Abyss, The
This area is for Members only and requires an introductory miniquest before it can be accessed.


The Abyss is another plane where players can go to gain quick and easy access to all of the runecrafting altars. The Abyss is made up of 2 rings, an outer ring and an inner ring. The outer ring contains Abyssal monsters that act as protectors of the Abyss and try to prevent humans from using the Abyss. Around the outer ring there are a series of different obstacles that can be used to allow the player to move from the outer ring to the inner ring. Once a player is in the inner ring they can then use the various gaps to travel to the different runecrafting altars.

Getting There

The 3 most common ways to get to the Abyss are:

  • Red Route - Use the Lodestone Network to get to Edgeville, run into the bank on the way if needed and then run back north over the Wilderness wall and head north to just beyond the River Lum where you will find the Zamorakian wizard.
  • Blue Route - Teleport to Edgeville using either the Ancients Spellbook or an Amulet of Glory, run into the bank on the way if needed and then run north and climb over the Wilderness wall and head north to just beyond the River Lum where you will find the Zamorakian wizard.
  • Magenta Route - Run from the Grand Exchange under the wall using the agility shortcut then climb over the Wilderness wall and run along the north east side of the River Lum to the end where you will find the Zamorakian wizard.
A map showing the best ways to run to the Abyss


To access The Abyss, players must have started a mini-quest, which can be started by talking to the Mage of Zamorak North of Edgeville. To start this quest you must first complete Rune Mysteries. After talking with him head over to the Chaos Temple located in South-East Varrock. If you accept the quest, you will be given a Scrybing orb. You must then take the orb to three rune essence mines. Once you have accessed three mines then you must take the orb back to the Mage of Zamorak. The Mage of Zamorak will then reward you with the ability to enter The Abyss, 1000 runecrafting experience, and a Small pouch.

A rune essence mine

Using The Abyss


Map of The Abyss showing the rings

Abyssal Creatures

Abyssal monsters can be found lurking in the outer ring of the Abyss and will attack the player and can deal upwards of 200 damage. It is important that players wandering around the Abyss take sufficient armour/clothing to help them stay alive. Abyssal monsters will also drain the players prayer points. Abyssal monsters are often killed due to the possibility of obtaining an Elemental Talisman from killing them.

Players should also note that the outer ring is a multi-combat area so multiple monsters can attack the player at once.
Image showing some of the Abyssal monsters


The most common method for using the Abyss for crafting runes is to wear dragonhide to prevent damage from the Abyssal monsters, a charged Amulet of Glory and the correct talisman/tiara for the runes they are creating or an omni-talisman/tiara. Players start from Edgeville bank and cross the Wilderness wall and run north to the Zamorakian mage and teleport into the Abyss and make their way through one of the obstacles into the center of the Abyss an going through the correct gap for the correct runecrafting altar they wish to visit and then leave there using the Edgeville teleport on the Amulet of Glory and bank before repeating the process.

The Zamorakian mage in the Wilderness


Runecrafting Pouches can be used along with the Abyss to help you carry more ess on each trip. The only bad thing about using pouches is that over time they begin to degrade but the Dark Mage at the center of the Abyss can fix all of your pouches free of charge. Alternatively players can use the Lunar NPC Contact spell to fix their pouches as well but you must have at least spoken to the Dark Mage once before this can be used.

The Dark Mage at the center of the Abyss

Pouches Runecrafting level Essence held

Small Pouch
1 3

Medium Pouch
25 6

Large Pouch
50 9

Giant Pouch
75 12

Massive Pouch
90 18

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