Clan Citadels



In short, Clan Citadels are your clan's home; a floating island created by Armadyl in ages past, each clan can have an island where they can build their ideal castle.

This guide will inform you of everything you need to know about the Clan Citadel, whether you are a clan owner overwhelmed with what they are entasked to manage or a humble recruit looking to help the clan.

Clan citadels are a members-only feature


The clan camp is located just south of Falador, there are four main ways to get there (in order of efficiency):

  • Clan vexellium - provides unlimited free teleports to the citadel portal in the clan camp.
  • Cabbage-port - the explorers ring 3 and 4 provide unlimited free teleports to south-falador farm, which is just a short run to the clan camp.
  • Port Sarim Lodestone - The Port Sarim lodestone teleports you just a bit south of the camp.
  • Falador lodestone/teleport - The same as the Port Sarim lodestone, but it's a little longer to run. The lodestone is even further away but doesn't require any runes.

In the west of the clan camp, there is a large spherical portal which enables you to either visit your citadel or visit someone else's citadel.

Building the Citadel

Improving and adding to the citadel requires resources, these are collected by clan members and are used to upgrade structures or stop them from dilapidating.

A structure dilapidates if not enough upkeep resources are collected and/or not enough clan members visit in between one game tick (see interfaces ). Dilapidation means that the clan's colours will be removed from the structures and skill plots will function at a lower level. If the upkeep costs are not met in a second build tick running then the citadel will downgrade a tier and remain dilapidated.

The Interface

The interface is accessed by clicking on the citadel icon where the world map usually is. This will open up an interface which is used for all things to do with the citadel.

You will notice two counters on each tab in the interface, these are:

  • The Build Tick - This shows how long it is until the citadel updates, this is a weekly occurrence and all updates will be executed then as well. This is also when any structures will dilapidate.
  • Visitor count - This shows how many non-probationary clan members have visited the citadel since the last build tick, if the count is in red, then the citadel will dilapidate at the next build tick, if it is in yellow then there is enough to upkeep the citadel's state but not enough to upgrade. If it's in green there is enough visitors to upgrade the citadel

New clan members have a probationary period for a set amount of time, during this period they aren't allowed to collect resources for the clan but they can still access the citadel.

The Map Tab

By clicking on the 'T' icons at each structure you can freely teleport there and without a time delay. Anyone granted permission can also change the layout of the citadel which will come into effect at the next build tick.

There is also a toggle for day and night at the citadel, although this is only cosmetic.

The Buildings Tab

In the buildings tab you can see all the skill plots and buildings and their tiers. You can also upgrade them here.

In each build tick, anyone with permission to build can upgrade/build the following:

  • The Keep
  • The Storehouse or The Battlefield
  • Two skill plots

You cannot upgrade buildings and skill plots above the citadel tier, for example, if you have a tier 2 citadel then you cannot upgrade a structure to tier 3 or greater.

The Customization Tab

In this tab, there is a map showing all the hotspots in your citadel and an interface for building and upgrading these hotspots.

As you can see in the picture, each type of decoration has a small, medium and grand version. These require resources and if one has a high enough rank then they may buy it.

In that case, the resources needed will be set aside and if there are enough resources to upkeep the citadel at the next build tick then the decoration will be built.

There are different types of customisations:

  • Multiple upgrade structures - this is where separate parts of the structure are bought.
  • Singular upgrade structures - this is where the structure only requires one part to be bought and only applies to a particular location.
  • Blanket structure - this is where the structure is repeated all over the citadel yet you only purchase it once. For example, if you buy a bench then a bench will be built at several different locations in the citadel.

Note: Only three customisations can be made in each build tick

The Resources Tab

This tab displays the amount of resources collected since the last build tick, the amount needed for upkeep and the amount needed for any planned upgrades.

The red part of the bar shows the amount of that resource that will be allocated to upkeeping the citadel. If the bar is all red then the upkeep costs have not been met and the citadel is in danger of dilapidation.

The yellow part of the bar shows the amount of resources that have been allocated to executing any upgrades and customisations at the next build tick. If the bar is only red and yellow then not all the resources have been collected in order to perform all the planned upgrades.

Finally, the green part of the bar shows the surplus resources, that is that these are the excess resources left over once all upkeep and upgrade costs have been made. The surplus is stored in the storehouse, but if there is not enough room then these resources will be destroyed at the build tick.

