet.


Below is a map of Port Phasmatys:

Points of Interest


The Ectofuntus is a very cost effective way to train Prayer. To check out how to use it, have a look at our Ectofuntus Training guide which will supply you with the best methods to train, requirements and much more.


Along with the usual Charter Ships there are other boats that will take you to unique locations. Bill Teach and his ship "The Adventurous" will take you to Mos Le'Harmless. A Ghost Captain further down the docks will take you to Dragontooth Island but to get there a Ghostspeak amulet is required unless the player has completed the Morytania hard task set.


Under the bar, in the centre of the town you can brew your own fine ales such as Dwarven stout and Cider. To learn more on how to brew your own ales, click here.


This is a useful furnace to smelt ores because of its very close proximity to the bank. If you have completed the Morytania medium task set you will find that you can smith Cannonballs a lot quicker than any other furnace.


There are two people that you can trade within Port Phasmatys, one being the General store owner/shop assistant and the other being Ak-Haranu. The general store sells the same things that every normal store sells but Ak-Haranu sells something different. He only stocks 100 Bolt racks.


There are a few quests which are encountered in this location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

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