Musa Point


Musa point is located on the northeastern part of Karamja. It has various fishing spots and two dungeons. You can also find a couple of stores and even a banana plantation.

An image of Port Musa Point.

How To Get There

There are a few ways of making your way to Musa Point:

  • If you teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone any of the seaman in blue will take you to Musa Point for a fee of 30gp.
  • The Amulet of glory will teleport you directly to Musa Point. You need to rub the Amulet of glory and select Karamja. It will teleport you to the Musa Point fishing area.


Karamja Wines, Spirits and Beers

If you are looking for some fine wines and spirits look to Zwambo. All are brewed locally on the island of Karamja.

An image of the Brewery shop's interface.

Karamja General Store

Kofi the owner of the Karamja General Store has an assortment of items for sell. Also there are a few useful items scattered around the shop.

An image of the General Store's interface.

Fishing Spots

The Musa Point fishing spot is considered one of the best for f2p. It has fishing spots ranging from levels 1-50.

An image of a deck surrounded by fishing spots.

Banana Plantation

The banana plantation is a great source for bananas. If you are looking for task then you should talk to Luthas, the owner of the banana plantation. You will need to fill the crate near him with 10 bananas and he will reward you with 30gp.

An image of the Banana Plantation.


Volcano Dungeon

The free to play dungeon is located under the volcano on Musa Point. It holds a variety of monsters and leads to the island of Crandor. This underground dungeon has the legendary Elvarg chambered away for anyone who is willing to complete Dragon Slayer quest.

An image of the volcanic dungeons.

TzHaar City

The TzHaar City also located under the Musa Point volcano is a member's only area. The city is home to the TzHaar creatures who are made out of stone. The currency in the TzHaar City is tokkul which is made out of stone as well. The city holds many activities that should take you a while to complete everything.

An image of TzHaar City.

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