There are 7 types of resources used for upgrade and upkeep:

  • Timber
  • Stone
  • metal bars
  • precious bars
  • minions (count as any resource)
  • cloth
  • rations

The Job List Tab

This is a list of planned upgrades and customisations this build tick. The jobs at the top will be given the most priority, that is, that they will be assigned the resources needed before any other job at the build tick.

There are three smaller tabs at the top, the icon of the down arrow shows all the planned downgrades, the icon of the coins shows all the customisations planned and the icon of the up arrow shows all the planned upgrades and progress towards them.

If you have a pin, then you will have to enter it in order to see this tab.

Opening a Citadel

In order to create a clan citadel, five clan members must take part in an opening ritual. One can start this by talking to Avalani near the portal.

If the clan falls below five members then the citadel shuts. However, resources will still be used up and the clock will continue.

Upgrading Tiers

Once the citadel is opened, the default tier one citadel will be there, with tier one buildings and guards patrolling the ground.

Clan Citadels are sorted in a tier system, each tier allowing more upgrades and better facilities, however, the higher the tier of citadel, the more effort is needed to maintain it.

There are three kinds of structures that can be built in the citadel: Hotspots, skill plots and a dragon perch. Higher tiers can have more of these.

Tier Number of 2x2 hotspots Number of 4x4 hotspots Skill plots Dragon Perch? Resources needed to upgrade to tier People needed to visit to upgrade to tier
1 2 2 2 No None (starting tier) None (starting tier)
2 2 2 2 No 12k timber 10
3 4 2 4 No 17.5k timber, 15k stone, tree tier 2 15
4 4 2 4 No 17.5k timber, 15k stone, 15k metal bars, tree tier 2, rock tier 3, kiln tier 2, furnace tier 2. 20
5 6 4 8 No 30k timber, 27.5k stone, 15k metal bars, 12k precious bars, tree tier 3, rock tier 4, kiln tier 3, furnace tier 4. 25
6 6 4 8 No 60k timber, 35k stone, 40k metal bars, 30k precious bars, 50k cloth, tree tier 4, rock tier 4, kiln tier 5, furnace tier 5, loom tier 3, obelisk tier 3. 35
7 8 5 12 Yes 110k timber, 16k stone, 65k metal bars, 80k precious bars, 120k cloth, 120k rations, tier 6 in all types of skill plot. 50

Skill Plots

Upgrading anything in the citadel requires resources and keeping the citadel from downgrading (upkeep) also does.

Resources are collected through skill plots and at each tier more skill plots are unlocked.
Experience of the plots' respective skill is earned here and all experience is proportional to your level in that skill.

Skill plots can be upgraded to different tiers, the higher the tier, the faster the resource will be collected. If the clan admins deem it necessary, then they may temporaily lock a skill plot, this means that no more resources can be collected from there until it is manually unlocked.

Tree (timber)

A hatchet is not required to cut timber.

This skill plot is available from tier 1 and timber is used to upkeep and upgrade the citadel and structures within it. Cutting the tree is a semi-AFK activity as you will keep cutting until the root disappears.

Woodcutting experience is earned here.

Rock (rock, precious ore)

A pickaxe is not required to mine rock or ore.

Available from tier 2, rock is used to upkeep an upgrade the citadel and ore mined here is transferred to the furnace ready for smelting into metal and precious bars. These are then used to upkeep and/or upgrade the citadel. This is also a semi-AFK activity as you will keep mining rock until the rock expires.

Mining experience is earned here.

Kiln (charcoal)

This skill plot is available at tier 3 and involves players shovelling wood into the kiln (note that this doesn't use up timber). You will have to carry on shovelling until that side of the kiln is full and you have to move to the other side and carry on.

Charcoal produced here is used to power the furnace. Firemaking experience is earned here.

Furnace (metal bars, precious bars)

This skill plot is unlocked alongside the kiln at tier 3.

Unlike the previous three skill plots, tasks must be done in a particular order at the furnace.

  1. Add the ore to the furnace, do this until it is full.
  2. Cool the bars in the water trough, do this until it is full.
  3. Finally, move the bars from the trough to the hatch

Bars are then used as resources for upkeeping and upgrading. Smithing experience is earned here.

Loom (cloth)

The loom is unlocked at tier 5 and enables players to collect cloth, which is an upkeep and upgrade material. Like the stone and the tree, this a 'click and wait' activity.

Crafting experience is earned here (note that this is a popular way to train crafting as no money is needed for materials).

Obelisk (minions)

Unlocked alongside the loom at tier 5, this is one of the most valuable skill plots. Minions are summoned here which are a sort of 'wildcard' as in they count for whatever resource the clan needs the most.

