Enchanted Valley


The Enchanted Valley is a one of the other realms of Gielinor, only accessible from the Fairy Ring network. Today it plays home to some of Runescape's old npc's from random events such as the Tree Spirit and Rock Golem. Those creatures found in the Enchanted Valley can only be found there and nowhere else in Runescape.

Getting There

The only way to get to the Enchanted Valley is via the Fairy Ring network using the code B K Q.

Map Of Area

NPC's Of Interest

River Troll

There is a fishing spot just south of the entrance to the Enchanted Valley. The spot has both a lure and bait fishing option. When either is selected and the player has the right items on them to fish at that spot a River Troll will appear and begin attacking the player. The River Troll was an npc that used to appear randomly at fishing spots in the main game as a random event and attack players and moved to the Enchanted Valley. Players do not obtain fish from the fishing spot as its only purpose serves to spawn the River Troll.

Tree Spirit

There are a few trees located in the area which can be cut. When a player tries to cut one of the trees, a Tree Spirit will appear and begin attacking the player. These are the Tree Spirits that used to appear all over the game randomly when players would try to chop the trees until they were removed from the main world. A player will not recieve any logs for trying to chop down the tree as the tree only serves the purpose of spawning the Tree Spirit.

Rock Golem

There is a mining spot in the south west corner of the map where a player can mine the rock and a Rock Golem will appear and begin attacking the player. The Rock Golem was an npc that used to appear randomly in the world and attack players that were mining. A player will not recieve any ore from mining this rock as it only servers the purpose of spawning the Rock Golem.

Frog Prince & Princess

The Frog Prince and Princess are also hanging around the Enchanted Valley fresh from getting married and are on their froggymoon and can be found in the south east corner of the valley. Players can talk with the pair of them to have an interesting conversation where they talk about their marriage and how they are royalties of the frog world. Occasionally one of them will turn back into a frog and then the other has to kiss them so they both transform back into human form.

The Frog Herald can also be found nearby and has the option to talk and to kiss. Speaking to them, they talk about how no one ever kisses them and that they are lonely. Kissing them transforms you into a frog and back again where the Frog Herland then jokes about you thinking they would transform when you kissed them and instead how it did the opposite.

Other Creatures

There are some other creatures in the Enchanted Valley as well:

  • Centaur: - There are two Centaurs in the Enchanted Valley who have a talk option and welcome you to the valley. (They cannot be attacked.)
  • Wood Dryad: - There is also a Wood Dryad in the valley who when you talk to you ask why they have branches sticking out of them and they explain how they are a Dryad. (Cannot be attacked.)
  • Stag: - There is a stag in the Enchanted Valley which is level 36 and can be attacked. On death it drops nothing but bones.
  • Rabbit: - There are lots of Rabbits in the valley as well which are level 1 and can be attacked. They drop bones and Raw Rabbit meat on death.

Guide Made by: Vanilla990
Corrections submitted by: Vanilla990