Commander Zilyana


Basic Information

Commander Zilyana is located inside Saradomin's Boss Room in God Wars Dungeon. and has a reputation for being the one of the hardest bosses in the dungeon. For this reason, the items she drops are very good and can rack up for more than 20m if you get lucky!

Commander Zilyana Attacks

Commander Zilyana uses standard attacks in the form of melee and magic. Her attacks don't have any special abilities but you should still watch out, she can hit very high.



Commander Zilyana is located inside God Wars Dungeon (once inside, the Saradomin area is south-east of the entrance). You will be required to have 60 Agility/Strength to access the actual dungeon as you need to get past a boulder. To access Saradomin's Area you will be required to have level 70 Agility.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to the God Wars Dungeon would be via Trollheim, but you can get there using other methods if required.

  • Red Route: Using Trollheim teleport.
  • Orange Route: Traveling from Burthorpe.

Killing Commander Zilyana

Recommended Setup

When you choose to kill the Commander Zilyana, you should be prepared for a rather tough fight at first, but it gets easier.

To produce optimum damage, we recommend the following levels, but you can change these if you need too.

  • 85 Magic recommended (Water Surge) | 65 Magic Minimum (Water Wave)
  • 75 Defense (Ganodermic) | 70 Defense Minimum (Ahrim's Robes)
  • 92 Prayer recommended (Soul Split) | 37 Prayer Minimum (Protect from magic)
  • 60 Agility/Strength (Access to GWD)
  • 70 Agility (Access to Saradomin)

We also recommend the following equipment and inventory setup. Remember - You are in a very dangerous place, if you die you may lose your items.

  • Head: Sea singer hood > Virtus mask > Ganodermic Visor
  • Amulet: Saradomins Hiss > Amulet of Fury
  • Cape: Any God Cape > Any Skill Cape
  • Body: Sea singer Robe Top > Virtus Robe Top > Ganodermic Poncho
  • Legs: Sea singer Robe Bottoms > Virtus Robe Legs > Ganodermic Leggings
  • Gloves: Static Gloves > Virtus Gloves > Ganodermic Gloves
  • Boots: Virtus Boots > Ganodermic Boots
  • Shield: Virtus Book > Ahrim's Book > Mages' Book
  • Weapon: Virtus Wand> Ahrim's Wand = Wand of Treachery > Chaotic Staff > Staff of Light
  • Ammo: Saradomin Arrow (God item)

In your inventory, you are going to want to have a combination of Sharks and Super Restore (or prayer potions). If you have Soul Split then you will need more prayer potions than food. You will also need to bring Water and Air Runes (We recommend 10k each), a Vecna skull (magic boost) and it can be very helpful if you bring a Familar full of food.

Getting Kill Count:

You will need to kill 40 Saradomin followers before you are able to access the boss room. It's recommended that you kill these in Saradomin's Encampment rather than in the general area of God Wars Dungeon as you don't want to be attacked by any other NPCs.

The fastest way to get Kill Count is to kill the imps, and then world hop using the 'join' feature on your friends list.

Saradomin Priest
Saradomin Priests have no requirements to kill them, however they are magic based and therefore we don't recommend you kill them.

Spiritual Warrior
Spiritual Warrior require 68 Slayer to kill them, but they are melee based and therefore we recommend that you kill them.

Spiritual Ranger
Spiritual Warrior require 63 Slayer to kill them, but they are range based and therefore we don't recommend you kill them.

Spiritual Mage
Spiritual Mages require 83 Slayer to kill them, and they are magic based and therefore we don't recommend you kill them.

Knight of Saradomin
Knights of Saradomin have no requirements to kill them, and they are Melee based so we recommend you kill them.


The Fight

Generally, the fight is very easy. use Soul Split when you need it, but otherwise just keep an eye on your health and prayer points.

The abilities you should use are pretty simple: Wrack, Impact, Combust, Chain, Dragon Breath, Anticipation, Asphyxiate, Wild Magic, Metamorphosis, Regenerate,
Soul Split, and Prayer Potion.

Other Tips


If you happen to die whilst fighting Commander Zilyana then your grave will appear within the Commander Zilyana's waiting room. Even though your grave did not spawn within the main boss room, you will need to get 40 Kill Count to gain entry to the waiting room to retrieve your items.


The drops from Commander Zilyana are very good, but it'll be hard to make a huge profit unless you receive a special drop. She is most known for dropping items such as Godsword Shards, Magic Seeds, Armadyl Crossbow, Saradomin's Hiss, Saradomin's Murmur, and Saradomin's Whisper. With this in mind, you also have the Saradomin Hilt which can be used to create a Saradomin Godsword. She also drops the Auburn Lock which unlocks the Commander Miniana pet. Chances of obtaining it increases as your tracked number of Commander ZIlyana kills increases.

You can find more information on Commander Zilyana in the RuneZone NPC Database by clicking here!

Guide Made by: Wise Choice
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