For example, if the clan needs an extra 50 stone to upgrade a particular structure, then 50 minions could be used instead. However, players can only use 1 tenth of their resource cap (see below) on this skill plot and completion of Wolf Whistle is required.

To summon minions, one must interact with the small obelisks before a minion is summoned at the large obelisk. Summoning experience is earned here.

Cooking Area (rations)

Unlocked at tier 6, rations are made at the cooking area. However, unlike the furnace, these tasks don't need to be completed in any particular order.

  • Preparing raw fish
  • Cooking fish
  • Making vegetable stew

Rations are an upkeep/upgrade material and earn cooking experience while being made.

Resource Cap & Storehouses

For every clan member there is a resource cap which limits the amount of resources they can collect in one build tick.

This is so that all clan members need to work together to maintain the citadel.

The resource cap is dependent on the tier of the storehouse.

Storehouse tier Individual resource cap Carryover percentage Maximum capacity for each resource
1 1000 5% 1000
2 1200 10% 1200
3 1400 15% 1500
4 1700 20% 1800
5 2000 25% 2100
6 2350 30% 2500
7 2700 50% 3000

Surplus Resources

At the build tick, any resources not used for either upkeeping or upgrading the citadel count as surplus resources. Most of these will be destroyed (spoiling) but some can be saved. The higher the tier of your storehouse, the more resources can be carried over until the next build tick.

The amount of each resource that has been saved from spoiling is the lower of the two values:

  • The 'carry over percentage' of the surplus amount e.g. if you have a tier 7 storehouse and 60,000 surplus stone then you will keep 50% of 60,000 which is 30,000 stone.
  • The maximum capacity of the resource e.g. if you have a tier 7 citadel then you will keep 3000 of each resource.

In the above examples, the lowest of the two values determines how much of each resource will be saved, in this case, it is the latter value of 3000 resources.

However, only timber, stone, cloth and rations are kept according to the above calculations. Metal and precious bars are subject to only 1 third of the carry over percentage and maximum capacity. Furthermore, charcoal, ore, precious ore and minions are totally spoiled and not are carried over.

Individual Resource Cap

Each non-probationary clan member has a limited amount of resources he/she can collect between the build ticks, the cap is related to the tier of the clan's storehouse tier.

Clan members can collect up to their cap in just one resource or a mixture, however, one can only collect one tenth of their cap by summoning minions.

The Clan Ring

Once a player has collected around half of the maximum resources they can get every week, of any type in any one build tick, they can claim bonus XP from the quartermaster in the keep. The amount of experience awarded is dependant on the tier of the skill plot and the player's level in the chosen skill.

Places of Interest

As the Citadel grows, more rooms become available and new features, throughout the stronghold especially. Some of these rooms are helpful towards the clan structure others are for general use within skills i.e altar.

The Meeting Tent

Just outside the citadel walls is a large tent were meetings can take place. Meetings can be set to public or private but only ten players can be in there at any one time.

The Battlefield

A clan member with high enough rank can initiate a match here, they can switch between certain scenarios and can customise just about anything! Once a battle has been initiated anyone can join in, also, there is a cape crate which gives out battlefield capes and serves as a bank.

The Senate

In the keep, there is a large area with some benches and a podium. Clans usually use this for large public meetings as players can enter and leave at any time.

Those not speaking can sit on a bench:

Whereas the speaker may stand in the podium:

The Theatre

This location is unlocked at tier 5. Here players can perform emotes that are unique to the stage area or the audience area.

The Party Room

This location is unlocked at tier 3. In the party room there is:

  • A dance floor - while standing on here your player will start dancing.
  • Drop lever - When pulled, this will drop balloons that contain items such as confetti).
  • Seating - for those who prefer not to dance, but just want to sit back and watch their clan mates embarrass themselves.

Private Meeting Room

This facility is used to hold private meetings, one can only enter if they have received an invite from the person who initiated the meeting. As with the meeting tent, only 10 players are allowed in at a time.

The Altar

As with normal altars, praying here will recharge your prayer points. It can be customised to depict a deity of the clan's choice.

The Dragon Perch

At tier 7, a clan citadel can have a dragon perch and the admins can customise their very own dragon.

A dragon requires 500,000 rations, 200,000 cloth and 100,000 precious bars.

The Quartermaster & the Head Guard

The quartermaster issues the bonus XP and allows anyone with permission to change the time of the build tick.

The Head Guard acts as a banker, issues clan capes and manages security.

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Rebecca, Majinvegito3, Power of Five, Valerie