Witchaven is a small town just a bit East of East Ardougne. It contains the only way to travel to the Fishing Platform, as well as several quests involving mind controlling Sea Slugs. In which takes the majority of the towns population under their control, the Sea Slug Quest series are the only way to liberate these people from them for good.

With the construction of the Fishing Platform which is just off shore, it completely obliterated the town's trade and left it a ghost town. The platform made the area practically 'fishless' and thus moving the operation to places such as Catherby and Rimmington. The once industrious port is left a total ship graveyard full of sunken cargo and other debris.

Getting There

There are lots of ways to get to Witchaven and some of the main ones are by the Lodestone Network, Fairy rings, teleport tabs and many more. The closest fairy ring would be at Legends Guild with the code: B L R, then go directly south from the Fairy Ring.


Here is an overview of the map:

Points of Interest

Saradomin Shrine Ruins

The ruins are a former shrine for the famous god, Saradomin. They play a major part in The Slug Menace and Kennith's Concerns Quests. Though the only part explored in the two quests is the hidden door about 6 squares away from the Entrance/Exit. Otherwise, this rather small dungeon contains little more than several Hellhounds, Ogres, Hobgoblins, and a few rooms that are unlocked by a simple puzzle of a few levers.

An image of the shine ruins.

Mayor Hobb's House

The above image is the house of Mayor Eustace Hobb. He is the Mayor of Witchaven. He plays a big part in The Slug Menace and disappears after the quest, when the player completes Salt in the Wound he will return to his home, as he was before the Slug Invasion. He is the only human victim under Sea slug control who achieved metamorphosis into a more aquatic creature, possibly due to his long term possession. After being liberated from Mother Mallum, he'll blame his memory loss on the consumption of too much Karamjan Rum.


Above is Holgart. He's the original NPC that brings the player to the Fishing Platform. After starting the Slug Menace, he'll have his boat taken away from him under the power of Mayor Hobb, and gives the boat to Jeb (in picture below), whom is under Sea Slug possession. After completion of Salt in the Wound, his boat will be given back to him and thus once again be the NPC that brings the player to and from the Fishing Platform.

The Town Chapel

This here is the Chapel in case it wasn't that obvious. It has little use other than restoring prayer points and temporarily imprisoning possessed villagers so they can't abduct Kimberly. Brother Maledict is the only person that is inside of the chapel, he becomes possessed by the Sea Slugs' during The Slug Menace and disappears after the quest. With the completion of Salt in the Wound, he will return to the chapel as he was before the quest began.

Ezekial Lovecraft

This handsome fellow here is Ezekial Lovecraft. He owns a Fishing shop in Witchaven called "Lovecraft's Tackle." It sells all normal fishing equipment. Ezekial is one of the few villagers who are unaffected by the Sea Slug possession, however he does have a sickly green colour, but explains in Salt in the Wound quest that it's because of poor diet. He plays a major role in Kennith's Concerns as he is greatly helpful to the player as he guides them through the underground tunnel to Kimberly's parents. Though he isn't under possession, he appears as if he is, thus he isn't bothered by the possessed villagers.

Spinning Wheel

This here is a spinning wheel. It has absolutely no relation to anything in the Sea Slug Quest Series. However it can be used to spin items for Crafting XP. Though it is suggested to never use this as the closest bank is a good 1 minute walk from it over in Ardougne. It is not suggested to use the spinning wheel here because there are other wheels much closer to banks than this one.


A few quests occur in this deserted location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

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