Dragontooth Island


Dragontooth Island is a members only island located off the eastern coast of Morytania. Unlike the rest of Morytania, it is the only area east of the River Salve that has not been affected by the rot and the statue of Saradomin found on the island may have some significance to why the island still keeps it's beauty. The island was released into the game on the 15th February 2005 along with the Ghost's Ahoy quest. The island is desolate apart from a few trees, some rocks and a statue of Saradomin.

Getting There

The only way to access the island is travelling by boat from Port Phasmatys. The Ghost Captain can be found just north of the bank or at the southern section of the dock. Unless the player has completed the Morytania hard task set a Ghostspeak amulet is required to talk to the Captain.

Map of Area

What's There

There are a large number fo Evergreen Trees all over the island which a player can cut down for Woodcutting exp.

The island is a popular location for one of the penguins from the Penguin Hide and Seek distraction to be found at and is normally disguised on the island as either a bush or a rock.

There is a statue of Saradomin located on the western section of the northern island near the Ghost Captain. The statue shows Saradomin pointing west but currently has no significance in-game.

On the north part of the island the Radiant Wisp colony used for the Divination skill is found. Harvesting from this colony requires at least level 85 Divination.

Once the player completes the quest One of a Kind they will gain access to a resource dungeon on the southern part of Dragontooth Island. This dungeon is the only place where the player can find Celestial dragons which drop the coveted Dragon Rider armour.


There are 3 quests which involve the player in travelling to the island in order to complete tasks. They are:

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