Brine Rat Cavern


The Brine Rat Cavern is a cave which can be accessed after completing Olaf's Quest. It's a unique cave because it only has 1 entrance, and 1 exit - both of which are only one way. It's located south east of the Rellekka Hunter Area (Slightly north east of Rellekka). if you want to enter the cavern, you'll need a spade as you must dig south of the Windswpt tree to find the entrance - YOU WILL NEED A SPADE!

Getting There

There are several methods of transport a player can use to get to the cavern:

  • The fastest method to get there would be to use the Fairy Ring Network using code 'DKS'. This will require A Fairy Tale Part II to be partialy completed.
  • Teleport to the Relekka lodestone and from there run north.
  • You can teleport to the Slayer Cave via a Slayer Ring and then walk to the cavern.
  • Teleport with a Lyre to near Rellekka and then walk to the cavern.
  • Place your house in Rellekka and teleport to it or use a chipped house tablet. This requries the completion of Love Story.
  • Teleport or use the lodestone network to get to Seers Village and then walk north to Rellekka before heading east towards the cavern. Please bare in mind that this route will take considerably longer than the other routes and is highly discouraged.

Area Maps

Map of the Fremennik Province.
A = Brine Rat Cavern Entrance, B = DKS Fairy Ring, C = Slayer Cave Teleport Location and D = Fremennik lodestone
Map of the Brine Rat Cavern.
A = Brine Rats, B = Skeleton fremenniks and C = Quest Areas


NPC Information
Ulfric Ulfric is an undead Fremennik captain found in the cavern. He plays a crucial part in Olaf's quest.

Rock Crab
There are several Rock Crabs (Level 102) in the cavern that can be killed. The Rock Crabs here are very similar to the ones found in Rellekka. Although this area is quiet it is not recommended to use them as a training method because there are only a few spawns.

Giant Bat
There are also some Giant Bat (Level 34) spawns in the cavern. They are non-agressive and easy to kill if you want to train on them but not recommended.

Skeleton Fremennik
The Level 34 Skeleton Fremennik's can be found in the main part of the cavern and can be worthwhile for lower levels to train on. Beyond the door into the quest areas Level 40 and Level 44 Skeleton Fremennik's can be found. They are all non-agressive and are just stronger versions of normal Skeletons.

Brine Rats
Brine Rats (Level 70) can be found in the main section of the cavern and can be killed. The main reason for killing these creatures is to obtain a Brine Sabre weapon as a drop. Although they used to be a popular training spot it has quietened down since the release of the Evolution of Combat.


Unfortunately, you won't find any major attractions in the Brine Rat Cavern. It's used as a quest location, and a place to kill Brine Rats. However, due to the decrease in the price of a Brine Sabre, it's no longer popular as it used to be.

The nearest bank is quite far away - the nearest is in Keldagrim, but if you have access to the Fairy Rings then Zanaris Bank will be far more convenient.


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