Burgh De Rott


Burgh De Rott is a small, members only run down town in the far south of Morytania. It requires the start of In Aid of the Myreque for access. Burgh De Rott is inhabited by the refugees of the Sanguinesti region. The easten part is inhabited by vampyre juveniles and low levelled vyrewatch.

Getting There

Map Of Area

Locations Of Interest

Note: Many of the locations need to be repaired before they can be used which is done during In Aid of the Myreque.

1. The Bank

To repair the bank you will need; 5 planks, 1 swamp paste, and 20 nails. It is the closet bank for Tairns Lair, Barrows and Shades of Mort'ton. Which when using Drakan's Medallion, makes it the fastest and cheapest way to move between a bank and Barrows, as the medallion does not use a charge due to short distance travel.

2. General Store

Aurel is the ower of the General Store. It requires 6 planks and 24 nails to be repaired. You then must stock it with 10 bronze hatchets, 3tinderboxes and 10 Snails or Mackerel. This is one of the only General Stores in RuneScape that doesn't provide the basic equipment such as hammers, buckets and pots.

3. Cave Entrance

The Cave enterance is a small tomb area which is used during The Branches of Darmkeyer. Drakan's medallion is found in this tomb, and once sumbmerged into the pool of blood, can be charged to teleport to Burgh De Rott, Barrows, The Meiyerditch Labratories, Meiyerditch and Darkmeyer.

4. The Pub

The pub is the first base of the Myreque. During In Aid of the Myreque, it requires you to clean up the basement in order to be inhabited.

5. Obelisk

North of the enterance gate is an obelisk in which players can recharge their summoning points.

6. Furnace

Repairing the furnance requires 2 steel bars, a tinderbox, a hammer, and 1 coal. As there are vyrewatch near-by which are aggressive, it is advised not to train here.

7. Fishing Spot

Along the southern coast of Burgh De Rott, are several big net fishing spots and shark fishing spots.

Near-by Points


The listed Quests are started in or based around Burgh De Rott.

Burgh De Rott Ramble

Burgh De Rott Ramble is the reverse Temple Trekking route from Burgh to Paterdomus. This is unlocked by the completion of Darkness of Hallowvale. This route tends to increase the rate in which red tokens are recieved, as this route is significantly harder.

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