Glacor Cave


The Glacor Cave was released along with the Grandmaster Quest Ritual Of The Mahjarrat on the 14th of September 2011. Along with the release a new boss monster. All though commonly referred to as Glacor Cave the correct name for the cave is "Baneore Cave".

Getting There

The easiest way to get to the Glacor Cave is via the fairy ring network. The code to the glacor cave is DKQ.

If you've already visited the Glacor Cave at least once then it should be in your "Travel Log". However, if you haven't then it will not appear untill you've been there at least once.

Pictured above: The Glacor Cave in your travel log

Upon entering the Glacor Cave you will get empowered by the stone of jas which gives you a stat boost for four hours in:

  • God Wars
  • Lava Maze
  • Forinthry Dungeon
  • Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
  • Chaos Tunnels
  • Troll Stronghold

An animation plays upon entering.

You then get a message stating:

Whose There

After the completion of The Ritual Of The Mahjarrat you gain access to the Glacor Cave's unique inhabitants, several new boss monsters called Glacor's. Although the Glacors have a high combat level they are un-aggresive to players upon teleporting in.

Glacor's have a combat level of 180 and attack with all three types off the combat triangle, many people fight these for their sought after Glacor Boot drops, the boots price vary considerably on the Grand Exchange, the cheapest of the group being the Ragefire and the most expensive being Steadfast.

Ragefire Boots (mage)
Glaiven Boots (range)
Steadfast Boots (melee)

In addition, players also come here in search of Shards of Armadyl, which are used to create Armadyl runes and Armadyl battlestaves.

Movario is present at the entrance of the cavern, he is studying what energy remains after the Stone Of Jas's removal.

Bane Ore Mine

This is the only place in the game where you have the ability to mine Bane Ore. You can only gain access to the Cave after the completion of The Ritual Of The Mahjarrat.

In order to mine the ore one must have a Mining Level of 77.

You are unable to access this part of the cave during The Ritual Of The Mahjarrat, you must fully complete the quest to be able to enter.

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