Cairn Isle


Cairn Isle, a small lonely place most noted for the ruins it contains, is located just off the south western coast of Karamja, near Shilo Village. The island is only loosely connected to the mainland by a decrepit bridge just atop a rockslide which requires level 15 Agility to climb. Crossing the bridge to the island can be failed, in which case you will be washed up on the Karamja coast nearby. Due to the Agility requirement, Cairn Isle is a members only location.

Getting There

As previously mentioned, Cairn Isle is located just off the southwestern coast of Karamja, near the Horned graahk hunting area.

The quickest way to reach the small island is to use the Fairy Ring code C-K-R, which brings you just to the northeast of the rockslide. You can also reach this same location by using the teleport of a Spirit graahk familiar.

Alternatively, you can reach the island by coming from Shilo Village (located just to the east) or from Tai Bwo Wannai (located just to the north).

No matter what route you take to get to the island, adventurers must first climb a rockslide (requiring level 15 Agility) and then a decrepit bridge, both of which can prove hazardous.

Points Of Interest

The main attraction of the island is the ruins that lie on top of it, although at first glance even those do not seem that important.

The only creatures that adventurers will have to worry about are two level 20 scorpions, which should not prove to be much of a threat.

For those people looking for a new pet, Chameleon eggs are known to spawn on the island around the ruins.


While currently no quests can be started on Cairn Isle itself, the isle plays a part in both the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio and Shilo Village quests.

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