Goblin Village


The Goblin Village is the main settlement of goblins on the surface in Asgarnia. The village makes a prime location for lower leveled players, who are just starting out on their journey, to train. In addition, the Goblin Village is also a lower leveled players first chance to have a "boss" fight of sorts.

Getting There

The Goblin Village is located just to the north of Falador and east of Taverly - due north of Doric's Hut and the Chaos Temple. To the north, the village is bordered by the Wilderness.

Alternatively, you can use a Goblin village sphere to teleport directly to the village. You can purchase this from Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan for the price of 2 law runes and a piece of molten glass.

Points of Interest

With regards to resources, the Goblin Village is rather lacking, aside from the goblins that inhabit the village. These are a great place for an adventurer to start working on their combat skills when first starting their journey due to their relatively low level (level 8).

Speaking of combat, if you kill 15 goblins within the village, you will be challenged by a Goblin boss (level 7). Killing the boss will earn you a chance at a Goblin cower shield drop. If you've completed The Chosen Commander, you can talk to either of the Gobling Generals to get this shield for free.

Located in the center of the village, you will find a fire burning that never extinguishes.

Apart from the normal goblins that roam the village, there are a four personalities that stand out from the others.

Goblin Personalities

General Bentnoze

General Wartface
Located in the northern hut Located in the northern hut


Located in the northern hut Down the ladder in the eastern hut

To the northeast of the village, there is a fire beacon which is part of the All Fired Up Beacon Network.


The following quest can be started in the Goblin Village:

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