Magic Guild


This is a members' only guild and there are many useful features within the guild for players interested in the Magic skill.


Players can reach the guild by going to Yanille, but there are many other faster methods:

  • Teleport to House spell, for players whose player-owned house is located in Yanille.
  • Fairy ring code C I Q, will teleport you a bit north of the west gate of Yanille.
  • Use the Ring of duelling to teleport to the Castle Wars minigame, which is southwest of Yanille.
  • Watchtower Teleport spell, for those who have completed the Watchtower quest.
  • Use the Yanille Lodestone, that is right outside the west gate.


Ground Floor

Wizard Distentor is the most important NPC on this floor. He is the leader of the guild, and he can teleport you to the Rune Essence Mine.

First Floor

Zavistic Rarve is on the second floor of the guild, and you will come in contact with this wizard during the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest and the Hand in the Sand quest.

First Floor Shops

The Robe Store Owner is also on this floor, a master of the Magic skill, and therefore can sell those who have reached level 99 in Magic a Magic skillcape with an additional hood.

This is the other store, which sells runes and battlestaves.

Second/Top Floor

  • The east portal teleports you to the Wizards' Tower south of Draynor Village.
  • The south portal teleports you to the dark wizards' tower just north of the Crafting Guild.
  • The west portal teleports you to Thormac the Sorceror's house just west of Catherby.


This is the basement of the Magic Guild. Wizard Frumscone is located down here, and there is multiple zombies (level 42), you are unable to go inside however you can attack them outside of the cell with magic or range.

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